Firefox 10 Out Tomorrow, Readies for Silent Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | January 30th

Mozilla’s fast-release approach, which the company adopted last year to better compete with the likes of Google Chrome, dictates that every six weeks, they are to release the latest version of Firefox.  And tomorrow, January 31st,...»

Millennial Media’s New Campaign for Old Users

Maria Deutscher | January 30th

Millennial Media, the largest independent (and soon to be public) mobile ad network operator, announced the latest addition to its portfolio. The App Engagement Program is designed to provide marketers a way not to...»

Megaupload Files to be Deleted as Early as Thursday, Personal Data at Risk

Mellisa Tolentino | January 30th

According to a report from the Associated Press, federal prosecutors stated that files in Megaupload could be deleted as early as Thursday, February 2. The site has been inaccessible to users since the US authorities...»

FusionFace Tops this Week’s List: Best iPad, Android Tablet Apps for Business Users

Maria Deutscher | January 29th

This week a somewhat less practical and more humorous app made it the top of our list. Rather than taking an approach more similar to what Microsoft did with Google-bashing Gmail Man campaign, the...»

Tim Caswell on Learning Node.js

Klint Finley | January 27th

As I've written before, Node.js is an increasingly popular platform in the DevOps community. It's being used for monitoring in Dtrace and Nodefly, for deployment in Dreadnot and for gathering statistics with ...»

What Can You Use Hadoop For? How About a Scalable Vertical Search Engine?

Klint Finley | January 27th

What if your wanted to build its own custom search engine? It could be a public facing vertical search engine like, or it could be some sort internal search engine that helps you search your...»

Hacktivist theater – Facebook, Twitter and Anonymous

John Casaretto | January 27th

We had a giant week of news for Facebook.  From Facebook Likes being hijackedmandatory timeline rollout, and the latest news of an impending IPO, it is clear the social media behemoth has had plenty to dominate...»

Reports say Facebook will IPO next week

John Casaretto | January 27th

A report in the Wall Street Journal indicates Facebook may be filing for IPO sometime next week possibly as early as Wednesday. The social networking company may reportedly be selecting Morgan Stanley as the underwriter for...»

Facebook Use is Linked to Depression…and More Sex

Tom Foremski | January 27th

This study of time spent on Facebook by 425 College students is depressing: MediaPost - Facebook Correlated with Low Self Esteem

The study, titled “‘They Are Happier and Having Better Lives than I Am’: The Impact of Using

This Week in Cloud: From SoundCloud to VMware’s Datacenter App Store

Maria Deutscher | January 27th

There have been a few major updates this week, a sizable portion of which emerged from the Node Summit gathering in San Francisco.  SiliconANGLE has been attending and covering the gathering extensively across our different...»