Music Reaches Cloud 9, SoundCloud Secures $50M

Cherr Aira | January 3rd

The global marketplace for cloud music services is becoming more crowded with countless users accessing their favorite songs online, dumping the conventional use of compact discs and harddrive storage. This trend has paved the way...»

Microsoft Enables Linux on Azure, Offers Emergency .NET Fix

Isha Suri | January 3rd

Microsoft has recently announced that it is enabling Linux on Windows Azure, and working on allowing its customers to make virtual machines (VMs) persistent on its Windows Azure platform. This means that users will...»

Just One Thing Management Dynamics

Jeff Nolan | January 3rd

I have a unique background among small company (I’m loath to write “startup”, Get Satisfaction is more substantial than that) executives in that I have venture capital, and very large company to very small company...»

The Four Horsemen of Cloud Brokering

Nico Popp | January 3rd

The concept of cloud brokering had been drawing more attention lately. In particular, Gartner has developed quite a bit of market analysis on the topic. Most of these analyses tend to focus on the business of...»

zColo Acquires 28,000 square foot Las Vegas Facility

Maria Deutscher | January 3rd

Data center operator zColo, a subsidiary of the Zayo Group, acquired MarquisNet's data center business. The transaction involved the purchase of MarquisNet’s MarquisNet's data complex in Las Vegas, Nevada for an undisclosed amount. zColo is...»

How not to Land a Social Media Job in 2012

Angela Connor | January 3rd

When I started this post, I planned to provide a few tips for landing a job in social media in 2012, but I found myself heading in a different direction. After all, sometimes the best advice on what to...»

5 Underdog Startups to Watch in 2012

Klint Finley | January 3rd

We've been running a series of posts on startups to watch in 2012, including open source startups to watch and big data startups to watch. Now here's a look at five startups that are...»

The State of Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2012

socialnerdia | January 3rd

Social networking is the #1 activity online. Even though Google gets the most visitors, Facebook is where most of us are spending our time. And it’s not just about Facebook anymore. We are spending a lot of...»

Apple Starts The Year With Rumors and Prestige

Mellisa Tolentino | January 3rd

It’s just the start of the year but Apple is already wrapped up in rumors for product releases, events and honors. Prestige To start things off, Jonathan Ive, Apple senior vice president of industrial design who...»

Hezbollah & al Qaeda: Public Relations 2012 and “Free Speech” Limits

ronntorossian | January 3rd

"Shouting fire in a crowded theatre" is a well known paraphrase of a U.S. Supreme Court decision which served as an example of the limitations on free speech, when the speech is...»