SAP Buys SuccessFactors – Acquisition Shows Gathering Strength of Workday and New Enterprise Innovators

Alex Williams | December 3rd

SAP is buying SaaS provider Success Factors for an approximate $3.4 billion based upon market value. Success Factors will continue to operate independently. The deal represents a real shift for the Human Capital Management...»

Why the webOS Tablet Is a Non-Starter for HP

Bert Latamore | December 2nd

HP CEO Meg Whitman has announced that in the next two weeks the company will decide what to do with webOS. She also, curiously, said that HP needs “another operating system”, which begs the question: Why?...»

Electronic Arts Throws Down the Social Gaming Gauntlet with KlickNation Aquisition

Maria Deutscher | December 2nd

Social gaming is among the fastest growing segments in this particular industry, and Electronics Arts has long ago become a contender to throne – or rather, Zynga’s throne. The company challenged Farmville’s social element  back...»

Accel Big Data Conference Set for May 9th At Stanford University

Matt Weinberger | December 2nd

Accel Partners has announced that its inaugural Big Data Conference, which promises to "uncover the future disruptive ideas and technology trends in Big Data," will be held on the Stanford University campus on...»

Another Wireless-Cable Team Up with Verizon’s 4G Push

Maria Deutscher | December 2nd

Verizon is taking every precaution to not fall behind other carriers with the expansion of its 4G LTE network. For the meager sum of $3.6 billion, the largest U.S carrier by market share acquired...»

Mobile Gaming Faces Regulations Around the World

Mellisa Tolentino | December 2nd

Google is back in business in South Korea selling games in the Android Market, as the government loosened its reigns on its rather limiting regulations.  Sellers in the Android Market just need to adhere to...»

Cloud on the Cheap: Amazon Web Services Announces New Pricing Options for Reserve Instances

Klint Finley | December 2nd

In an e-mail to customers today Amazon Web Services announced a new pricing structure for its Reserve Instances service. The pricing will now include three tiers based on usage - light, medium and heavy utilization. The Reserved...»

How Ironic – Social Media Companies Have the Lowest Customer Service Rankings

Alex Williams | December 2nd

Zendesk runs help desks for 15,000 customers. The company recently crunched the data from these customers, analyzed it and as a result has set benchmarks for what companies should strive for in their customer...»

Mars Rover Curiosity Equipped with Laser Death Ray for Science!

Kyt Dotson | December 2nd

In 247 days, about the beginning of next year’s autumn, NASA’s newest robotic observer, Curiosity, will land on Martian soil. Any science fiction reader who has studied astronomy and followed humanity’s ever expanding interest in the sky and...»

Former ICANN Chairman Warns Opposition to New Domain Names Could Fracture the Internet

Tom Foremski | December 2nd

Peter Dengate-Thrush, the recent chairman of ICANN, the Internet regulatory body, warned that opposition to ICANN's new top level domain names (TLDs) could encourage some countries to split from the Internet. In an interview with SVW, he