This Week in Cloud: Expansion, New Funding

Maria Deutscher | December 27th

This past week or so we’ve had a couple of product announcements from three major players in the industry, in addition to two milestone rounds of funding in two smaller companies. SAP announced a major ...»

The 28th Chaos Communication Congress: A Look at the Future of Hacking Food, Society and Ourselves

Alex Williams | December 27th

It's nearing the end of 2011 and a certain reality is emerging about the years ahead. Computers are not just desktops or smartphones. They have found their way into just about everything we know of....»

Mobile is Key for Music Cloud in 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | December 27th

There are only a few days left in 2011, and if by now you still have no clue what the cloud is, then this just might help you catch up before the new year begins. First,...»

Cisco Networking Academy Opens Up First Branch in Rio

Maria Deutscher | December 27th

Cisco's first Praça do Conhecimento, or "Knowledge Square," has been launched in Rio de Janeiro this week. The project is a collaboration between city officials and the Cisco Networking Academy; a global program that...»

What Will Mobile Security Look Like in 2012?

Mellisa Tolentino | December 27th

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen how easily we become victims of malicious acts in the form of malware, hacktivists, cyber criminals, as well as other methods of breaching security in our mobile devices....»

Big Data Growth: Increased Awareness for Better or Worse

Maria Deutscher | December 27th

Big data and Hadoop were big in 2011, and will likely be bigger in the coming year. O’Reilly’s Audrey Watters looked at the direction this trend took in the past year, and rounded up...»

AreYouWatchThis?! on Android; Ties into Google TV, DirectTV and Tivo

Kristina Farrah | December 27th

AreYouWatchingThis?!, the website that alerts you via email or text message of a game's scores, time left, and channel you need to turn to in order to catch it, just rolled out


In Remembrance: Pioneers and Innovators Lost in 2011

Saroj Kar | December 27th

The death of Steve Jobs, the visionary genius of Apple shocked the world, but he was not the only tech innovator we lost this year: ​​in 2011, other big names in technology have disappeared...»

Anonymous Hacks U.S. Security Think Tank Stratfor’s Christmas Stockings

Kyt Dotson | December 26th

Members of the Anonymous hactivist collective have come forward to claim that they raided U.S.-based security think tank Stratfor and stole the presents from beneath their Christmas tree—in the form of a database containing thousands of credit card...»

Sorting Data Clouds are the Next Big Thing

Isha Suri | December 26th

So far we have been hearing and discussing about Big Data only, but the next big thing is sorting it all out. Data is everywhere and always has been, but now we're able to collect,...»