Is VCE a Flailing Startup? A Study of Snark in New Media

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | August 17th

The UK Register’s Chris Mellor wrote a short hit piece last week on VCE’s Vblock, entitled “Vblocks bleed out EMC money, VCE = virtual cash erosion.” True to Register form, the cleverest thing about the entire...»

StumbleUpon’s Explore Box Adds Context to Topics

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

StumbleUpon, a discovery engine that recommends personalized web and mobile content, has released a new beta feature, Explore Box, that allows users to discover web pages, videos, photos and more across hundreds of thousands...»

Nintendo Sexy Upgrades Bundled Up for Christmas

Maria Pila | August 17th

Nintendo's confirmed that a new ‘streamlined’ version of the Wii console will be released in the UK, just in time for Christmas.  The console will be part of a new package that includes Wii Party and Wii...»

Shopkick 1 Year Later: More Brands, More “Check-Ins” and More Data

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

Shopkick, one of the largest location-based shopping apps that rewards shoppers for merely walking into stores, has made it through its first year unscathed. In just a year, shopkick has a reported 2.2 million...»

Hactivists Go Mobile, Depict Dog Wars Gamers as Animal Abusers

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

Dog fights are illegal in many countries as animal rights activists are taking action against animal cruelty.  Nevertheless, an app developer decided to make a virtual game in the same context, Dog Wars.  Much...»

Is the Cloud Ready for IT Outsourcing? Bridging Migration and Challenges

Cherr Aira | August 17th

Arguably, cloud computing is now beginning to define the future of technology and the human race’s way of managing data. With cloud consumerism striking an upward trajectory, next level enterprise solutions become...»

Pageonce Scores 5M Users Amidst Mobile Finance Competition

Maria Deutscher | August 17th

Pageonce, the operator of Pageonce Money & Bills, a mobile service that lets users manage their bank accounts from a number of mobile platforms, has reached a major milestone, with a reported five...»

Box Raising Another $35 Million – “God Bless the SEC”

Alex Williams | August 16th

I just saw the news on Techmeme that Box is raising another $35 million. I'll keep this brief. Wow. Combined with its past round that equates to $83 million in venture capital funding. Venture Beat discovered...»

Microsoft Slashes Prices on Azure Cloud Platform, Lures More SMBs

Saroj Kar | August 16th

Microsoft is extending efforts on its cloud solutions, particularity for small developers and SME enterprises. In an attempt to attract developer community that runs smaller apps on its Azure platform, Microsoft, starting October 1st, decided...»

Joyent Opens up SmartOS in the Cloud

Maria Deutscher | August 16th

Cloud software developer Joyent announced that its SmartOS platform, which was once only a component of its SmartDataCenter and public cloud offerings, is now available under an open-source license.  Joyent CTO Jason Hoffmann refered to...»