Fring Beats Skype! World’s First Video Group Chat for iPad.

Ross LaRocco | June 27th

Group Chat is extremely popular on mobile devices to increase communication from within a group of people.  Fring announced they have brought group video chat to their messaging application.  Skype is defeated for...»

Mobile Travel: An Industry That Doesn’t Yet Know Itself

Kristen Nicole | June 27th

I’ve been traveling a lot this year.  More than just my usual summer road trip, or a holiday reunion with family.  And it’s simply because I can.  I can pack a weekend bag, throw my...»

Not Happy with Android Tablet OEMs are Looking to Windows 8

Steven Hodson | June 27th

As much as non-iPad tablet makers might like the world to believe that Android ice cream based tablets are selling like hotcakes and looking to give Apple a headache in the tablet market just as they...»

TWO iPhones for September? Users Are Confused.

Ross LaRocco | June 27th

There's a report of Apple releasing two different iPhones at their September event.  This means what for iPhone 4 users? There's a bigger chance for developers to wipe application support for the iPhone...»

Online Ads Big Data Industry on the Rise

Kristina Farrah | June 27th

One of the hottest recent industry trends, advertising, is garnering attention from investors and developers lately, thanks to new tech, mobility and analytics. From a market of $790 million in 2010, advertising is expected...»

Microsoft Stirs Rumors around Windows 8, Pushes WP7 Forward

Maria Deutscher | June 27th

Microsoft has been working a lot around its top ventures lately, and today the latest batch of Windows 8 rumors crossed the wire. It was forecasted that the software maker will launch Windows 8 sometime


Microsoft Bets on Windows Phone as Mobile Gaming Solution

Steven Hodson | June 27th

Microsoft has made it quite clear – it doesn’t see any long term market for standalone handheld gaming devices, instead they have been positioning Windows Phone with Xbox sLive integration as the more viable solution. This is...»

Nirvanix Hires Google’s Head of Global Data Center Infrastructure

Alex Williams | June 27th

Nirvanix has hired one of Google's top data center executives. Paul Froutan will serve as Nirvanix chief technology officer. At Google, Froutan served as head of global data center infrastructure, responsible for designing, building and managing...»

CloudFlare Speaks Up on Censorship and LulzSec

Kyt Dotson | June 27th

During their criminal hacking rampage, the hacker celebrity group LulzSec ran a webpage to house links to torrents, Pastebin posts, and the distribution of their ill-gotten booty. To protect this webpage from other hackers and...»

ViVOtech Raises $24M, Drives New NFC Developments

Kristina Farrah | June 27th

Santa Clara, California-based NFC hardware and software provider ViVOtech has raised a $24 million series C funding to further its NFC technology development, expanding their reach to more countries. This underscores NFC technology as...»