Insider Leak Reveals Dell’s Plans around Force10, Networking

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Brad Hedlund, a former Cisco employee who’s currently working with the now Dell-owned Force10, suggested in a blog comment that Dell is becoming ambitious in the networking space. In the post picked up by ...»

Oracle Results Reflect On Future of Systems Integrators and New Cloud Services Brokers

Alex Williams | December 21st

Oracle's quarterly revenues did not quite please the financial markets today. Concerns carried into trading with tech stocks getting hit. The news reflects a new reality for systems integrators. Oracle has battled for mindshare with a...»

Verizon Copes with Outages while Pursuing Network Gains

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Today Verizon have suffered the second major outage within the past two weeks. Customers have reported their issues via the carrier’s support forums and Twitter. Verizon’s data network is down in various areas of coverage...»

Google+ a Preferred Tool for Brands, Supplementing Facebook Pages

Isha Suri | December 21st

A recent report from BrightEdge reveals that Google+ page creation has increased at a rate of over 50 percent month-over-month.  And as hoped, Google+ is becoming a promising network for businesses.  Within a month,...»

LivingSocial Tries to Win the Talent Wars By Training New Developers

Klint Finley | December 21st

Daily deal service LivingSocial just launched a new site called Hungry Academy to recruit developers. The twist: it's recruiting people who aren't developers yet. The new new recruits will be trained in Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails...»

New Media Minute: Three New Media Predictions for 2012

Daisy Whitney | December 21st

In many ways, 2011 was the year of the tablet, while social TV and online video partnerships enjoyed a robust twelve months as well. Looking ahead to 2012, keep an eye out for standards in tablet measurement, advanced...»

Chinese Hackers Commando Exfiltrate U.S. Chamber of Commerce Data

Kyt Dotson | December 21st

Lots of attention has been directed at hackers possibly working out of China and the report of a year-old breach of the U.S. government connected to the country is only fanning the flames of that attention. The Wall Street...»

Oracle Earnings Slow, Tech Industry May Soon Follow

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Oracle’s earnings for its second quarter ending in November disappointed shareholders, as speculations arise that the company’s lower sales may be a part of a broader trend that may soon impact the rest of...»

Zayo’s New, Green Fibre Solutions for the Datacenter

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Fiber infrastructure solutions provider Zayo said it has completed a project to integrate a fiber build into Green House Data’s Wyoming facility. The company operates a SSAE 16, Type II data center that’s the...»

Without Skill, Data Can Lack Value in the Information Era says Jaspersoft CEO

Kristen Nicole | December 21st

What are the pilars of prosperity?  According to traditional ideals of the factors of production, there's land, labor and capital.  But given our advanced global economy, isn't it time to re-think this theory? Jaspersoft...»