Would Schmidt Open Source iOS as Apple’s CEO?

Kristen Nicole | October 15th

By Kristen Nicole, Mellisa Tolentino and Saroj Kar
In an interview with AllThingsD, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt stated that if he were to serve as CEO again at any company, he would choose Apple.  Having once sat on...»

EU Gets the Knives Out for Microsoft & Google

Mike Wheatley | October 15th

Bad news for Microsoft and Google - the two computer giants are bracing themselves for a hammering with the full force of EU regulations in the next few days, as privacy and anti-trust complaints against them finally come...»

Could Cisco Have Manipulated The Findings On Huawei And ZTE?

Mike Wheatley | October 15th

The controversy over a US Congressional panel’s decision to label Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE a ‘security threat’ refuses to go away, with Chinese media sources reporting that the accusations could well be motivated by certain politicians'...»

Apple and Samsung Fight Over Personell, Datacenter

Maria Deutscher | October 15th

Every industry has its epic battle, and we're in the era of mobile warfare.  The love-hate relationship between Apple and Samsung has a special appeal because of their business partnership, success in the consumer market and tit-for-tat lawsuits....»

iPad Mini Expected to Sell 5-7M in December, Already has Accessories

Mellisa Tolentino | October 15th

In today’s mobile news roundup: iPad mini accessories already available; Amazon to acquire TI mobile chip business; and network carrier 3 offers a fun way to keep an eye on your monthly phone bill. iPad mini accessories now available Though...»

Avoiding Big Problems with Big Data

Guest Author | October 15th

According to various surveys, about half of all organizations are either using or evaluating Hadoop for Big Data analytics.  Hadoop has become a strategic platform for analyzing Big Data because it provides a purpose-built and cost-effective way


5 Mistakes to Avoid with Mobile Business Intelligence

Tavis J. Hampton | October 14th

With modern technology, many companies have the ability to collect a vast array of data about their business processes, from the early stages of research and development, to the final stages of sales, as well...»