SAP Expanding Globally via HANA, Investments in India

Maria Deutscher | June 21st

German business software maker SAP is determined to significantly boost revenues, and one of the main aspects to its strategy is analytics. Today the company passed its latest milestone, making the SAP HANA business analytics...»

Application and End Point Ignorant: Myth# 7 of the Good-Enough Network

Michael Rau | June 21st

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Michael Rau, Vice President, CTO, for the Borderless Network Architecture Cisco. Countless science fiction books and movies, from "The Matrix" to "1984" to "2001: A Space Odyssey" feature computers...»

Check-in with Foursquare Rocky Style. Greasy Fast Lightning Speed!

Ross LaRocco | June 21st

Location based services don't always accomodate an audience that's in a hurry all the time.  If you're about to walk through a curtain at a main event,  there's no time to wait for a phone...»

Scotland Yard Arrests Hacker in England, LulzSec Denies Connection

Kyt Dotson | June 21st

The world’s hacker drama continues apace with Lulz Security calling upon a multitude of disenfranchised hackers and scriptkiddies to strike out at badly secured government websites across the world. This call has generated something of...»

Brightcove the Latest to Join Gluster’s Customer Base

Maria Deutscher | June 21st

Open-source scale-out storage solutions vendor Gluster has landed a big customer – Brightcove. The cloud content distribution provider will use Gluster’s platform to power its Video Cloud offering used by media companies, businesses, and organizations...»

Zenprise introduces Zencloud, Cloud-based Mobility Strategy

John Casaretto | June 21st

Devices that hardly existed just a few short years ago are creeping into enterprises today at increasing rates.  These include such names as iPhones, Androids, tablets, and even netbooks manifest in all kinds of flavors and...»

EFF Ditches Bitcoin as Alternative Donation Currency Due to Legal Insecurities

Kyt Dotson | June 21st

After being one of the most interesting adopters of Bitcoin, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has decided to stop taking donations in the cryptocurrency and flush current holdings. In their statement, the EFF stated that they will...»

Firefox 5 Supports “Do Not Track” on Multiple Platforms

Ross LaRocco | June 21st

Firefox released version 5 of their web browser today.  Besides the usual performance and security enhancements, it's now the first browser to support the "Do Not Track" feature on multiple platforms.  Users are now starting...»

EFF Gone Wobbly on Bitcoin

jimharper | June 21st

My expectations of the Electronic Frontier Foundation are high. It’s an organization that does a tremendous amount of good, advocating for rights to freely use new technologies. Alas, a blog post about how good...»

Nokia Unveils Nokia N9, a MeeGo Phone

Kristina Farrah | June 21st

Nokia has high hopes for the release of Windows Phone 7 this year, but it has given us something to get busy with while waiting. The mobile giant introduced its MeeGo-powered N9 smartphone. The new...»