Is Hortonworks Yahoo’s Smartest Play in Years?

Alex Williams | June 28th

Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital launched Hortonworks today with the mission to revolutionize and commoditize the storage and processing of big data via open source. It's not unexpected news. There has been talk over the past...»

Energy Saving Service Opportunities from Veridity

David Floyer | June 28th

Veridity announced EnergyCenter Version 2.0 on June 21 2011, and now represents a new opportunity for service providers to sell software and services to help clients achieve significant savings in power costs, and improve utilization of IT resources...»

Yahoo Takes Hadoop Enterprise with Hortonworks

Robert Manto | June 28th

Yahoo and Benchmark have teamed up to form an independent company Hortonworks. This initiative further increases the investment of developing Apache Hadoop. Horton Works will concentrate its efforts in making Hadoop an enterprise-ready...»

Cisco Needs to Offer Value to Investors, One Way or Another

Maria Deutscher | June 28th

Networking giant Cisco has seen its stock decline drastically throughout the past four quarters; something that, according to Barron’s, means this can be a good time to buy shares of the company.  Cisco has...»

Could We Actually See a Windows 8 Beta by Early Fall?

Steven Hodson | June 28th

One of the points of disagreement that Paul O’Flaherty and I had in the days of the Daily Brief video podcast centered around when we might see a public beta of Windows 8. Paul believed...»

The Amazon Experience is Expanding with New Ad Network

Maria Deutscher | June 28th

Amazon is a very big marketplace in several sectors: retail, e-publishing, music, daily deals and digital content to name a few. Now the web giant is looking to enter yet another business, launching a brand...»

Taking Social Games Beyond Social Networks: Adknowledge Launches Social2Web

Kristen Nicole | June 28th

When it comes to the distribution of social games, there’s been a limited number of options for developers looking to monetize their efforts.  Facebook’s been one of the biggest social game hubs in recent years,...»

Get Ready – Office 2010 SP1 Coming Your Way

Steven Hodson | June 28th

We all know that Microsoft has announced the general availability of Office 365 but word is that at the same time they will be making Service Pack 1 for Office 2010 available as well. According to...»

Kik Messenger Arrives to Windows Phone 7. Taking a Hatchet to GroupMe.

Ross LaRocco | June 28th

Windows Phone 7 is back in the hunt.  As I mentioned previously, both Evernote and Foodspotting recently added new versions of their app for Microsoft's mobile platform.  Kik Messenger is the...»

Supreme Court of the United States Kills California Anti-Video Game Law

Kyt Dotson | June 28th

There are few better litmus tests to how technology is affecting culture as to when the technology of entertainment mixes with the masses. As technology advances, so do the current bugaboos. In recent years, video games have joined...»