Does Big Data Have a Story Beyond Geeks?

Kristen Nicole | March 21st

During my trip to Austin for SXSW 2012 I wanted to uncover this year’s big data story, and determine the areas to which big data can still be applied.  SXSW is a unique instance of...»

Moxie and Saba: Has The Next Generation Social Enterprise Arrived?

Matt Weinberger | March 21st

Thanks to well-timed announcements by Moxie Software and Saba, I've heard no less than three vendors tell me that they've prepared the next generation of the social enterprise model in the last week. makes up...»

Think Big Analytics Launches AWS Consulting Practice, Training Courses

Jeffrey Kelly | March 21st

Think Big Analytics is bringing its professional services to the public cloud. The Amazon cloud, to be specific. Think Big Analytics announced today a new consulting practice to help its clients deploy and leverage Big Data technologies on...»

Cisco’s Latest Push Addresses BYOD’s Evolution

Maria Deutscher | March 20th

Cisco is still very much a networking company--it’s only expanding its horizons, and is actively spilling into some of the newer segments of IT that overlap with its core market.  The cloud is one example,...»

HP’s Printer Unit to Integrate with PC Group: Rumor

Maria Deutscher | March 20th

HP has been through a lot of turmoil in the last couple of years, from the huge cuts in R&D budget under Mark Hurd to the prospect of Leo Apotheker spinning off the $42 billion...»

The Power of Augmented Reality and Gamification to Get Better Pictures

Kyt Dotson | March 20th

Nowadays smartphones and devices with cameras embedded are ubiquitous and users take pictures of almost everything—they snap shots of their everyday life, buildings, and landmarks—and this can be extremely useful for the big data and visualization crowd. After...»

Build Beautiful Real-Time Dashboards with Graphene

Klint Finley | March 20th

Graphene is a dashboard building framework based on D3.js, Backbone.js and Graphite. Although most monitoring tools have their own visualization and dashboarding tools, sometimes you need to build your own. And Graphene looks like it...»

5 Minimalist Static Blog Generators to Check Out

Klint Finley | March 20th

One of the reasons that the Slashdot effect (which perhaps we should now call the "Hacker News effect") is such a problem is that WordPress and many other blogging engines dynamically generate content. Caching plugins...»

Boston API Jam’s Misogynistic Ad Copy Leads to Sponsor Exodus

Alex Williams | March 20th

The Boston API Jam, hosted by Sqoot, and its bizarre, misogynist ad copy has convinced at least three companies to drop its sponsorship for the hackathon. Sqoot has apologized and claims it was...»

OnApp Takes on Amazon with a New Breed of Cloud

Maria Deutscher | March 20th

Amazon Web Services is the titan of the platform-as-a-service space, a status it has achieved thanks to its level of service, maintained by its sheer scale and reach today. As always, however, the IT market...»