Megaupload Founder Denied Bail via E-mail, Claims He’s Reformed

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

Kim Dotcom, founder of the infamous file sharing site Megaupload, was denied bail by Judge David McNaughton.  The judge cited that Dotcom is a flight risk and there is a possibility that if the bail...»

Shopkick Gets Kickin’ thanks to Mobile, Holidays

Cherr Aira | January 25th

Startups have been getting a warm reception from the booming mobile industry. The wide consumer base of mobility has plenty of room to explore, with mobile shopping presenting one of the most promising avenues....»

VMware Opens Virtualization Marketplace after Stellar Q4

Maria Deutscher | January 25th

VMware's been on a tear lately, unveiling the new Solution Exchange, an online virtualization and cloud solutions marketplace.  It's a hub where customers, partners and developers can converge, simplifying the process around choosing business solutions. The...»

On Facebook’s Plate: Mandatory Timeline IPO & Anonymous Threats

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

The inevitable has happened: Facebook’s Timeline is rolling out, want it or not.  Last week, when I wrote about Facebook unveiling their Timeline Apps, I also mentioned that the Timeline will be a mandatory...»

Which Cloud Sites are Least Likely to Shut Down Amidst Megaupload Debacle?

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

With the recent Megaupload shutdown, cloud users are now asking if the service they are using would be the next target of the authorities.  This is actually a great question, since there is an...»

Appcelerator Hires Gartner Analyst to Boost Mobile Angle

Maria Deutscher | January 25th

Mobile development platform provider Appcelerator has hired Michael King to fulfill a couple of significant responsibilities in the company, both of which will serve the purpose of boosting Appcelerator’s position in the mobile universe. King spent...»

PubNub – A Cloud Service for Node.js

Alex Williams | January 24th

The real-time mega trend is taking new dimensions with the advent of billions of devices, game clients, digital televisions and really, a kaleidoscope of connected things. A service may drop if the load becomes too enormous....»

7 Companies Hiring Node.js Developers

Klint Finley | January 24th

I've mentioned that experienced Node.js talent is hard to find, but here's a look at a few of jobs that these rare developers are being asked to do.

Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments is looking for a developer...»

Cisco Expands Products, Marketing Amidst Growing Competition

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

Networking gear maker Cisco is taking some heat from the growing lineup of solutions released by competing vendors in its industry. IBM and NEC just introduced a new Open Flow-based solution that caters to...»

Accenture Acquires Neo Metrics Analytics

Klint Finley | January 24th

Today Accenture announced that it has agreed to acquire Neo Metrics Analytics, a consulting firm based in Spain that specializes in predictive analytics. In addition to Neo Metrics' research and development capabilities, Accenture will acquire...»