CMS Market Hits New Milestones with WordPress and Others

Maria Deutscher | July 11th

Popular blogging platform WordPress had a couple of big announcements these past few weeks. A counter on, which tallies the number of  WordPress installations on their own servers as well as self-hosted blogs, just...»

$6M DataSift Funding to be Invested in Twitter

Mellisa Tolentino | July 11th

Real-time information is the hottest thing in the market nowadays.  It can make or break you, especially if you use real-time data for business purposes.  So where do people get their real-time info?  Believe...»

VMware Stays Strong Despite Rivals Closing Market Gap

Val Galin | July 11th

VMware, a top provider of virtualization software, continues to remain in control of the server virtualization market, and is seemingly not at all worried with Gartner's latest report. The recent assessment by Gartner...»

Storage Services Seek Gains in Consumer and Enterprise Sectors

Maria Pila | July 11th is known for its cloud storage and file management, and has got its feet planted in both enterprise and consumer-level offerings. Based in Palo Alto, the company will be relocating its office and primary...»

ClickFox Expands BI Solutions, Teams with QBE First

Val Galin | July 11th

ClickFox, a customer experience analytics software and solutions company, announced its partnership with specialty insurance provider QBE First. The multi-year SaaS agreement will have ClickFox analyze millions of self-service interactions for the...»

HTC Appeals to Bootloaders with Latest Update News

Ruth Isabel | July 11th

In August of this year, HTC's new bootloader unlocking software update will be featured with the latest HTC mobile devices. A few months back, HTC reconsidered its policy on unlocked phones but details about it...»

Open Source Cloud Embraces Collaboration and Exploration

Robert Manto | July 11th

It is evident that open-source is becoming a trend. Many enterprises have trusted and embraced open-source services in the last few years. Red Hat Inc. is no exception. Known for its technology consulting services and...»

The Network is Next – Internet Traffic to Quadruple by 2015 [Infographic]

Alex Williams | July 10th

Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015. Where that traffic will come from is the focus of an infographic that Cisco posted last week. According to Cisco, Asia-Pacific is forecast to lead in file-sharing traffic and...»

The Google+ Expert

Alex Williams | July 8th

As Chris Pirillo said, this did not take long. I just had to share. Soon, the Google+ "experts," will be out in force. Hurry and you can get your downloadable certificate! And by the way,...»

EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci to Step Down; Gelsinger or Goulden to Succeed

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | July 8th

In news that came as a bit of a surprise for those who closely follow EMC’s Joe Tucci, news is making the rounds the last couple of weeks in the pages of Bloomberg and...»