Wrong: The Cost of Social Media [Infographic]

Alex Williams | June 21st

It used to be a hard sell. You'd get the typical questions. Social media? How does it keep the costs down? How do you use it to make money?


Facebook version of AdSense Coming to a Site Near You?

socialnerdia | June 21st

According to recent eMarketer research, Facebook is the number one seller of display ads in the US. eMarketer expects Facebook to generate $2.19 billion in display advertising revenue this year. How much is expected for Yahoo?...»

The Verizon iPhone Effect Knocks Android Shares in US

Kristina Farrah | June 21st

Android’s market has reached peaked last March, after months of dominating over the iPhone, and now its share is starting to regress. And where does the market go? Probably to the iPhone, which is experiencing...»

IBM Adds Three New Services to SmartCloud

Maria Deutscher | June 21st

IBM's pushed out a major update to its SmartCloud cloud platform offering, adding three new services to round-out the product. They are offered on a per-use case for each running VM and stored data. IBM...»

EMC Opens Support Center in Utah, Adds 500 Jobs

Maria Deutscher | June 21st

EMC will be opening a new support center in Utah, Governor Gary R. Herbert announced this week. Under its agreement with the state, the storage giant will add 500 new jobs and will invest $7...»

Facebook Takes Down Roger Ebert Fan Page

Alex Williams | June 21st

Update: Roger Ebert tweeted that Facebook put back up his Facebook page. All is well in the world! Before you start really embracing Facebook for business, consider the story of well-known film critic Roger Ebert who ...»

NFC Makes Reservations at Restaurants & Hotels with New Tech

Maria Deutscher | June 21st

NFC tag supplier UPM RFID and software developer introduced a new app designed to help restaurants to improve customer service. Customers are promoted to download Connected Restaurant when tapping an NFC-tagged poster at the...»

Lowe’s: Social Adoption Leads to 45 Million Page Views

Alex Williams | June 20th

Over the past five to ten years, we've seen the rise of the customer once again. They have the Internet this time. They can see pretty quickly what companies are engaged and which ones are...»

Foursquare Surpases 10M Members. Location Services Here to Stay?

Ross LaRocco | June 20th

The popular location based service Foursquare announced the 10,000,000 members mark today.  This represents the importance how location awareness is reaching a massive audience.  I'm a big fan of seeing a company grow.  View the full...»

Woman Uses Facebook Instead of 911. The Future of Urgency?

Ross LaRocco | June 20th

There is no arguing with an emergency.  When something unfortunate happens, the urgent thing to do is call 911.  However, I think about all the people who are alone at the time of an accident....»