New iPad’s Newest Issue: WiFigate

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

Today’s mobile roundup features Apple’s WiFigate, T-Mobile and Nokia fire employees and more. New iPad’s New Issue: WiFigate First we heard about the heatgate, wherein consumers complained about the new iPad heating up to 116 degrees...»

The Evolution of Facebook Photo Sharing: from Fickle to Fancy HD

Saroj Kar | March 23rd

Photographs are among the most engaging content you'll find on social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. For Facebook, photos hold a special place amongst all types of content posted by users, taking center stage...»

Apps for the New iPad’s Retina Display: Netflix, Games and More

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

The new iPad from Apple is getting a lot of negative publicity because of its heatgate and chargegate issues, but will those stop consumers from buying it?  I don’t think so.  Whatever problems the...»

Google Drops Keys In Favor of OAuth 2.0, Certificates

Matt Weinberger | March 22nd

Earlier this week, Google made a quiet announcement that could have a widespread impact: Web applications that integrate with the Google platform no longer use passwords or shared keys, relying instead on certificates and the...»

Is DevOps Destroying Jobs?

Klint Finley | March 22nd

The number of IT jobs at large corporations is declining according to research conducted by The Hackett Group and reported on by Computerworld. Hackett blames offshoring, but what about cloud computing and automation? Hackett thinks the...»

Microsoft Windows Azure Tapped For Movideo Large-Scale Java Cloud Migration

Matt Weinberger | March 22nd

Online video provider Movideo has signed a four-year contract (sorry, "strategic agreement") with Microsoft Windows Azure to move its Java-based platform into the cloud as it attempts to grow its business in the Asia...»

Structure Data Part 2: From Datastax to EMC, Hadoop Still Prominent

Maria Deutscher | March 22nd

The Structure big data conference hosted by GigaOM is underway this week, and many industry insiders have shown up to share their insight or pitch their company’s new offerings. A sizable portion of those who...»

InfoGraphic: The Social Web Pattern of E-Commerce

Saroj Kar | March 22nd

Social commerce was an undeniable trend in 2011 and will continue to impact our economy in the coming years.  Now more than ever consumers are online, sharing and exchanging ideas on products and services they...»

Business Guide: Top Mobile VoIP Tools of the Week

Mellisa Tolentino | March 22nd

VoIP is widely used by companies all over the globe to communicate with their customers in order to quickly address their concerns.  With mobile devices flourishing in the market, VoIP providers like RingCentral are...»

Compelling Behavior

chrissaad | March 22nd

I’ve been thinking a lot about what compels people to behave a certain way. In business. In personal relationships. In life. I’m certain there are countless books espousing countless metaphors for thinking about the issue. For me it...»