Reports say Facebook will IPO next week

John Casaretto | January 27th

A report in the Wall Street Journal indicates Facebook may be filing for IPO sometime next week possibly as early as Wednesday. The social networking company may reportedly be selecting Morgan Stanley as the underwriter for...»

Facebook Use is Linked to Depression…and More Sex

Tom Foremski | January 27th

This study of time spent on Facebook by 425 College students is depressing: MediaPost - Facebook Correlated with Low Self Esteem

The study, titled “‘They Are Happier and Having Better Lives than I Am’: The Impact of Using

This Week in Cloud: From SoundCloud to VMware’s Datacenter App Store

Maria Deutscher | January 27th

There have been a few major updates this week, a sizable portion of which emerged from the Node Summit gathering in San Francisco.  SiliconANGLE has been attending and covering the gathering extensively across our different...»

Apple, RIM Heads Clarify Worker Conditions, Need for Change. Palm CEO Leaves HP

Saroj Kar | January 27th

"We are forced to remain standing even for 24 consecutive hours, netting to suicidal condition, exposure to toxins and explosions." "By working endless overtime without either one day off a week" "Living together in dormitories and exposing...»

New Media Minute: Online Video Buy Boosts TV Reach by 14%, Frequency by 18%, Study Finds

Daisy Whitney | January 27th

What do you get when you combine a $500,000 online video buy with a $2.6 million TV campaign? A 14% percent boost in reach, an 18% jump in frequency and an 11% reduction in the cost of the impressions. Or so...»

Valve Delivers with Smartphone Steam App Beta

Kyt Dotson | January 27th

The digital-distribution gaming company Valve has started a closed beta for a smartphone app that will allow access to their social-gaming and delivery Steam service on both Android and iOS. While the app will not allow people to...»

BYOD, Mobile Workers and Virtual Offices Cause Headaches

Cherr Aira | January 27th

There's no stopping the proliferation of virtual offices. Who hasn't seen iPads in the hands of executives you meet, or workers in the field during normal working hours? Mobile devices, especially tablets, are...»

Game On! Super Bowl XVLI Readies for TV, Mobile Advertising Apps

Saroj Kar | January 27th

Nielsen, the marketing and advertising research firm, has just released the trend of ad spending on national network and cable TV. The report is full of what interests’ people about sports and choke full of...»

Juniper Networks Disappoints – Margins Under Pressure

John Furrier | January 27th

Juniper Networks disappointed the market yesterday. Their stock fell as much as 9.3 percent in late trading after they announced their 1st qtr earnings. According to Businessweek report yesterday, Juniper is losing customers fast...»

Android Developers Get Support from Google, Bootcamps

Cherr Aira | January 27th

It is so fascinating to hear that an early age, your child dreams of becoming a fireman, doctor or astronaut.  But perhaps what would make you jump for joy would be to hear that your...»