HP Services Needs a New Strategy

Doug Chandler | June 20th

“One of things to think about long-term, once you evolve to a utility model, services don’t actually play a part in it – think about how many services you use to run your electric utility

LongJump Leaps Into the Future of Social Enterprise

Kristen Nicole | June 20th

As PaaS grows in popularity, we’re seeing a great deal of innovation take place amongst those companies that are involved in this necessary industry.  Launching two new services today is PaaS and online database provider,...»

Welcome to ServicesAngle

Alex Williams | June 20th

Welcome to ServicesAngle, the latest blog from SiliconAngle that explores the connection between services and hot topics such as big data, mobile...»

Suzanne Vega at the CREATE Conference

Maria Deutscher | June 18th

Singer Suzanne Vega spoke at this year's CREATE gathering, and discussed creativity, copyrights and marketing today as they relate to the music industry. Vega kicked off her keynote with a little background info on herself and her family,...»

Global Plans for Nokia, WP7. Can They Win Europe before the US?

Maria Deutscher | June 17th

Victor Saeijs, Nokia's Europe vice president announced that the phonemaker will debut Windows Phone 7-powered handsets in six European markets:  France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. The U.S and Finland were...»

HP and Toshiba Team Up for Smart Community Offerings

Maria Deutscher | June 17th

Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba announced a joint initiative focused on developing a cloud offerings line-up for "smart community" businesses. The two companies will offer social & collaborative for the energy conservation, transportation, telecommunications and medical...»

Slacker Radio iPad Launch Heightens Mobile Music Wars

Ross LaRocco | June 17th

Competition between streaming music services are becoming pretty stiff as far as choices go.   I use Pandora as my choice between desktop, iPhone, and iPad. Now that Slacker as launched an iPad app,  I'm...»

LulzSec’s 1000th Tweet: A Chit-Chat With Friends (and Foes)

John Casaretto | June 17th

LulzSec unleashed their 1000th tweet upon the world today.  In a provided link, the text that follows was posted and serves as a fresh manifesto of sorts.  Interestingly, they acknowledge among other things that they may...»

What Facebook for iPad Should Look Like

Ross LaRocco | June 17th

I'll believe this when I see it.  Facebook is taking it's dear sweet time when it comes to optimizing it's service for mobile devices.  This has to be a polished launch in order to be...»

Can Facebook Knock Down Apple with an HTML5 Platform?

Ross LaRocco | June 17th

Many reports are cycling around the fact that Facebook is targeting Apple with a new HTML5 platform that takes a stab at Apple's mobile browser Safari.  Taking control away from Apple by implementing features which...»