The Hollow Core in Social Media Numbers: Many are Fake or Empty Accounts

Tom Foremski | February 15th

The numbers of users reported by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many other sites, are closely watched. They reveal trends in adoption and they are one of the few public metrics available to analysts trying to assign value to...»

Cord-Cutting: Truth or Lie?

Daisy Whitney | February 15th

More consumers are relying on broadband-only connections in their homes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're cutting the cord. Nielsen's latest report reveals that there are now 5.1 million broadcast only/broadband homes in the United States, up 23% from...»

HP Launches New Professional Services Offering to Help Tame Supplier Sprawl

Klint Finley | February 15th

Hot on the heels of its Gen8 servers announcement, HP today announced a new professional services offering: HP Service Integration and Management. The new service is meant to help enterprises "integrate, manage and govern...»

An Exodus to iOS Awaits Android Market Collapse

Cherr Aira | February 15th

Android may hold the biggest smartphone OS share, but it is losing grounds to Apple in other avenues. Factors including the release of iPhone 4S and iPad played significant roles in this industry tiff.  Apple...»

EMC Reveals One-Stop Cloud Shop with Atos

Maria Deutscher | February 15th

Last month VMware launched a web-based storefront that its partners can use to showcase their offerings to prospects in a much more straight-forward and effective way. Today, storage behemoth EMC – which owns a...»

IBM Puts Big Data in Universities: Hopes We’ll Never Run Out of Nerds

Kristen Nicole | February 15th

There’s a budding career for professionals who are passionate about numbers-–that of the data scientist. In order to make the best out of the surge of data that plagues the world every day,


Location-Based Services Dictate Shopping Behavior

Cherr Aira | February 15th

Over the next four years we'll have more than 10 billion internet-connected mobile devices, outnumbering the actual world population, according to a recent Cisco study. The sky truly is the limit for mobile brands and...»

48 Hours Later and 6 New and Updated Versions of the Private Cloud

Alex Williams | February 15th

I started this week at CloudConnect in Santa Clara. Today I am at the Parallels conference in Orlando. In this short 48 hours I've heard of six new versions or updates of the private...»

What Apple Really Thinks of the Foxconn “Issue”

Mellisa Tolentino | February 15th

Apple has always been scrutinized for various reasons that sometimes you’d have to think if they are real or just rumors.  Apple is so secretive, not only in their products but as well as...»

April’s the Best Month to Fly: Rearden, Hadoop Make Sense of Flight Data

Kristen Nicole | February 15th

Big data’s predicting powers have countless possibilities, and recent studies show that it can predict things like property-selling markets better than real-estate analysts themselves. Now we have next-generation ecommerce platform Rearden Commerce analyzing