FalconStor Partners with Fujitsu to Integrate Storage Offerings

Maria Deutscher | November 2nd

Cloud backup company FalconStor announced a milestone development today, entering into a comprehensive worldwide reseller agreement with Fujitsu to integrate its FalconStor Network Storage Server storage and virtualization management software with a part of the...»

Jivox Raises $8.2M, Expands Board

Maria Deutscher | November 2nd

Jivox secured $8.2 million in a second funding round led by Fortisure Ventures, with participation from existing investors Opus Capital and Helion Advisors.  The India-based video advertising firm that aims to  allow customers to...»

Informatica’s New Universal Hadoop Parsing Tool

Maria Deutscher | November 2nd

Data integration software maker Informatica unveiled HParser, “the first data parsing transformation solution for Hadoop environments” that runs natively inside MapReduce to increase the overall efficiency and performance of a deployment.  The offering is compatible...»

AOL, Yahoo Put Faith in Ad Networks as “Senior” Portals Seek New Life

Saroj Kar | November 2nd

AOL's latest ad network strategy just may be paying off, though the company is seeing losses in other areas.  In the first nine months of this year the Internet portal reported a loss of $9.7...»

Groupon Sets the Date for an IPO on Friday

Saroj Kar | November 2nd

Daily deal site Groupon will reportedly price its IPO on Thursday, and begin NASDAQ trading as soon as this Friday. According to All Things Digital, although the financial market is still not stable, the group...»

Nokia Gets New Chipset Supplier, Faces Union Strike

Isha Suri | November 2nd

Looks like ST-Ericsson will be supplying its technology in the form of chipsets to Nokia, which will enable the cellphone vendor to offer cheaper Windows mobiles. As soon as the news came out, shares of...»

Investigative Analytics: Cloudera Founder Launches New Startup Backed by Eric Schmidt

Klint Finley | November 2nd

Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia unveiled his new startup Odiago this morning, giving to the business side scoop to TechCrunch and the technical details to Curt Monash. The company is launching a product called Wibidata...»

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs: They We’re Friends But…

Cherr Aira | November 2nd

If there are two people in the world that need no introduction, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs top my list.  Their strong brands can already tell a million things: for Gates it is Microsoft and...»

“Scream” for Security with Norton Mobile Update

Kristina Farrah | November 2nd

The mobile industry is not merely surviving, it's thriving.  Mobile devices have become such an integral part of our personal and professional lives that we become dysfunctional without them. Given the interest that


A New Way To Measure Your Costs in the Cloud

Alex Williams | November 2nd

Here's how the IT bypass works. Someone in the developer group needs a cluster of servers to do some testing. IT says it will be months before the request can even be considered. The developer...»