Oracle Blew Social Media, but SAP Probably No Better Says Jim Lundy

Bert Latamore | October 5th

Oracle, SAP, and other old-line business infrastructure companies will have a difficult time gaining traction in the private social media space on their clients' networks says Jim Lundy, leading social media and mobility analyst, co-founder...»

HP Delivers SAP Applications from the Cloud

Maria Deutscher | October 5th

Hardware maker Hewlett-Packard and business software developer SAP announced an interesting partnership today.  Customers of HP Enterprise Services will now have access to SAP applications hosted remotely on the company’s datacenters.

“HP bundles the necessary infrastructure, platform

Juniper Networks’ Take on JavaOne, Mobile and More

Kristen Nicole | October 5th

Juniper Networks has been under some pressure lately, retooling its strategy in a shifting networking industry as rival Cisco faces similar challenges.  Despite recent layoffs and a shaky stock market, Juniper continues to press on....»

Microsoft Brings Entertainment Transformation with Xbox 360 and Kinect

Saroj Kar | October 5th

Microsoft has announced today the expansion of its television offering through Xbox Live, including 40 new suppliers. This update of the TV service will arrive in the next three months (possibly by mid of November) with the ...»

QLogic Appoints New VP of Marketing

Maria Deutscher | October 5th

Networking solutions maker QLogic announced a pretty significant executive level change today.  Chris Humphrey is now vice president of corporate marketing, effective immediately. He will be responsible for promoting his company’s products throughout the entire world. Humphrey...»

Yes Mr. Benioff, Oracle is a Cloud Company

Klint Finley | October 5th

I came down hard on Oracle for open washing Java and Berkley DB. But is the company cloud washing as well? No. Despite what Marc Benioff would have you think, Oracle is very much a cloud...»

The Benioff “Unkeynote” and How the Community Trumped Larry Ellison

Alex Williams | October 5th

This is a historic week. During the height of Oracle OpenWorld, it's the social Web and the revolution of mobile that has become the focus of the conversation. It's not Larry Ellison. It's not Exalytics or...»

Symantec Rolls Out Major Update with SAMG Version 6

Maria Deutscher | October 5th

Software and security solutions maker Symantec Vision unveiled the latest version of its Storage and Availability Management software for virtualized deployments.  V6 introduces a lot of new things, including a pay as you go model to...»

Quantum’s Latest Scaling Dedupe Heats Up Competition

Maria Deutscher | October 5th

Backup and recovery solutions provider Quantum announced it latest offering, the DXi4601 disk backup system.  It’s designed for relatively small deployments, and its selling point is that it doesn’t require a major and expensive...» CEO Marc Benioff Restaurant Keynote Speech Reveals the Power of Social Enterprise

Kyt Dotson | October 5th

Marc Benioff has managed to spit in Oracle’s eye using the very Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software his company develops and its paradigm to do so. John Furrier, founder of SiliconANGLE, sat in and broadcast the entire keynote...»