Got a Mac? You’re Probably Infected. Here’s What You Need

Mellisa Tolentino | April 5th

On Wednesday, Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web published an article stating that 550,000 Macs were infected with BackDoor.Flashback.39 -  a Trojan that targets an unpatched JavaScript codes (CVE-2011-3544, CVE-2008-5353 and CVE-2012-0507) vulnerabilities within...»

VMware’s Upcoming Earnings Report and How it’s Tied to EMC

Maria Deutscher | April 5th

VMware announced the date of its earnings call for the first quarter of 2012. There’s no forecast available publicly at the time of writing, but the company has seen a lot of growth in...»

3D, Geospatial Tags are the Way of the Future: Where Conference 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | April 5th

At the O’Reilly Where Conference: The Art and Business of Location, the venue where emerging tech meets anxious investors, Facebook project manager Josh Williams addressed app developers interested in exploiting location-based opportunities. Williams,  the former...»

iPhone Users Turn Elitists Over Instagram App, Google Glasses Sneak Peek

Mellisa Tolentino | April 5th

Today’s mobile roundup features Google’s Project Glass, Apple users outraged by Instagram for Android, and more. Google’s Project Glass Sneakpeek In February, reports surfaced that Google was secretly working on heads-up display glasses, which are  capable...»

More Hosted Hadoop: SunGard Offers Big Data in the Cloud

Klint Finley | April 4th

Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Microsoft's Hadoop on Azure service are getting some new competition today with the launch of a technical preview of SunGard Availability Services' hosted Apache Hadoop solution, called Unified Analytics Services (UAS). According...»

OpenLogic Announces SPDX, Code Contributions

Maria Deutscher | April 4th

OpenLogic is, as the name implies, an open-source company. It makes an open PaaS called CloudSwing that’s designed to offer more flexibility to enterprise users leveraging multiple technology stacks, and also offers a free...»

HP Joins the Army: $250M Deal for Data

Maria Deutscher | April 4th

Hewlett-Packard is one of the many vendors that are benefiting from the U.S government’s plans to modernize its IT infrastructure, a very wide-scale initiative that was kicked off by the current administration with the appointment...»

Five Instagram Tools to Share, Measure and Store Your Photo Masterpieces

Saroj Kar | April 4th

There's no doubt Instagram is a phenomenon in the social mobile world, not to mention the world of photography.  With more than 7 million downloads on iOS, 150 million photos published every month and 30 million+...»

VMware Exec Launching His Own Cloud Foundry Company?

Klint Finley | April 4th

Today ZDNet reported rumors that Derek Collison, former VMware Chief Architect of Cloud Application Platforms, is founding a new Cloud Foundry focused startup. Cloud Foundry is a platform-as-a-service that can be deployed on multiple cloud infrastructures...»

3 Hot Themes in DevOps This Week

Klint Finley | April 4th

This week at DevOps Days Austin there was some discussion of the NoOps controversy. But Dell employee and Kanban2Go creator Prabhakar Gopalan probably summed up the attendees' collective attitude pretty well: send all that...»