Autonomy Keeps Its Culture Under HP Rule

Maria Deutscher | December 8th

Autonomy’s Mike Lynch made some comments about the exact degree of the integration with Hewlett-Packard during the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit in London. He stressed that his company’s “high-speed culture” needs to remain the way...»

Make Birthdays Special With New Skype Greetings

Mellisa Tolentino | December 8th

Birthdays are special and honestly, it’s hard to think of something awesome to give a friend oro loved one on this special day.  Birthday cards are so ancient, though they are still sweet.  But at...»

New Chip Industry Evolves Around High Density, Mobility

Maria Deutscher | December 8th

The chip industry is driven by a number of consumer and enterprise trends, which all center on the demand for higher performance for lower costs. Vendors are addressing this topic in both segments, and several...»

OnLive Cloud Gaming Goes Mobile

Mellisa Tolentino | December 8th

OnLive, the cloud gaming platform that synchronizes, renders, and stores games on remote servers and delivers them via the Internet, announced the availability of their app for tablets and mobile devices.  The app...»

Entertainment Equals Mobile Engagement: Millennial Media SMART Report

Kristina Farrah | December 8th

Mobile is an especially important area as connected devices evolve an entire industry. We have some interesting trends outlined by Millennial Media's October SMART report, specifically in the entertainment sector.  First off, we


Cloudera Releases Free Version of Its Hadoop Management Console

Klint Finley | December 8th

Cloudera today announced Cloudera Enterprise with Cloudera Manager 3.7, the latest version of the company's proprietary Apache Hadoop management stack. Most notably the launch includes a new Cloudera Manager Free Edition, which is available as a free...»

2015 is The Year of Mobile Payments

Cherr Aira | December 8th

We’ve come a long way from over-the-counter cash payments and swiping credit cards every time we make a purchase. The dawn of the mobile era has sporadically signified the boom in the mobile payments...»

The Perpetual Hell of Apple-Samsung Patents

Kristina Farrah | December 8th

Despite their ostensibly healthy business mutualism, Apple and Samsung have actually taken legal brouhahas against each other in courts across different countries. The patent skirmish began when Samsung launched its Galaxy devices, which


EMC Packages Its Big Data Analytics Offerings in “Unified” Proprietary Platform

Jeffrey Kelly | December 7th

EMC today announced a new Big Data Analytics appliance that brings together the company’s Greenplum analytic database, its MapR-based Hadoop distribution and its Chorus development/collaboration platform under one roof. The platform, called the Unified Analytics Platform, is more or...»

Is a Security Vulnerability Requiring a Global Amazon Web Services Reboot?

Alex Williams | December 7th

This morning, thousands of Amazon Web Services customers received notice that their instances on the cloud service are scheduled for reboot.  "Routine ugrgade," is the given reason but cloud experts believe it appears more than...»