More Universities Turn to Virtual Desktops; UConn’s New HTML5 Solution

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

Virtualization solutions maker Ericom announced that the University of Connecticut is piloting its AccessNow flagship offering – a purely HTML5-based virtualization client for VMware View customers. The university has already tested the product successfully,...»

Verizon Dropping Unlimited Data July 7th. Get Yours While Supplies Last.

Ross LaRocco | July 6th

The crimson mess of data strikes in a couple days.  Those who are not blessed with unlimited data plans will no longer have the option with Verizon.  The time to act is now if you'd...»

Google+ Found Cavorting with NFC in Official Android App

Kyt Dotson | July 6th

It looks like Google is pressing forward in their adoption of NFC technology by making sure that it’s also Google+ enabled. Shortly after the announcement and unveiling of their new social networking service, an official Android app...»

Hack Attacks are Equal Opportunity Assaults

Mellisa Tolentino | July 6th

Attacks from hackers seem to be progressing along the same lines as modern technology.  Over the past few months, more companies are being hacked either to gather account information or just to create chaos.  Remember...»

Empowering Cyber Security with Smart Cloud based Solutions

Saroj Kar | July 6th

The cloud provides us the Cloud Paradigm; the proficiency to execute and leverage hardware and network technological revolutions. With today's cloud technologies, businesses are running data centers, storage, communications, e-services, mobile platforms, back up and...»

Google Likely to Take Rivals to Court After Losing Nortel Patents

Robert Manto | July 6th

In a fierce battle in bidding for Nortel patents, it took a consortium of top tech companies to outbid Google.  Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, Research in Motion and Sony have teamed up to a pricey...»

Hackers vs. Hackers: the Best Solution for Data Security?

Jennefer Almirante | July 6th

It's been the summer of hackers, and they seem pretty unstoppable, even with the seeming demise of LulzSec.  But there's some powers that can only be put out by something of equal status, and authorities...»

Obama’s Twitter Town Hall: Will You Be Heard?

Saroj Kar | July 6th

President Barack Obama is holding a first ever Twitter Town Hall at the White House on July 6 at 2 PM EDT. Obama will discuss more on the progress of struggling American economy and jobs....»

Prosperous Cloud: Accenture Makes Debut on S&P 500

Alex Williams | July 5th

Accenture made its debut today on the S&P 500, an achievement that is testament to the recent wave of technology innovations in the enterprise. Accenture has fared well recently. In June, the Irish company...»

Pillar Acquisition: A Major Bust?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 5th

Days after Oracle released a statement saying that the company will not be making any acquisitions anytime soon due to the fact that Oracle is focusing more on internal growth rather than acquisitions,...»