Arista Networks’ Jayshree Ullal Talks Node.js, Networking in the Cloud

Maria Deutscher | February 8th

Jayshree Ullal arrived at the recent Node Summit representing Arista Networks and stopped by theCube during one of the openings in her busy schedule. The networking exec discussed Node.js, and how it fits in...»

GigaOM Buys paidContent in Blogosphere Acquisition

Maria Deutscher | February 8th

Tech news and editorial publication GigaOm, which also runs the Structure big data conference in New York that theCube has attended in the past, announced that it has acquired paidContent from Guardian News...»

A Closer Look at the Implications of EMC’s VFCache: Join the Live Discussion

Bert Latamore | February 8th

Tomorrow at noon EST (9:00 A.M. PST) the Wikibon community will convene in a Peer Incite titled “Squinting through the Glare of Project Lightning” meeting to discuss the implications of EMC's announcement of...»

Brands are Lies

Jeff Nolan | February 8th

Last week I was in Atlanta to support Brent Leary’s Social Business Atlanta event.

When Brent called me last year and said he was putting together an event I said “sign us up”


Massively Multiplayer Online Games as a Model for Business Collaboration

Kyt Dotson | February 8th

Video games aren't just a wave of the future; they’re the current reality for millions of players who take to their consoles and PCs every day. The video game industry is the fastest growing entertainment market on Earth right now...»

New SAP Products Coincide with Oracle Demands for IP Case

Maria Deutscher | February 8th

Software maker SAP has announced a major boost to HANA, its in-memory analytics platform that has now been tailored to suit the SME market, thanks to two newly announced offerings. The first addition to...»

Chrome For Android Draws Early Privacy Concerns

Mellisa Tolentino | February 8th

According to data released by web analytics company StatCounter, in the past 12 months mobile access to the internet rose to 8.5%.  StatCounter’s data also reflects that in North America, the top mobile...»

Google Loses in the Latest Development from the Oracle Java Case

Maria Deutscher | February 8th

In Oracle’s legal department, the name of the game is copyright infringement.  The software giant sued SAP – which, at least for the time being, did not get it the multi-billion dollar sum it...»

Traveling Super Bowl Fans Inflated Indy’s WiFi Nearly 20%

Kristina Farrah | February 8th

Ever wondered where those fans during Super Bowl come from? Indianapolis can’t possibly have that many people taking a day just to watch the event. Here’s a data from JiWire showing the


OpenStack Testing Gets Automated with Ubuntu

Alex Williams | February 8th

The Canonical Platform Server team has developed a solution for testing OpenStack on Ubuntu. The JavaCruft blog goes into deep detail about the setup. The scope of the work:

  1. Per-commit testing of OpenStack trunk to evaluate