Microsoft Grows App Ecosystem with Kinect SDK, Evernote

Maria Deutscher | June 17th

Microsoft is looking to gain developers to create apps for its platforms, namely Kinect and Windows Phone 7.  Kinect already has a large developer base but they didn't have an official SDK to legitimize the...»

Thinking Back on Citrix Synergy

Dave Cahill | June 17th

Having taken some time to digest the event (and catch up on other stuff), here are my brief thoughts on Citrix a few weeks removed from Synergy 2011. There was clearly a very positive vibe...»

Hitachi’s Going Crazy Over Cloud: Updates on Storage, Converged Cloud Systems and more

Cherr Aira | June 17th

Well thought-out strategies and better pricing are what Hitachi is capitalizing on to reach their goal of becoming the cloud content king. The company is planning on putting up a refined content storage cloud...»

iOS, Android App Development Trends: Search, Gaming Funds

Maria Deutscher | June 17th

The app development scene is not lacking in activity, in light of the growing demand around the mobile sector, personal cloud and social enterprise trends. Many reports by research firms including IDC predict that billions...»

IBM @100 Years – Global Innovation is About Silicon Valley, not IBM

Tom Foremski | June 17th

Congratulations to IBM and its 100 years in business - from making cheese graters to supercomputers, and much, much more. IBM is seen as very much an East Coast company yet its history shows a strong and long connection...»

Video: Angry Nerds – Network Management Ninjas Tame the Monster Boss

Stuart Miniman | June 17th

I ran across this funny video that play off of Office Space and Angry Birds - two of my favorite media pleasures. ...»

Regulating Pirates is Like “Shutting Down a Crack House.” But Harder.

Kristen Nicole | June 17th

The Protect IP Act has stirred up a lot of controversy over digital rights and the methods used to enforce laws and regulations regarding copyrighted content on the web.  It brings in discussion around the

EMC, NetApp Lead in VMware Storage Integration Functionality

Bert Latamore | June 16th

In April surveyed its members concerning their choices and experience in virtualizing storage resources on the popular VMware hypervisor. Since then, Wikibon CTO David Floyer has published a series of informative articles on the

Hadoop Finds a New Challenger by the Name of Lexis Nexis

Cherr Aira | June 16th

Pervasive—this could probably be the best word to describe the open cloud today. At the large scale that it is, the open cloud is now driving cloud adoption in varied industries, and even contributing to

Oracle Court Drama Continues: Google and HP Fire Back

Maria Deutscher | June 16th

Oracle has a very effective legal department, considering all the lawsuits it has been involved with at various points in time, and the latest two developments will force the company to make good use of...»