ClickFox and Teradata Team-up for Customer Analytics

Maria Deutscher | September 29th

ClickFox, an analytics firm that focuses on extracting insight into customer touch-points, and Teradata, an enterprise big data vendor, announced a partnership today that aims to promote ClickFox’s CRM analytics offerings to Teradata customers.

“Teradata recognizes

Oracle Fans the Flames over HP-Autonomy Deal

Saroj Kar | September 29th

Oracle has been plunged into a word war against the UK software analytics specialist Autonomy and HP.  HP announced last month it will acquire Autonomy for $10.3 billion, at a price that includes a huge...»

New NFC Standard Brings Simple Peer-to-Peer Communication Within Easy Reach

Kyt Dotson | September 29th

Lately, Near-Field Communications (NFC) news has been a little bit dry. The technology isn’t any longer in its infancy, but now that it’s starting to crawl it’s getting into everything (perhaps its time we put safety covers on...»

Convergence: People, Processes, Polices and Products

Greg Schulz | September 29th

Converged and dynamic infrastructures, cloud and virtual environments are popular themes and industry trends with different levels of adoption and deployment occurring. Although are you focusing on products, or the other Ps, that


Oracle to Launch NoSQL Database at OpenWorld

Alex Williams | September 29th

Oracle plans to launch and demo a NoSQL database at Oracle OpenWorld next week along with a Hadoop data builder and in-memory data store. According to information from the Oracle Open World Web site, the...»

Quora Goes Mobile, Answers to iOS First

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

Quora, the question and answer web service, took a big step in solidifying their place amongst web services, as well as broadening their reach as they launched an iOS app version of their...»

Apple Wins Case Against Mac-Clones and Possibly Samsung, Too

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

Apple is doing another victory dance as they enjoy the sweet, three-judge ruling handed down by California’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The court ruled in favor of Apple against Psystar, the company that sells...»

When a Facebook Status Update Goes Horribly Wrong

Angela Connor | September 29th

How long does it take to anger a slew of fans on your own Facebook page? Let’s ask Nikon. A status update posted on their Facebook wall yesterday has garnered 1,677 likes; 1,233 shares and 3,008 comments. Numbers to...»

HP’s Poison Pill and a Broken Cone of Silence

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

You’d expect that after a change in leadership Hewlett-Packard would slowly start to rise from the ashes, but that’s not exactly happening yet.  Some investors might actually try to shake things up as they...»

Tibco CTO Matt Quinn: “I’d Do This Job For Free”

Tom Foremski | September 29th

(I'm in Las Vegas this week attending Tibco's user conference. Tibco is a founding sponsor of SVW and has been a strong supporter of my work for many years.) - TF Tibco Software is an interesting company, it is...»