Springpad Pragmatism Shines Through iOS Notifications

Maria Pila | July 7th

Are you searching for a power tool that can assist you, organizing your technologically enhanced life? Well, you've got a great deal of options. Windows users can look to the expensive prospect of utilizing OneNote,...»

Big Media Has Big Dreams in the Cloud: Ex-Startups Taking the Lead

Cherr Aira | July 6th

When biggies like Facebook start turning their head onto the media business direction, you realize that this is potentially lucrative. And it is.  The shift towards the cloud makes this industry all the more...»

Spotify Invades US Shores, Confirmed

Kristina Farrah | July 6th

After plenty of rumors, conjectures and tittle-tattles these past few months, Spotify finally confirmed on their website a stateside launch. And if you think you have a chance at getting an early account once the...»

IBM Advances Watson, Smart Grid Technologies

Val Galin | July 6th

IBM, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last month, has collaborated with Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) to build the Total Operations Center at the Jeju Smart Grid...»

Complexity of Updating Android Exacerbates Security Problems

George Ou | July 6th

I bought a new HTC Nexus One last week, which unfortunately came with a custom ROM (Android Kernel Version: 2.16.405.1 CL223106 release-keys).  Unfortunately, this particular firmware prohibits any “Over The Air” (OTA) updates or even manual updates and it

Will Facebook’s Skype Video Chat Grow Network’s Big Data Demands?

Kristen Nicole | July 6th

Facebook’s holding steadfast to its social dominance, teaming with Skype to offer even more points of interaction within its network.  The “something special” we’ve been waiting to hear about all week is indeed video chat on Facebook,...»

Smartphone Market Shares Up for Grabs, Diversification is Key

Kristina Farrah | July 6th

After a good amount of internal fuss these past few weeks, BlackBerry-maker RIM is yet again on an uphill battle after losing 1 million users in the US from February to May. Previously in second...»

Cisco Criticized for China Surveillance Project

Tom Foremski | July 6th

Cisco Systems is helping the Chinese government build a massive surveillance system that will include more than 500,000 cameras. The Wall Street Journal reported that the "Peaceful Chongqing" project gets around US restrictions on US companies...»

Dell’s Turning into a “Lifestyle Brand” via the Personal Cloud

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

Dell launched its new “More You” ads this week, presumably to make it clear for the end-user that it can stand up to the criteria set forth by Apple, HP, and the numerous other...»

Eyes Roll Off Google+ into Oblivion as Facebook Launches Skype Video Chat

Ross LaRocco | July 6th

The championship title for best video chat service is up for grabs.  Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook,  had a few announcements today in that vein, including improvements noted about design and Group Chat features.   However,...»