Smarter Not Harder: from Datacenter to Supply Chain

Kristen Nicole | September 28th

Datacenters may not be the greenest, most manageable products out there, but a recent article in The New York Times would have you believe that Facebook's datacenter was melting at the risk of losing 1 billion users' photos, or that...»

Microsoft Tells Some Customers – Don’t Buy Office 2013 – w/ New Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions

John Casaretto | September 28th

As Microsoft continues its rather public evolution, some recently announced pricing models for Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 are set to change the way people think about buying Office altogether. The new Office 365...»

NetApp on Virtualization: Flash Strategy Looks to the Channel

Maria Deutscher | September 27th

Flash is kind of a big deal for storage darling NetApp.  The company's seeking out the best strategy for Flash SSD, with emphasis on the partner channel.  Wikibon’s Dave Vellante caught up with Tim Russel, the head...»

Breaking Analysis: Yahoo! Can Be Saved!

Mellisa Tolentino | September 27th

New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has big plans for her new job, recently unveiling plans for the company’s future.  The plans sounded good but broad, and the fact that she did not give any details as to how...»

Symantec Source Code Released in Pirate Bay

Mellisa Tolentino | September 27th

On Tuesday, Antisec posted Symantec’s Norton Utilities 2006 source code on Pirate Bay with an accompanying note stating:

“As you all see its fully 7z packed content, whats in it!? The loosely Source Code of Norton Utilities 2006

Major Cable ISPs Challenge Xbox on its Own Turf with Cloud Gaming

Kyt Dotson | September 27th

On the cusp of cloud-gaming outfit OnLive going down in flames and evaporating, it appears that major ISPs are looking into their own cloud-gaming delivery services to players who use Internet-enabled devices such as smart TVs. According...»

Data’s Common Language Keeps Global Fair Trade Compliant, Says Hiperos CEO

Kristen Nicole | September 27th

There's something happening in IT that looks an awful lot like the supply chain of the 1990s, when Dell and Gateway (and now Apple) stay on top of the market by owning the supply chain.  It takes great...»