Intel’s Big Mobile Plans at CES: New Phone Design

Maria Deutscher | December 22nd

Intel has been lagging in the mobile space lately. In contrast to its position in the server and PC markets, the company has an almost negligible share in the handset and tablet industries, though it...»

Infographic: Social Media Didn’t Kill E-Mail

Klint Finley | December 22nd

Today social project management service Wrike announced a new Outlook plugin that integration project collaboration into Microsoft's e-mail client. As part of the announcement, the company published the below infographic on the ongoing importance of e-mail...»

Citrix Incubator Says the Science of Startups Gets Better

Kristen Nicole | December 22nd

In celebration of the 15 year anniversary for its IPO, virtualization solutions maker Citrix launched the Citrix Startup Accelerator on December 8, last year. Martin Duursma, VP of Citrix Labs and Chair of the...»

Yahoo’s Tax-Free Shares Sale May Haul in $18 Billion

Maria Deutscher | December 22nd

Yahoo! is looking to generate some extra cash from its assets in Asia, specifically a part of its 40 percent stake of Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, and its entire 35 percent portion of Yahoo!...»

Are Apple Patents Hindering the Mobile Industry?

Saroj Kar | December 22nd

Apple is having a very good week. After their victory over HTC on allegations identifying some HTC Android smartphones to have infringed Apple’s patents, Apple went on to win a patent for starting, and...»

SAP Integrates with Google, Releases Cloud Case Study

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

SAP and Google are embarking on an extensive partnership that will focus mainly on the integration of the former’s subscription-based Business ByDesign ERP suite with Google Apps. A pilot is set to launch in the...»

Insider Leak Reveals Dell’s Plans around Force10, Networking

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Brad Hedlund, a former Cisco employee who’s currently working with the now Dell-owned Force10, suggested in a blog comment that Dell is becoming ambitious in the networking space. In the post picked up by ...»

Oracle Results Reflect On Future of Systems Integrators and New Cloud Services Brokers

Alex Williams | December 21st

Oracle's quarterly revenues did not quite please the financial markets today. Concerns carried into trading with tech stocks getting hit. The news reflects a new reality for systems integrators. Oracle has battled for mindshare with a...»

Verizon Copes with Outages while Pursuing Network Gains

Maria Deutscher | December 21st

Today Verizon have suffered the second major outage within the past two weeks. Customers have reported their issues via the carrier’s support forums and Twitter. Verizon’s data network is down in various areas of coverage...»

Google+ a Preferred Tool for Brands, Supplementing Facebook Pages

Isha Suri | December 21st

A recent report from BrightEdge reveals that Google+ page creation has increased at a rate of over 50 percent month-over-month.  And as hoped, Google+ is becoming a promising network for businesses.  Within a month,...»