SAP Eyes Database Dominance with Pure In-Memory Approach

Jeffrey Kelly | November 28th

As if there was any doubt after the messaging onslaught at this year’s SAPPHIRE and TechEd conferences, a senior executive in SAP’s business analytics division tells Wikibon that the company is going all-in on in-memory storage architecture...»

Juniper, Akamai Contend over Cotendo Acquisition

Isha Suri | November 28th

The buzz of the day is that Juniper is looking to take over Cotendo, a startup company with roots in Israel. The opposing contender is Akamai, for which Contendo is already a competitor. The...»

What Are the Best Cities for Tech Jobs? A Look Beyond the Valley

Klint Finley | November 28th

Joel Kotkin, a professor of urban development, and Forbes Magazine have published a list of the top 10 best cities for tech jobs in the U.S. The results are surprising - the Bay area doesn't even hit...»

Social is the Interesting Omission From Google’s Timeline on the History of Search

Alex Williams | November 28th

Google breaks down its history of search into three categories that focus on how search has evolved and what holds for the future. It focuses on its current search methodologies for how it conducts searches...»

Zynga the Dirty Faced Neighborhood Scoundrel

Kyt Dotson | November 28th

When it comes to casual massively multiplayer games distributed over social media like Facebook, Zynga is the go-to-developer; but when it comes to the treatment of employees and corporate culture, they’re woefully behind the mark. Right now the...»

Galaxy Nexus Pre-Order, Volume Bug Fix Coming Soon

Mellisa Tolentino | November 28th

The recently released Galaxy Nexus faces criticism as early UK users suffered from a volume bug in which the device loses volume at its own accord.  The volume bug seems specific for those connected to...»

What Happened to Bitcoin?

Tom Foremski | November 28th

Bitcoin is a very interesting virtual currency that uses advanced cryptography to create and maintain the value of the currency. Benjamin Wallace at Wired Magazine has an excellent report on "The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin."

Seeing the Future with Bionic Contact Lenses

Phoebe Mandap | November 28th

Technology has really come a long way.  Connected devices are everywhere, but who would have thought that contact lenses will be joining the list?  Who would have imagined that the high-tech eyes from the...»

Cyber Monday Spending Up, Surpasses $1 Billion

Maria Pila | November 28th

Black Friday gets all of the attention for kicking off a holiday season-long shopping spree, but analysts say this year's Cyber Monday activity will likely break records. A survey reveals nearly 76 million Americans...»

Apache ZooKeeper Gets Some New Tools

Jeffrey Kelly | November 28th

Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.0 was released last week and it includes a number of updates that should make it easier for admins to better corral growing Hadoop deployments. Version 3.4 includes native Windows version of C client, Kerberos client authentication...»