70% of Facebook Users Hate Timeline

Kristina Farrah | February 6th

Roughly two months after releasing Timeline, Facebook announced that the update will shift from optional to mandatory sometime soon. My account automatically switched to the new look and I found it to my


Apple Blocks Momo’s Ban Amidst Security Flaws

Mellisa Tolentino | February 6th

Though Motorola Mobility moved to enforce the Mannheim Regional Court’s ruling to ban some Apple products from being sold in Germany due to patent infringement, Apple was able to temporarily block Motorola’s efforts.

"All iPad and

Welcome to the Flat Universe – the Network Just Detached from the Mother Ship

Alex Williams | February 5th

The network is detaching from the physical hardware and leading to the biggest change in network operations that the market has not seen in 25 years. It's not a question of if this will catch...»

EMC Officially Reveals Project Lightening Details, Promises FAST Unification Within a Year

Bert Latamore | February 5th

Today EMC announced VFCache, aka Project Lightning, its entry into the burgeoning PCIe flash card market that so far has been the province of startups like Fusion-io, SolidFire, and Virident. While the startups focus...»

McAfee 2.0 Tops This Week’s iPad, Android Tablet Business Apps

Maria Deutscher | February 5th

In this week’s mobile countdown it’s three Android apps that take the spotlight. In the past week or so McAfee, Google and the BBC all updated or rolled out new apps for the open-source OS,...»

HP To Unveil Cloud Identity Services for OpenStack

Alex Williams | February 4th

HP will launch a cloud identity service on Feb. 7, providing a universal access point and authentication to all HP cloud services and OpenStack's identity-based Keystone API. According to an HP Web site, the new...»

This Week in Cloud: How Analytics, Video and Law Firms Got Involved in it All

Maria Deutscher | February 4th

The past week was made particularly interesting for the cloud industry thanks to the diversity of some of the more noticeable updates we picked up. The first highlight comes from Totango, an analytics-as-a-service that caters...»

For the CFO – ERP in the Cloud [Infographic]

Alex Williams | February 4th

NetSuite posted record earnings for the fourth quarter and 2011 fiscal year. The ERP SaaS provider had $64.1 million in revenues, representing a 23% increase over the prior year. Total revenue for the year...»

YouMail Allows Users to Personalize Caller ID

Kristina Farrah | February 3rd

Any owner of a US phone number with a YouMail account can now customize their caller ID with the company’s new service, who.youmail.com. The caller ID will appear more like a profile


SAP-Success Factors Merger Delayed by Legislators

Maria Deutscher | February 3rd

Business software maker SAP finalized an agreement to acquire cloud-based HR solutions provider Success Factors back in December last year. The deal and the details involved were announced towards the end of that...»