Engine Yard Strengthens Partner Relations with New ‘Tracks’

Maria Deutscher | March 28th

PaaS provider Engine Yard, the particular favorite of Rails and PHP developers, announced a big moved designed to bolster its ecosystem and make its platform more attractive on the broader scope. The company put an...»

Swipely, Identified Empowers Commerce, Job Hunt Experiences

Saroj Kar | March 28th

Social technologies are undoubtedly impacting the way we shop.  With reviews and ratings on product pages, which are often able to be shared across social networks and throughout our social graph.  This user-generated content can...»

Violin Memory Adds VMware Vet Ahead of Virtualization, Big Data Push

Matt Weinberger | March 28th

Flash storage vendor Violin Memory has added former VMware cloud infrastructure czar Narayan Venkat to its executive team. Venkat is now VP of product management at the company which is moving to meet the needs of the expanding...»

Logitech’s Latest Video Chat Tools Target a Social Enterprise

Kristina Farrah | March 28th

With a rise in WiFi and mobility and a shift in workspaces, video chat and web-conferencing is an imperative part of the enterprise's future.  An addition to Logitech’s array of products, the Logitech


The Grim State Of Caribbean Cybersecurity

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

When you hear the word “Caribbean,” what come’s to your mind?  Is it the awesome beaches?  Clear waters full of marine life perfect for diving?  Pirates? Spring break?  I know many will have different opinions on this one...»

dotCloud Gets an Upgrade – More Support and Scalability

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

dotCloud is a PaaS provider with a very simple agenda: supporting as many languages and databases as possible, with the intent of providing developers with flexibility otherwise not be available on competing platforms. Today the...»

How Pinterest Became What Flickr Failed To

Jeff Nolan | March 27th

Like a lot of people I have been fascinated by the explosive growth that Pinterest has experienced. At first curiosity, Pinterest is now a full blown phenomena that has jumped from women planning their weddings,...»

Add Color To Your World With colourDNA’s iPhone App

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

colourDNA, a new social discovery tool that makes it easy to find new things to enjoy in life, announced the mobile app version of their site, available for iPhones. The iPhone app makes it simple...»

Sony’s New CEO Needs a Cross-Device and Services Plan to Pull it All Together

Isha Suri | March 27th

Sony Corporation has a new Chief Executive Officer, with whom it will enter the new era on April 1, 2012. Starting next month, Kazuo Hirai will replace Sir Howard Stringer as Sony’s president and...»

Cloudera Adds Two New Executives to Boost Expansion

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

Cloudera is one of the handful of companies spearheading the enterprise solutions around big data and Hadoop, the open-source analytics engine that has been transformed from being an Apache-license to a full-blown industry