XIO’s Hyper ISE Offers SSD Performance at Disk Prices

Maria Deutscher | October 12th

Xiotech, which has changed its name to XIO as of August this year, is betting a lot on its Hyper ISE (Integrated Storage Elements) product. CEO Alan Atkinson and chief enterprise architect Robert Stevenson discussed...»

DataDirect Networks Unveils Major WOS Upgrades

Maria Deutscher | October 12th

Big data-focused storage solutions provide DataDirect Networks announced the newest version of its Web Object Scaler, which features big performance improvements and data protection enhancements.

“As more organizations move toward cloud paradigms, there is an exponential

IBM Does Big Deal With Startup Nirvanix – IBM Announces Platform as a Service – SmartCloud Service – Huge Deal For Startup Nirvanix

John Furrier | October 12th

On the heals of the massive Box.net funding and turn down of $600 million buy out from Citrix, IBM is making their own big moves with one of the fastest growing cloud startups: Nirvanix. IBM is launching...»

Samsung’s Desperate Bid to Rain On Apple’s Parade

Mellisa Tolentino | October 12th

When Apple rejected Samsung’s effort for a truce, everyone was certain that the latter would do everything in their power to get back at Apple.  And they did.  A day after Apple unveiled their...»

Big Data at Monsanto: Genome Sequencing with BigCouch

Klint Finley | October 12th

Today Cloudant, the sponsor company behind the Apache CouchDB-based open source BigCouch project, announced a new customer acquisition: the controversial agriculture company Monsanto. Monsanto is using BigCouch to manage its genome sequencing data analysis, a commonly cited...»

Netflix Goofs of 2011: Infographic

Maria Pila | October 12th

On September 19, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings boldly admitted, "I messed up." He wasn't kidding at all. In the last few weeks Netflix has taken a huge beating from its subscribers for several reasons: this summer...»

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Overlook the Zero-Days

Saroj Kar | October 11th

Microsoft submitted the eleventh edition of Security Intelligence Report covering the period January to June 2011. The report compares the effects of malicious programs that attack vulnerabilities for which there are no security updates...»

Data Scientists Play Key Role Inside EMC

Jeffrey Kelly | October 11th

EMC is known for helping enterprises store, manage and make use of their Big Data. But EMC’s internal engineering, sales and services divisions are dealing with a lot of data of their own. That’s where...»

Governor of California Crushes Bill Banning Warrantless Cell Phone Searches

Kyt Dotson | October 11th

Gov. Jerry Brown of California has vetoed a bill that would have required police officers to obtain a warrant before searching arrestees’ smartphones. The bill would have worked to prevent the practice of law enforcement of opening up...»

Egnyte Takes On Box with Server Sync and More

Klint Finley | October 11th

Today Box officially announced its new $81 million round of funding, taking the company's total raised this year to $164 million. Following its BoxWorks event last month and rumors it turned down an...»