Mobile, Consumers Drive New Cloud Offerings: Box, Dropbox and More

Mellisa Tolentino | February 24th

Aside from Box offering 50GB free storage for Android users until March 23, 2012, other cloud services are also kicking things up a notch. Dropbox The cloud storage Dropbox unveiled a new photo uploading feature...»

Infragard Can’t Catch a Break: Anonymous 0wns FBI-Affiliate Once Again

Kyt Dotson | February 24th

June of last year, Infragard Atlanta—an affiliate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation—found themselves the target of LulzSec during their rampage across the Internet.  Due to their close proximity to the FBI and law enforcement, their...»

Mark Hurd Calls Taleo an “Additive,” to Oracle Fusion

Alex Williams | February 24th

Here's the quote of the day from Oracle President Mark Hurd:

Taleo is completely additive to Oracle Fusion HCM.
Additive? So Taleo will improve the flavor of Oracle Fusion? Here's another one from Hurd:
Oracle is the leader in

Tintri Powers NHH’s Flash-based VMs

Maria Deutscher | February 24th

Tintri’s latest case study discusses the Norwegian School of Economics’ (NHH) implementation of its VMstore array to power 120 VMs. The infrastructure services about 3,700 students and faculty worldwide, and will also be used...»

Android Apps Gets Downloaded More, and are Pricier than iPhone Apps

Mellisa Tolentino | February 24th

Here’s another piece that puts Google and Apple head-to-head: it’s not about devices or software, it’s actually about the apps.  Did you know that Android apps cost more than iOS apps? It's an interesting thought,...»

EMC and Data Domain: A Profitable Decision

Maria Deutscher | February 24th

Storage giant EMC has acquired backup company Data Domain for a massive $2.1 BACK in 2009, after winning in a bidding contest against competitor NetApp with an offer $200 million higher than the latter’s....»

Wikibon’s Big Data Data: It’s a Profitable Industry

Maria Deutscher | February 24th

Wikibon’s Jeff Kelly compiled a couple of charts that lay out the big data market scheme rather accurately, both from an overall point of view and from an individual vendor perspective. The first graph covers...»

Catch Mobile Ad Networks in the Act with New App from Lookout

Kristina Farrah | February 24th

App privacy is one of the most talked-about topics these days. There’s countless mobile applications that surreptitiously gather information about users, and this is something Congress is trying to address by collaborating


HP, Dell Took a Hit in Core PC Business: A Disappointing Q1

Maria Deutscher | February 24th

Rivals Hewlett-Packard and Dell have more than one thing in common. They’re competing in the same markets, from PCs to servers, and they’ve both seen an impact on their businesses from mobile devices. More...»

Proview Takes iPad Lawsuit to US as Apple Acquires Chomp App Search Engine

Mellisa Tolentino | February 24th

In today’s mobile roundup we look at Apple’s trouble in China moving to the US, their acquisition of Chomp, Motorola Mobility’s incoming CEO and more MWC hype. Apple’s Proview Trouble Reaches US Soils On Thursday, a court in...»