XtremIO Acquisition Would Make Sense for EMC

Alex Williams | April 23rd

Rumors circulating that EMC is buying XtremIO gives a sense that Flash is about to get a real boost in the mainstream market. XtremIO play is a bit different than other flash providers in the market....»

Use IRC to Improve Collaboration in DevOps Groups

Klint Finley | April 23rd

A while back we asked what tools your DevOps team uses to collaborate. IRC, Skype other chat tools were high on the list. It's clear that text chat is an important tool for collaboration. In a recent...»

The $550M Patent Trade Off: From AOL to Microsoft to Facebook

Saroj Kar | April 23rd

Microsoft and Facebook have reached an important agreement today that gives the social network access to a large number of strategic patents. Microsoft is selling a portion of the patents to Facebook that the software...»

Understanding CISPA: How the Internet Must Take its Privacy Back

Kyt Dotson | April 23rd

Today legislators in the House of Representatives will vote on HR 3525 aka CISPA amidst a small groundswell of protest from grumbling arenas of the Internet. After watching the climatic battle over SOPA, which also had extremely...»

Ben Horowitz and Dalton Caldwell Speak Out on NYT Instagram Post

Mellisa Tolentino | April 23rd

Ever since the Instagram acquisition was announced, everyone's been more than willing to give their piece of mind about the deal. Many Instagram users were pissed about Facebook's acquisition, stating that the massive social network...»

Is There a Bright Side to Internet Censorship? WildPackets’ MacLeod Tells All [Q&A Series]

Kristen Nicole | April 23rd

WiFi's often hailed as the savior of crappy mobile networks, their hotspots keeping us from bleeding out our data "minutes" and luring in the lost and weary souls of mobile workers seeking refuge in cafes,...»

IT Security Survey Reveals Concerns About Anonymous, China, and Disclosure Expectations

Kyt Dotson | April 23rd

According to a survey plied recently in 2012 by Massachusetts-based Bit9, a company dedicated to providing trust-based security services for malware and breach detection, much of the IT industry is concerned about hactivists. Expectations form IT professionals...»

Mobile Browsing Trends: Opera Mini Reemerges as a Top Tool

Cherr Aira | April 23rd

Despite the iPad producing the most activity across mobile devices, according to a recent report from Chitika, don’t count out RIM just yet, at least not as far as mobile browsing goes.  They're seemingly...»

The Google-MoMo-Huawei Rumor and the China Holdup

Mellisa Tolentino | April 23rd

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Google-Motorola Mobility deal.  We all know that regulators from the US and EU already approved the deal but that doesn’t mean Google-MoMo's already in...»

HP Updates Private Cloud Stack, Adds Microsoft

Maria Deutscher | April 23rd

Hardware maker Hewlett-Packard updated its private cloud portfolio according to a blog post by Brad Kirby, the manager of HP’s Microsoft relations. Specifically the largest VirtualSystem stack, the 6,000-virtual machine sized VS3 edition,...»