Announcing Big Data Event Oct 27th Santa Clara – Come Join Me & My Friends

John Furrier | October 21st

I am moderating a Big Data event on October 27th hosted by ACG Silicon Valley. Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) is the global community for middle market M&A dealmakers and business leaders focused on driving growth. The...»

Weekly Cloud Roundup: VMware and Personal Cloud

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

There were several news highlights from this week coming out of the cloud space, and VMware and the personal cloud were the center of attention. This is partially because VMware Europe was held in Copenhagen from October 18-20. The...»

SolidFire Lets You Kiss Bottlenecks Goodbye, Catalyzes Cloud Storage Cost Savings

Cherr Aira | October 21st

Cloud computing is still a new idea for a vast majority of IT organizations. According to a recent survey by, 48% of IT practitioners in the U.S. indicate that they are just getting started with cloud computing...»

RIM BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: From BBX To Fanboys

Mellisa Tolentino | October 21st

Last week, Research in Motion suffered a humiliating service outage that sent users to make fun of them on social networks.  The three-day service outage caused some businesses to lose money and because of this, even investors are...»

VMware Grows Partner Ecosystem as CEO Talks about Company Vision

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

VMware Europe is being held at Copenhagen this week, and the regular fair bit of updates and announcements is coming out of the conference. One interesting highlight is the company’s new Rapid Desktop Program, which allows OEMs to...»

Steve Jobs’ Dying Wish: “I am going to destroy Android.”

Mellisa Tolentino | October 21st

Apple Inc. has been battling mobile manufacturers who use Android as their operating system.  Apple already took Motorola Mobility, Samsung, HTC and others to court--though Samsung might have taken the greatest hit from Apple. The wrath of Apple grows...»

Sony Online’s Free Realms Boasts 20 Million Registered Users

Kyt Dotson | October 21st

The best health metric used for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games these days happens to be how many people play them in a given period—often a month—but another overlooked standard is the total number of registered users. Sony...»

Cloudera University Centralizes Hadoop Training Under One Brand Name

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

Cloudera has been offering training programs for Apache Hadoop, the data analytics engine the company and a number of other competitors based their products on, for quite some time now. It has apparently seen a growth in  demand,


New PHP Web Defacement Malware Caught Wearing Camouflage

Saroj Kar | October 21st

Web defacement occurs when an intruder maliciously alters a Web page by inserting or substituting provocative and frequent offending data. The defacement of an organization’s site exposes visitors to misleading information until the malware system attack is discovered...»

Microsoft Posts Record Revenues – Again. Not Bad for a Dinosaur

Steven Hodson | October 21st

The Q1 report for Microsoft is out and guess what – another record revenue quarter is in the bag. I always get a kick out of those tech pundits that love to smack talk about Microsoft, yet ignore...»