5 Minimalist Static Blog Generators to Check Out

Klint Finley | March 20th

One of the reasons that the Slashdot effect (which perhaps we should now call the "Hacker News effect") is such a problem is that WordPress and many other blogging engines dynamically generate content. Caching plugins...»

Boston API Jam’s Misogynistic Ad Copy Leads to Sponsor Exodus

Alex Williams | March 20th

The Boston API Jam, hosted by Sqoot, and its bizarre, misogynist ad copy has convinced at least three companies to drop its sponsorship for the hackathon. Sqoot has apologized and claims it was...»

OnApp Takes on Amazon with a New Breed of Cloud

Maria Deutscher | March 20th

Amazon Web Services is the titan of the platform-as-a-service space, a status it has achieved thanks to its level of service, maintained by its sheer scale and reach today. As always, however, the IT market...»

HP Software Upgrades Developer Platform and Tools – Mobile ANGLE is Perfecto

John Furrier | March 20th

HP today announced new Application Transformation solutions that is aimed at the growing mobile-based enterprise applications developer market for the corporate enterprise. We the surge of cloud, mobile, and social infrastructure the developer equations is changing....»

EdgeCast Teams with Motorola to Spread its Content Delivery Platform

Saroj Kar | March 20th

Content is king, and that goes for mobile, too. EdgeCast Networks looks to Motorola for extended content distribution, signing an agreement where Motorola will distribute EdgeCast's portfolio of content delivery network (CDN) services to service...»

Tobii Receives Over $20M from Intel Capital, Sees Potential in Mobile, NFC

Maria Deutscher | March 20th

Simplification is big in the data center, as well as in the consumer devices market. Innovations such as near-field communications are being perfected to stretch some of the boundaries currently limiting the end points in...»

The Paradoxes of Twitter: Xbox Support Hits 1 Million Tweets

Saroj Kar | March 20th

According to the twopcharts.com website, Twitter has reached one milestone of more than 500 million users since Feb. 22. And now the social network’s most responsive brand, that of Xbox support, has exceeded a...»

Google Analytics Gets Social Integration

Mellisa Tolentino | March 20th

According to Wikipedia,  analytics is the application of computer technology, operational research, and statistics to solve problems in business and industry.  Simply put, it helps businesses figure out what they could do to improve...»

EMC Draws Back the Curtain on Chorus Social Analytics Platform

Jeffrey Kelly | March 20th

Big Data isn’t just about 1s and 0s. More than most IT functions, Big Data and Data Science in particular are collaborative disciplines. Therefore, as I wrote in my 2012 Big Data predictions post, Big Data analytics...»