Lightbox Shines Its Light on Android Market, Opens Photo App to Public

Kristen Nicole | June 15th

One thing that’s missing from a lot of Android apps is that “sexy” design many iOS apps are known for.  It’s the difference between being a pop consumer and a geeky renegade, I suppose.  The...»

Mobile Games: the Perfect Guise for Android Malware

Kristina Farrah | June 15th

Angry Birds sound too good to be true; an addictive, time-fritting game that’s now being  monetized in every way possible, even beyond its creators.  However, here comes the drawback: a plethora of malicious Android apps...»

Cisco Getting its Act Together, but Competition is Catching Up

Maria Deutscher | June 15th

Cisco is putting a lot of effort into regaining the momentum and growth it has lost throughout the past 12 months. The company is now shifting its focus back to its core businesses, with the...»

EMC Isilon Wins in Big Data Storage

Maria Deutscher | June 14th

EMC announced today that Industrial Color, the company that came up with online digital photo workflow has deployed EMC Isilon scale-out NAS as the primary storage platform that supports the various services it offers....»

Myth # 6 of the Good-Enough Network: Acquisition Cost

Michael Rau | June 14th

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Michael Rau, Vice President, CTO, for the Borderless Network Architecture Cisco. Did you know that when building an enterprise IT network, about 20% of a typical budget is spent...»

NetApp Releases First Update to Latest OnCommand Version

Maria Deutscher | June 14th

Storage company NetApp announced the first update to the latest version of its OnCommand cloud management offering. The latter was first unveiled a few weeks ago, and includes service analytics, optimization and capacity planning...»

VMware SaaS Acquisition in Israel Fuels Chargeback System

Cherr Aira | June 14th

VMware is expanding its reach in Asia. After sealing a deal with Japan’s Hitachi, VMware moves westward and taps Israel’s Digital Fuel, IT financial and business management software as a service. The cloud...»

Xbox LIVE Integration with Windows 8, ‘Pervasive’ Across Devices Says Microsoft

Kyt Dotson | June 14th

With E3 just a few days back down the road, we’re getting buried in further Microsoft revelations, especially those pertaining to Xbox LIVE. What’s been unexpected is that there would be a connection to the eventual release...»

HP’s Biggest Executive Shuffle of the Year

Maria Deutscher | June 14th

Hewlett-Packard announced on Monday that it has gone through one of the biggest staffing changes in its history. Many execs, some of which are among the most associated with HP are involved, including Ann...»

LulzSec Continues Headline Grabbing Hacks with U.S. Senate Website and Bethesda Softworks

Kyt Dotson | June 14th

In what is a flurry of activity certainly leading towards some sort of crash-and-burn, now infamous hacker group LulzSec had a very busy day yesterday. First, they made threats and hints all day about hacking the databases...»