Intel Out to Prove its Mobile Talents at CES

Mellisa Tolentino | January 4th

Intel, the multinational semiconductor chip maker, gears up as the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show draws near.  Everyone is eager to see what Intel has to offer and this year, they're offering a...»

Open Source Predictions for 2012: HBase, Hadoop and Rails in the Lead

Maria Deutscher | January 4th

OpenLogic released its outlook for the open source movement in the enterprise throughout 2012, leveraging eight different metrics to determine where adoption is going to be high or flat, and where will it decline. According to...»

Top 5 Fastest Growing Open Source Projects in the Enterprise

Klint Finley | January 4th

Today OpenLogic published its report on open source adoption trends in the enterprise. The company analyzed Google search results, its own OLEX search and download data, its own customer support contracts and its customers' platform-as-a-service...»

Comparing Google and Facebook on the Night of the Iowa Caucus

Alex Williams | January 4th

Both Google and Facebook have more data about people's political views than practically any two companies in the world. How they use that data points to the deep differences between these two Web giants on this...»

The Drive by Download and Mobile Botnet Seen As Top Threats for 2012

Alex Williams | January 3rd

Kaspersky Labs has issued a report detailing the top cybersecurity threats for 2012.  It's a report worth reading.  Nation states will develop new forms of cyber attacks. Logic dumps will proliferate. Mobile drive by...»

A Milestone for Apache Hadoop with Version Release

Maria Deutscher | January 3rd

The newest version of the MapReduce framework has been released, featuring several improvements for the security branch of Hadoop, the current stable version. It’s notable that one of the main enhancements arriving with...»

US Elections Meet the Web, Google Monitors Digital Campaigns

Cherr Aira | January 3rd

If the 2012 elections were to be held today, Ron Paul is set to be the victor in Iowa, thanks to his web popularity. But the polls say otherwise: his competitor is actually winning...»

Google Chrome Increase In Popularity But Stumbles on Ads

Mellisa Tolentino | January 3rd

December last year, Google Chrome dethroned Mozilla Firefox as the number two most-used internet browser with Chrome’s global market share at 25.69%, while Firefox was down to 25.23%.  But Microsoft Internet Explorer still held...»

Music Reaches Cloud 9, SoundCloud Secures $50M

Cherr Aira | January 3rd

The global marketplace for cloud music services is becoming more crowded with countless users accessing their favorite songs online, dumping the conventional use of compact discs and harddrive storage. This trend has paved the way...»

Microsoft Enables Linux on Azure, Offers Emergency .NET Fix

Isha Suri | January 3rd

Microsoft has recently announced that it is enabling Linux on Windows Azure, and working on allowing its customers to make virtual machines (VMs) persistent on its Windows Azure platform. This means that users will...»