Here Comes the Flood: Major VC Firms Funding Corporate Media Push into Social Media

Tom Foremski | August 17th

Somewhat lost in Monday's news because of Google's acquisition of Motorola, Buddy Media, a New York startup raised $54 million at a $500 million valuation. Buddy Media helps corporations set up and run their presence on...»

Microsoft Setting Traps for Leakers with Newest Tester Build of Windows 8

Steven Hodson | August 17th

One of the more interesting aspects of when Microsoft was working on Windows 7 was the fact that there were very few leaks of the new operating system but that hasn’t held true for Windows 8.  we...»

Lawsuit Implicates Cisco in Chinese Human Rights Violations, Censorship

Maria Deutscher | August 17th

Networking giant Cisco has been sued by Daniel Ward of law firm Ward & Ward on the behalf of Du Daobin, Zhou Yuanzhi, Liu Xianbin, and ten other Chinese political prisoners who requested to remain anonymous for...»

Patent Wars and Blackmail in Silicon Valley

Glenn Manishin | August 17th

With reality television all the rage, viewers may wonder why there’s been no reality series about the inbred high-tech ecosystem of Silicon Valley. There should be, because the reality of how our technology bastion really competes today...»

How to Measure Online Video Engagement

Daisy Whitney | August 17th

Online video advertising is on track to become one-third of all online display advertising by 2014, and as it grows advertisers will increasingly look to quantify consumer engagement with those ads. Engagement can run the gamut from time...»

27K South Koreans Sue Apple for $25M

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

Ever wonder why some apps ask for your location before you can access them?  Well I have.  It’s quite annoying actually but I never did allow it to use my location info.  Call it paranoia,...»

Big Data + Bioinformatics = Virtual Lab Rats

Cherr Aira | August 17th

Science and technology work together like dinner utensils. You may use them separately, but when you get to the main course, they make a great team.  Two of the hottest items in both fields now,...»

Canonical, Dell, EnStratus and Opscode Join Cloud Foundry

Alex Williams | August 17th

Canonical recently announced Ubuntu support for OpenStack. Now it's joining Cloud Foundry to provide Ubuntu support for VMware's open cloud platform and access to millions of desktops. It joins Dell, EnStratus and ...»

Is VCE a Flailing Startup? A Study of Snark in New Media

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | August 17th

The UK Register’s Chris Mellor wrote a short hit piece last week on VCE’s Vblock, entitled “Vblocks bleed out EMC money, VCE = virtual cash erosion.” True to Register form, the cleverest thing about the entire...»

StumbleUpon’s Explore Box Adds Context to Topics

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

StumbleUpon, a discovery engine that recommends personalized web and mobile content, has released a new beta feature, Explore Box, that allows users to discover web pages, videos, photos and more across hundreds of thousands...»