Sybase Strides Forward as SAP Expands Services Strategy

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

SAP has promised its investors it will greatly increase its revenues in the near future, and the German software maker is working hard to accomplish that goal. For that, it needs the right people to


Social Games: For Girls That Spend Money

Kristina Farrah | June 23rd

Social gaming has conquered a better fraction of the internet population. Even Facebook (the largest online social network on the planet) has social games to thank for their staggering popularity. To better expound the impact...»

HP Storage Is Fired Up: SMB Perks, VMware Integration

Cherr Aira | June 23rd

Building and managing cloud services within an integrated system is no easy task. But for the world’s largest computer maker, Hewlett Packard, this seems to be just a walk in the park. Fabricated based on...»

Capped Data Plan? Twitter for iPhone Eats You for Dinner.

Ross LaRocco | June 23rd

Budgeting your wallet is the same as curbing data usage today.  Mobile providers have lost their unlimited plans and now cap users, limiting them to extremely low numbers, which app developers have to accommodate for as...»

Fusion-io Powers Big Data Research, Sees Promising Financial Gains

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

Storage acceleration tech maker Fusion-io announced at the International Supercomputing Conference that its ioMemory technology is being utilized to accomplish performance improvements in MySQL database queries for research carried out by the Protein Data...»

Desktop Virtualization Taking Off Faster than Ever

Cherr Aira | June 23rd

Looks like desktop virtualization is ready to rule. Completely letting physical desktops go will not happen anytime soon. But, organizations’ interest in desktop virtualization is growing at an incredible rate. Simply put, people would...»

Apple’s “App Store” Pride Shattered by Amazon in Court.

Ross LaRocco | June 23rd

Mobile applications in Apple's App Store carry a large burden of Apple branded pride.  With other outlets entering the scene,  this could be more damaging on Apple's end than for developers themselves. Amazon also wants...»

Oracle Expands Cloud Portfolio, Loses Steam in Google, HP Lawsuits

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

Oracle has seen a lot of developments recently, from every aspect there is to the IT industry. The most recent one is its latest acquisition – the buyout of web-based cloud engagement company FatWire...»

3 CIOs on IT Transformation

Alex Williams | June 22nd

The fact we talk about IT in a transformation tells a story in itself. We are acknowledging that the enterprise has to change in a universal manner. But the discovery is not in the term...»

Addressing the Challenges of Enterprise Clouds #structureconf with Pete Malcolm, Val Bercovici, and Chris Weitz

John Furrier | June 22nd

In a discussion about the challenges of the enterprise cloud Pete Malcolm, Abiquo, CEO, Val Bercovici, NetApp, Cloud Czar, and Chris Weitz, Deloitte, Director of Tech Strategy & Architecture attack the issues.  Here are the live blogging...»