Want Centralizes Buyer Intent with New Retail Partners

Mellisa Tolentino | April 11th

Shopping online can be quite a pain, with so many retailers that offer things that you want or need, but it’s so seldom that you find exactly what you’re looking for.  There's several services and...»

Citrix Acquires Flexible Social Collaboration Service Podio

Klint Finley | April 11th

Today Citrix announced the acquisition of Podio, an enterprise collaboration software-as-a-service company based in Denmark. Podio, one of our underdog startups to watch in 2012, offers a flexible platform that includes basic social applications such...»

AOL Lowlights – The Downfall of an Internet Innovator

Saroj Kar | April 11th

AOL, the media company known early on for providing online services and electronic bulletin boards, has the fifth most popular search engine in the world. AOL was once instrumental in bringing people to web portals,...»

Spotify Launches Play Button Widget: We Have More Ways to Share Playlists

Mellisa Tolentino | April 11th

Spotify, the online streaming cloud music service, continues to shed the layers of their walled garden.  First came the US invasion last year, followed by the Facebook integration - though not everyone...»

Springpad Overhaul Adds Collaboration with Public Notebooks. I’m In Love

Kristen Nicole | April 11th

Springpad’s just dropped version 3.0 of their productivity suite, launching the public, collaborative notebooks I’ve been anticipating for some time.  The update brings them one step closer to matching certain functions of Evernote while...»

From Touch-Floors to Facial Recognition, New Patents Face Opportunities and Legal Trouble

Maria Deutscher | April 11th

The patent scene has become a rather interesting one these past few weeks, from Nokia to Google, Apple, and now IBM.  It looks like Big Blue just won the rights for what may become a...»

Oracle Claims APIs are Copyrightable in Android Case, RIM Clarifies Sideloading Kerfuffle

Mellisa Tolentino | April 11th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Oracle stating that APIs are copyrightable, RIM clearing up sideloading ban, Nokia launches another NFC phone, and Toshiba’s huge tablet. Oracle: APIs are copyrightable Oracle and Google will be facing each other...»

Accenture Taps Windows Azure For Global Services Cloud

Matt Weinberger | April 10th

Accenture has announced that it had become the first global IT service provider to launch a public cloud solution based on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. Short version: Customers can now hire Accenture to...»

Google Updates Chrome OS and Google Play Music

Mellisa Tolentino | April 10th

In May of 2011, Google unveiled the Chromebook - a netbook that runs on Google’s Chrome operating software.  The device hasn’t really gained traction since launch, namely because of the price, and not many people...»

IBM’s $7 Billion Cloud Agenda, and Some Mobile Testing along the Way

Maria Deutscher | April 10th

IBM CFO Mark Loughridge said in a 2011 interview that his company’s revenues from cloud services will pass the $7 billion mark in 2015, and in 2012 Big Blue's path to achieve this goal...»