Siri Becomes Political Calamity for AI

Mellisa Tolentino | December 1st

Since its release, iPhone 4S’ Siri has been the talk of the town.  Users are greatly amazed by how intuitive, accurate, reliable Siri is, and everyone is entertained by its witty comebacks when faced with...»

Apache CouchDB Chairman Says the Project is “Alive and Kicking”

Klint Finley | December 1st

Apache CouchDB project chairman Jan Lehnardt sent an e-mail to the project's mailing list yesterday addressing concerns about the the open source NoSQL document database's future. Last week word spread that Canonical is discontinuing its...»

Groupon Sees Five-fold Increase in Holiday Deals

Isha Suri | December 1st

After its controversial IPO launch, Groupon is being more transparent with its numbers, making its first announcement on how it performed over the holiday shopping weekend that kicked off with Black Friday. Chief Executive Andrew...»

Hadoop Stirs Up the BI World

Kristen Nicole | December 1st

Hadoop and unstructured data analytics managed to turn into a rapidly-growing trend in just a few years--a trend that's taking the business intelligence software market with it as it pushes forward.  Enterprises have begun exploring...»

Alibaba Possible Third Bidder For Yahoo’s Stakes

Mellisa Tolentino | December 1st

Yahoo’s shares rose as high as $17.15 in trading when news of fresh bids from a third group broke out. Microsoft, along with private equity firm Silver Lake and Andreesen Horowitz bid $16.60 per share...»

Spotify Apps: Highlights of a New Music Ecosystem

Mellisa Tolentino | December 1st

Earlier this week Spotify unveiled a new program called Spotify Platforms, which gives third party developers the opportunity to build innovative and engaging music-based apps. The Spotify Platform comes with free Spotify Apps, which are aesthetically...»

Couchbase and Cloudera’s New Hadoop Connector, First for NoSQL

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

NoSQL database provider Couchbase and Cloudera developed a Hadoop connector that fuses together the advantages of both the companies’ offerings.  The Couchbase Hadoop Connecter leverages the Apache Sqoop plug-in to allow the migration of large...»

This Holiday’s Mobile Shopper: Infographic

Kristina Farrah | December 1st

Holiday shopping has become a tradition that we have lived through over the years. But the shopping landscape has certainly changed, with countless options of convenience that cater to our holiday shopping needs.


IBM Explores Big Data… In Outer Space

Cherr Aira | December 1st

When IBM joined the big data frenzy, everyone expected them to do well. But what Big Blue didn’t tell us is that they plan to completely dominate this sector.  With sophisticated solutions and ...»

Code Academy, Minorities in Tech and the Nitty-Gritty of Programming

Kristen Nicole | November 30th

“The New Promised Land- Silicon Valley” documentary hosted by Soledad O'Brien and aired last week by CNN brings up an important but hardly discussed topic in today's tech industry.  The program was