American Express Partners with Foursquare. Check-in using Your Account Number.

Ross LaRocco | June 24th

Cranking location based services up a notch,  you're now able to use an American Express card with Foursquare.  Does this mean venues will be able to track your purchases?  Practical reasons of course.  One hamburger...»

Shazam Faces Foes in Emerging Platforms Like Echoprint

Robert Manto | June 24th

There is no denying that music recognition apps are in nowadays. UK-based company Shazam is living proof. Being the pioneer in this type of technology, Shazam has managed to be one


Cisco Not Ready To Give Up Yet

Cherr Aira | June 24th

What Cisco has been going through in the past few months is no secret. Even killing Flip made them look like the bad guys. They have also lost several executives to their fiercest...»

MySpace Founders Grew a Set and Walked Over to Facebook.

Ross LaRocco | June 24th

Where's Tom?  He's not my friend anymore. Could have sworn I saw him over at Facebook.  He can't stop poking at the fact that it's really over.

How over is MySpace? So over that even the

HP Expanding Storage Business from Tape and Global Angles

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

Hewlett-Packard, currently one of the largest player in the storage industry, is constantly venturing into ways to further strengthen its growth in this field. The most recent update is an EOM agreement with Quantum, a...»

Cisco Says it is Fending Off HP and Juniper

Alex Williams | June 23rd

Cisco said today that it is fending off HP and Juniper in the competitive networking space - a noteworthy admission in a market that faces considerable disruption. Cisco's overall switch sales are down...»

Nokia Employees Leak New Windows Phone 7 Handset

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

Talk of a Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia device have been going on for a while, ever since the phone maker’s $2 billion agreement with Microsoft was announced, and it would appear that now the first...»

Cybersecurity Attack not a Threat but Statistical Certainty

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

In today's uncertain world, there's no telling when you'll get hacked, or how bad of a breach it will be.  Whether you're a gamer on Sony's PlayStation Network, a mobile user, a bank or a...»

VMware’s Big Plans Lead to Major Hypervisor Launch

Maria Deutscher | June 23rd

On July 12, virtualization giant VMware is expected to announce a couple of major hypervisor launches.  More about that later, but until then, though, the company is putting its focus on Cloud Foundry among other...»

Netflix is Good for Broadband Providers Under Free Market

George Ou | June 23rd

The CEO of Comcast turned some heads today when he had some nice words to say about Netflix being good for his business.  Conventional wisdom seems to be that Netflix is not only a