Spectrum Reality

richardbennett | January 17th

Now that a detente of sorts has been reached with Congressional efforts to muzzle some of the most egregious criminal sites on the Internet, attention came resume on some of the other pressing tech policy issues.The spectrum crunch

Apple Still Seeks German Ban on Samsung Sales with Latest Lawsuit

Isha Suri | January 17th

Apple has once again jumped into the lawsuit game. This time the iPhone manufacturer has filed another case against Samsung, targeting over 10 smartphone models.  Apple has filed this lawsuit in the Dusseldorf Regional...»

From Android to Siri, Steve Wozniak Sees Apple’s Hurdles

Maria Deutscher | January 17th

Steve Wozniak seems to believe that Android has quite a bit more potential than iOS, the flagship platform – at least by revenue – of the consumer electronics giant he helped co-found with the late...»

We’re Waiting: Hacker Threatened to Release Full Source Code for Norton Antivirus

Kyt Dotson | January 17th

Saturday, a hacker going by the handle of Yama Tough threatened via Twitter that they would release the source code of Symantec’s flagship antivirus software product Norton Antivirus on Tuesday. “This coming Tuesday behold the full Norton Antivirus 1,7Gb...»

Symantec Acquisition of LiveOffice Gives Business a Cloud Booster-Shot

Kyt Dotson | January 17th

Monday, anti-virus software vendor Symantec announced their acquisition of LiveOffice, cloud archiving and storage vendor. While being best known for their anti-virus and spam protection software, Symantec has also had a long history of suites for general...»

Stack Exchange’s Growth Due to Quality and Quantity: Infographic

Maria Deutscher | January 17th

Stack Exchange released an infographic that provides that looks into all the growth the company has seen in 2011, including the funding it raised and the surge in monthly visitors among other things. The company...»

Wikipedia Blacks Out for SOPA, Google and Facebook Quiet

Cherr Aira | January 17th

The red hot SOPA drama (Stop Online Piracy Act) is creating pandemonium like you’ve never seen before. Its author has been involuntarily receiving ill-comments on the web, especially with the alleged infringement case slapped...»

SAP Steps Up Analytics with Latest Acquisition

Maria Deutscher | January 17th

SAP is moving in quickly to capture its share of the analytics market, and it seems retail is a particular area of interest for the business software maker. HANA, its in-memory big data appliance, has...»

DevOps/CloudOps: The Emerging IT Model

Alan Conley | January 17th

Both DevOps and Cloud are high on the hype curve right now and for good reason. DevOps is popular because it promotes agility by moving application responsibility closer to the business need. Cloud, whether public...»

Open Source “Splunk for Security” Company AlienVault Hires HP Fortify Team

Klint Finley | January 17th

Today AlienVault, the sponsor company of the open source security intelligence tool OSSIM, announced that it has hired former HP Fortify team members Barmak Meftah and Roger Thornton. Meftah, who was VP of software security...»