10gen Offers Its MongoDB Monitoring Service Free for All Users

Klint Finley | September 28th

10gen, the sponsor of the open source NoSQL database MongoDB, announces today that its MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) will now be available for free to all users. During beta the tool, a fully hosted hosted service including...»

Spotify-Facebook Partnership Angers Users

Mellisa Tolentino | September 28th

At the recent f8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced the integration of Spotify, the online music streaming service, with users’ Facebook account.  Though the feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, the Facebook-Spotify partnership...»

Pano Logic Strengthened as VDI Deployments Increase

Cherr Aira | September 28th

In this day and age, when enterprises cloud solutions are becoming a great deal and cost savings are what chiefly constitute IT economics policies, a virtualized environment is tantamount to an ideal workplace set-up. With...»

Yammer – the Search Angle on its $17 Million From a Facebook Backed Fund

Alex Williams | September 28th

Yammer received another round of investment on Tuesday. This time $17 million from a Facebook-backed fund. The fund is led by Social+Capital Partnership, established by former Facebook Vice President Chamath Palihapitiya. Facebook is an investor...»

Xobni Socializes, Brings Smartr App to Android and Gmail

Cherr Aira | September 27th

There is a reason why its name is "inbox" spelled backwards—Xobni steps out of the box when it comes to how you receive emails and text messages.  It allows users to manage contacts, files...»

Autodesk Releases Cloud 3D Design Suite

Maria Deutscher | September 27th

Autodesk, the California-based professional 3D design and engineering software maker, is the latest vendor that has decided to venture into the cloud. It announced Autodesk Cloud today, a web-based version collection of some of...»

What Keeps Springpad’s CEO Up at Night?

Kristen Nicole | September 27th

This is the first in a series we'll be doing as we take a closer look at some of the thought leaders and influencers that affect our space.  These snapshot profiles uncover some of the...»

Public Cloud Firm Joyent Raises $5M in Funding

Maria Deutscher | September 27th

Joyent, a San Francisco tech firm that offers several cloud products and is sponsoring the Node.js project, raised $5 million in fresh funding according to an SEC filing picked up by TechCrunch. To date the...»

Samsung Goes After iPod Touch with Galaxy Player US Release

Kristina Farrah | September 27th

Samsung finally announced that its Wi-Fi Galaxy Player is hitting the US shores on October 16. Galaxy Player is the iPod Touch rival from the Korean mobile giant to compete head to head with Apple....»

Skype Released iOS Update, New Products and Fan Base

Mellisa Tolentino | September 27th

Skype is one of the most popular communication tools used on the planet.  Since it was launched in 2003, it’s already been downloaded over a billion times.  And it is also a very popular...»