Dell, Intel Show Some Homegrown Love

Maria Deutscher | September 23rd

Intel and Dell will be setting up a hybrid supercomputer dubbed “Stampede" for the University of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).  Stampede is a 10-petaflop powerhouse that will be deployed in January 2013 and...» Gets Mixed Up with Google Search

Mellisa Tolentino | September 23rd

Let’s take a breather from all those court issues involving Google and look at their fun side.  Google announced in their blog that they will be incorporating some features inspired by their recently launched Boutiques...»

Microsoft Launches Bing Deals, Competes with Google, Amazon

Maria Deutscher | September 23rd

Microsoft is stepping up its competition with Google over the search market with the launch of Bing Deals, a new feature that allows users to browse through deals aggregated from the more popular...»

Big (Data) Impressions from Strata NYC

Jeffrey Kelly | September 23rd

There were over two-dozen vendors at Strata in New York City this week and I managed to sit down and talk with executives from just about each one. While I’m still in the process...»

Oracle Acquires GoAhead, Strengthens Communications Portfolio

Saroj Kar | September 23rd

Oracle has announced the acquisition of software provider GoAhead Software. Based in Bellevue, Washington, GoAhead is a manufacturer and supplier of software solutions for network and telecommunications. Oracle expects the transaction to be completed...»

What is Amazon ElastiCache?

Alex Williams | September 23rd

Simon Brunozzi is a developer with Amazon Web Services. He produced an excellent primer about Amazon's ElastiCache service. The fast-paced demo comes with a basic and clear explanation about memory caching, Memcached and...»

FBI Arrests of Suspected LulzSec, Anonymous Hackers Sweep the U.S.

Kyt Dotson | September 23rd

News and speculation have been all a twitter this morning with the revelation that the FBI has arrested two alleged members of the group LulzSec and the hacktivist collective Anonymous on Thursday morning in Tempe, Arizona and San...»

Schmidt Admits “Google might be a monopoly…”

Mellisa Tolentino | September 23rd

Google has been busy with court appearances this week for a couple of reasons: Eric Schmidt defending Google from antitrust allegations stating that they favor certain services which greatly affects their competitors and CEO...»

This Week in the Cloud: Open-Source, Personal Cloud

Maria Deutscher | September 23rd

A lot has been going on in the cloud this week, and two areas in particular, open-source and personal cloud storage, were the main highlights. First of all, Diablo – the latest and first “production...»

Mobile Games become Channels for Activism

Maria Pila | September 23rd

WarCo is a first-person shooter game where players shoot camer footage instead of a gun. A work in progress at Brisbane, Australia-based studio Defiant Development, the game is a collaboration of sorts; Defiant is working...»