New Media Minute: How to Build and Boost Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

Daisy Whitney | March 29th

All brands should be on YouTube, but feeding a YouTube brand channel can feel like a daunting task. However, there are many ways to build up the video in your brand channel without producing all the videos in house. At a...»

eDiscovery in the Cloud

Matt Weinberger | March 29th

eDiscovery is a disruptive technology: finding the relevant data for lawsuits or other legal actions used to take teams of lawyers weeks, months or years to do what an eDiscovery product can turn up in...»

McAfee Secures MySQL Databases with Free Audit Plug-ins

Cherr Aira | March 29th

Databases are essentially the most common target for data breaches. There are also security concerns looming around lack of encryption. McAfee knows quite a lot about this as a global leader in cyber threat intelligence solutions....»

How Hacktivism Finally Became a Powerful Virtual Weapon [infographic]

Kristina Farrah | March 29th

Hacktivism, or the nonviolent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends, has become one of the most lethal weapons in the digital era. It’s capable of single-handedly exposing


Big Data Takes Center Stage in Public Sector Research Programs

Isha Suri | March 29th

Big Data has been in the spotlight a lot lately, for one reason or another, and one particular area it's gained momentum is with research programs in the US public sector. The Federal government...»

eBay Gets New President, Spurs Spending Sprees Worldwide

Mellisa Tolentino | March 29th

eBay Inc has named David Marcus as the president of their PayPal division.  Marcus replaced Scott Thompson who left in January to become Yahoo! Inc.’s chief executive. Effective Monday, Marcus will be reporting directly to...»

Mobile Market Boom Leads To Increasing Cyber Threats

Mellisa Tolentino | March 29th

Smart connected devices are on the rise, and there's no turning back--the PC era is behind us.  Research firm IDC released a study regarding past and future shipment estimates for smart connected devices - smartphones, computers,...»

Services A Must For White House Big Data Initiative to Succeed

Jeffrey Kelly | March 29th

Count the Obama administration as the latest high-profile organization to embrace Big Data. The White House will announce today its “Big Data Research and Development Initiative,” which spans multiple federal agencies and seeks to exploit Big Data Analytics to...»

BYOD with IBM and SAP Australia

Maria Deutscher | March 29th

Mobile workers are becoming a trend, and not just in the IT industry. One of the major indications validating this market’s exponential growth is that several of the largest vendors are jumping on the same...»

Nokia Prepares For Lumia 900 Launch, Dell Stops Smartphone Sales

Mellisa Tolentino | March 29th

Today’s mobile roundup features Nokia’s battery fix and their big plan for the Lumia 900, Oracle declining Google’s offer for an Android settlement, and more. Nokia and AT&T set the stage for the Lumia 900 On April...»