Tintri Launches Latest Storage Appliance: More Capacity, Automation

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Tintri, a maker of storage solutions specifically designed for virtualized environments, announced the new Tintri VMstore T540 VM-aware storage appliance at the VMware Europe conference, held this week in Copenhagen. The T540 features several enhancements, mainly increased...»

Investors Not Buying RIM’s Peace Offering, Apple Snatches All-Time High in Shares

Cherr Aira | October 18th

RIM Blackberry bathes in publicity nowadays; but, this is the kind of publicity no one wants to be in. A four-day outage triggered following a failure of England’s data center. Millions of Blackberry users...»

No More Bill Shock as CTIA Gives In to FCC Threats

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

Isn’t it frustrating that you only find out that you’ve exceeded your plan when you get your phone bill? It’s hard to actually keep track of how much you’ve already consumed, especially if you’re busy...»

Bit.ly’s Chief Data Scientist Downplays Twitter Changes

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Hilary Mason, the chief data scientist at Bit.ly, responded to a tweeted update sent out by Twitter today that reads “We’re about to start wrapping all URLs regardless of their length with the t.co URL...»

Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus Take the Spotlight as Android Heats Up

Kristina Farrah | October 18th

The much awaited event from Google and Samsung is yet to commence, but there have been some exciting leaks in the past 24 hours with regards to Motorola and Samsung’s upcoming devices, especially


VMware Goes DevOps with New Management Tools

Klint Finley | October 18th

There's no doubt that virtualization has made server administration easier, and some of the core tools of the DevOps movement, like Puppet and Chef, depend heavily on virtualization. Now VMware is hoping to make life easier for...»

Galaxy Nexus, Android Ice Cream Sandwich Unveiled Today

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

It's a big day for Fandroids, as Google and Samsung gear up for their Big Event, rescheduled from last week after the death of Steve Jobs.  Google's expected to unveil the much anticipated Android 4.0...»

Lookout’s Protected Enough Androids – Onto the iPhone!

Saroj Kar | October 18th

A smartphone is not just a phone anymore.  It's now a mobile device that performs many tasks, making it a rather essential item in our everyday lives.  Now that mobile phones are becoming a dominant...»

ITC Rules Against HTC, Another Victory for Apple

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

Last month the International Trade Commission stated that they would start to investigate HTC’s claims that Apple infringed some of their patents.  Unfortunately for HTC, the ITC ruled in favor of Apple. According to...»

Jaspersoft and Red Hat Offer Cloud Data-to-Dashboard Solution

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

BI software maker Jaspersoft partnered with open-source solutions maker and Linux distributor Red Hat to deliver a virtualized version of its offering.  The joint effort bundles the JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform and Jaspersoft’s...»