Latest Samsung Teaser Targets Apple Fanboys with Philosophy

Mellisa Tolentino | April 23rd

As the Samsung Unpacked event draws near, more juicy news about the next Galaxy device surface the web. First, it was rumored that Samsung will be unveiling a range of new Galaxy smartphones, then came...»

Google-Oracle Geek Trial Never Should’ve Reached a Jury

Mellisa Tolentino | April 23rd

The Oracle-Google trial is well on its way as it enters the second week of the eight week trial.  Oracle sued Google for allegedly infringing the Java patents when the latter was developing the Android...»

Cloud Computing Fueling New Healthcare Possibilities

Josette Rigsby | April 23rd

Cloud computing has evolved from cutting edge technology only adopted by the most technically savvy organizations to being a component of even the most conservative portfolios. The cloud has made it possible for even the...»

Apple May Settle iPad Case, Skype Comes to More Windows Phones

Mellisa Tolentino | April 23rd

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple’s ongoing legal battles against Proview and Samsung, a security company partnering with a carrier, X-ray phones and more. Apple vs Proview, Samsung The Guangdong High Court in southern China is looking...»

Write for Android Tops the Business Tablet Apps List this Week

Maria Deutscher | April 22nd

This week’s featured app is Write for Android. There are plenty of apps designed for note-taking, on the go project management and other organization-related tasks, but there are considerably less that are dedicated to pure...»

More Details on Juniper Earnings: Profit Taking a Big Hit

Maria Deutscher | April 22nd

Juniper Networks is facing tempered market reaction four days ahead of its first quarter earnings call – the stock is already trading at $21.16, a decline of no less than eight percent. The main reason...»

This Week in Big Data: Splunk IPO, Deep-Space Funding and Cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 21st

This week in big data has certainly been a very exciting one for Wall Street, not to mention the two companies that managed to earn themselves a huge financial boost. The first one is Splunk, which...»

EMC Sales Down Due to New Product Expectations, CEO Says

Maria Deutscher | April 21st

"Customers expecting that will not be disappointed, and it's coming soon” said Joe Tucci, the chief executive of EMC during his company’s earnings call today. Tucci was referring to a decline in demand...»

VMware CEO Paul Maritz on OpenStack

Alex Williams | April 20th

VMware CEO Paul Maritz took a question about OpenStack from an analyst this week during the company's earnings call. His response provides insights into VMware's views about the open cloud effort and how he sees...»

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Needs To Pick Up The Pace

Matt Weinberger | April 20th

The OpenStack open source cloud platform is maturing rapidly, as evidenced by the just-concluded OpenStack Conference here in San Francisco. But OpenStack has a few bridges to cross and hurdles to jump before it...»