Here’s To Steve, The Genius Who Changed The World

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for

Should Internet-Connected TVs Fear Extinction?

Phoebe Mandap | October 20th

We have witnessed how an ordinary TV set has evolved finding its way to suit and cater the demands in this time we call the PC era.  Given all the publicity and marketing strategies for this...»

Will Duqu Be The New Stuxnet?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

Back in 2009, a malicious program dubbed as Stuxnet, hindered Tehran’s goal of making nuclear weapons.  Experts involved in scrutinizing the malware soon found out that Stuxnet is precisely calibrated so that nuclear centrifuges would...»

On Google Plus, Google Apps President David Girouard Questioned About Identity

Alex Williams | October 20th

It's awesome that Google is pushing Google Plus early to Google Apps. It's another sign that the way we communicate every day online is achievable in business, too. Wow. What a revelation. But there is a little problem...»

Stanford Offering Online Graduate Certifications in Data Mining

Klint Finley | October 19th

Stanford is now offering two online graduate certifications in data mining: the Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate and the Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate. They cost about $10,000 each. Both are part of...»

Automattic Finally Monetizes (Seven Years Too Late)

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | October 19th

Earlier today at John Battelle’s Web 2.0 Summit, Federated Media and Automattic issued a joint announcement that they were now able to offer publishers on’s free blogging service the ability to run advertising on their blogs. This...»

What Oracle Gets Out of the Endeca Deal

Klint Finley | October 19th

Yesterday Oracle announced the acquisition of enterprise search company Endeca. Apart from amplifying what Wikibon's Dave Vellante calls "urinary olympics" between Oracle and HP (which you'll recall just acquired the enterprise search company Autonomy, with much derision...»

The Coming Flood of Internet Domain Names – Will Corporations Pony Up?

Tom Foremski | October 19th

AdAge columnist Judy Shapiro writes that ICANN's new program, which allows any word to be used instead of .com or .org, etc, will create "one of the biggest changes on the Internet in a decade." She

Consumer Revolution: The Power is Now in Our Hands

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

Brian Solis, the principal of a research-based advisory firm and globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media.  He joined the Altimeter Group back...»

SlideRocket Extends the Niftiness of Applications to Support Education

Kristina Farrah | October 19th

It doesn’t seem too long ago when analysts and pundits alike criticized the idea of software because they didn’t believe that something intangible can actually make real money. Today, however, the tech bubble that used to