HTML5 Hype: Apple’s Will is Bending the Rules

Maria Deutscher | March 23rd

HTML5 is getting big. And not just because it saves developers precious time and resources that would normally been used to optimize an app for several different platforms. Apple first touted the idea of finding an...»

Dr. Who’s New Girl Becomes the Latest Twitter Clickjacking Theme

Cherr Aira | March 23rd

Britain’s longest running science fiction series Doctor Who welcomed Jenna-Louise Coleman as its newest cast. The actress’ name easily became a trending topic on Twitter—and became an easy target for clickjackers who exploited hashtags,...»

Symantec: There’s A New Duqu In Town

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

It appears that Duqu keeps evolving even as researchers an experts continue to capture and research it. A new variant has been uncovered by experts slumming around Iran, hiding its  veteran authorship in a saboteur's shell as it...»

New Media Minute: Social TV Buzz Doubles Year over Year; New Program Guide Weaves in Real-Time Buzz

Art Lindsey III | March 23rd

  The growth of social activity in conversations and check-ins around TV programming has grown by about 91% year over year, according to a study by social TV tracking service Trendrr.TV. The company also uncovered several interesting trends regarding social activity for shows,...»

If a Tree Falls In the Woods, Will Android Send You an Ad for Stump Grinders?

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

If you’re wondering why Android apps have more in-app ads than iOS, the answer is simple: Android developers rely on ads for their revenue.  But what’s troubling with in-app ads is the fact that it...»

3 Tutorials on Using R with Hadoop

Klint Finley | March 23rd

Jeffrey Breen of Atmosphere Research Group presented at tk how to use Apache Hadoop with the statistical programming language R using RHadoop. Hadoop has become practically synonymous with big data and R has become the...»

10Gb Ethernet Finally Coming of Age?

Bert Latamore | March 23rd

For a decade, network analysts have touted 10Gb Ethernet as the next step in internal network technology. But until now various factors including the cost, the added complexity and need to retrain network personnel, and...»

Facebook Arms Itself With IBM Patents, but Are Facebookers Safe?

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

In preparation for the lawsuit filed against them by Yahoo! Inc., Facebook bought 750 patents from International Business Machines Corp.  The freshly acquired patents will cover a broad range of technology, ranging from search...»

New iPad’s Newest Issue: WiFigate

Mellisa Tolentino | March 23rd

Today’s mobile roundup features Apple’s WiFigate, T-Mobile and Nokia fire employees and more. New iPad’s New Issue: WiFigate First we heard about the heatgate, wherein consumers complained about the new iPad heating up to 116 degrees...»

The Evolution of Facebook Photo Sharing: from Fickle to Fancy HD

Saroj Kar | March 23rd

Photographs are among the most engaging content you'll find on social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. For Facebook, photos hold a special place amongst all types of content posted by users, taking center stage...»