Firebase Invites for DevOpsAngle Readers

Klint Finley | April 25th

Earlier today I told you about Firebase, a new hosted NoSQL database, and how it fits into the new client-centric application development paradigm. Firebase is still in private beta, but if you'd like to check...»

How The Power of In-Person Communication Became a Powerful Business Weapon: Infographic

Saroj Kar | April 25th

We live in digital age where the evolution of cloud computing, social networks and virtual communications are making our daily tasks quicker and easier.  But ‘The Power of In-Person’ infographic from Cisco reveals some interesting...»

Apple’s iPad and iPhone Sales Surprise the Market

Josette Rigsby | April 25th

Traders braced themselves to hear disappointing earnings news from Apple after the market closed on Tuesday. Google, IBM, Dell and Intel all failed to meet expectations in their last earnings reports, which likely contributed...»

Facebook’s IPO Setback – Too Many Acquisitions?

Mellisa Tolentino | April 25th

Facebook is expected to have their initial public offering on May 17, but because they recently went on a shopping spree, acquiring Instagram for $1 billion, Tagtile - the customer-loyalty application,  and 650...»

Pushing Data, Not Pages is the New Model for Application Development

Klint Finley | April 25th

A crop of tools for building applications in a new way has emerged over the past month. The way developers build applications has changed over the past few years. The old client-server model involved doing most of...»

Symform Looking to Raise $11M for Two-Way Cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 25th

Cloud storage is far from being new.  Not in the consumer space where Dropbox and a few others rule, or in the enterprise.  Every last bit of potential has been extracted from this core concept,...»

Schmidt Says They Only Copied API Names, Not Implementation

Mellisa Tolentino | April 25th

Android Chief Andy Rubin crumbled in court on Monday as Oracle’s lawyer, David Boies hammered him with questions pertaining to Java and copyright infringement.  Rubin’s questioning was cut short as he took the stand...»

Pentaho Brings Data Insight Closer to Decision Makers with v4.5

Maria Deutscher | April 25th

Pentaho, a company that makes big data insight more accessible to the business user, released a new version of its flagship solution. Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 works as a layer between Hadoop and the...»

Dell Revamps Precision Workstations for the Always-On Data Center

Josette Rigsby | April 25th

It seems Dell has been listening to the market and it customers. The computer maker released four new Precision workstations that have a strong focus on being highly dependable and easy to manage. Dell designed...»