Dried Strawberries Bitcoin Style, Uses Heat from a Mining Rig

Kyt Dotson | November 22nd

An enterprising grocer, and Bitcoin miner, from Canada has decided to put the waste-heat from his or her mining rig to good use and produced a product with it: dried strawberries. BetaBeat caught the news from ...»

Klout Kicks in Google Plus

Alex Williams | November 22nd

Klout added Google Plus to its scoring algorithm this morning and its leading to big jumps for people active on Google's newest social network. Klout began developing its model for Google Plus in late September. Today, Klout started measuring...»

VMware’s PaaS Ranks High, Mac Users Catch a Break (for Now)

Maria Deutscher | November 22nd

A couple of interesting updates are coming out of EMC's virtualization subsidiary VMware. The first highlight is a fresh Evan Data survey which concluded that developers find Cloud Foundry, VMware’s open-source platform-as-a-service offering, to...»

Chaos Computer Club Teaches German Airports that Good Security isn’t RFID Deep

Kyt Dotson | November 22nd

It looks like the Chaos Computer Club are at it again and recently revealed during a German TV programme entitled “Data theft via wireless – security risks at German airports” that their airports have a massive...»

Spotify Should Launch a Metered Music-as-a-Service

Klint Finley | November 22nd

Over 200 labels recently left Spotify. It seems these were mostly smaller electronic music labels, and I'm not sure how much that will affect Spotify's bottom line. But it has opened up an interesting discussion about...»

Mobile Gaming Is Now HTML5-philic

Mellisa Tolentino | November 22nd

Adobe recently pulled Flash for mobile, the technology that allows users to view multimedia content on their mobile devices.   Flash support also allows app to properly function a little bit better on our handsets,...»

MediaWatch: The 154 Year old Atlantic Magazine’s Digital Transition

Tom Foremski | November 22nd

The Atlantic Magazine celebrates its 154 year anniversary this year and it also chalks up another rare achievement: it has crossed the digital divide and now makes more revenue from its online operations than print. Jeremy Peters,

HP CEO has a Lot of Work Ahead as Earnings Miss Expectations

Maria Deutscher | November 22nd

Former eBay head Meg Whiteman replaced Leo Apotheker as chief executive officer of HP a couple months ago, and she has a lot of ground to cover now that shareholders are beginning to lose faith...»

Irrelevance isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Angela Connor | November 22nd

Have you ever written community guidelines, or worked with someone to get them started? I’ve done both, and there is one word that often comes up: “irrelevance.” Community managers, particularly those connected to a consumer brand do not...»

Buffy the Facebook Phone Slays Rumors and Reputations

Mellisa Tolentino | November 22nd

There’s an ongoing project that involves a phone maker, an operating software provider and a social networking site.  can you guess which companies these are?  Facebook is a no brainer, so who is the phone...»