HP Transformation Driven by Big Data

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Hewlett-Packard had a pretty unusual earnings call this week, considering that the company used it as an opportunity to reveal some major internal changes.  After reporting fairly flat results, mainly due to declining demand in...»

Mobile Devices: Man’s New Best Friend

Phoebe Mandap | August 19th

The Internet.  I remember my very first experience of getting online – it was truly amazing!   And as years passed, more and more people got engaged in technology – thanks to the mobile devices,...»

Top 10 Smartest and Snarkiest Tweets About the HP Turmoil

Alex Williams | August 19th

Here's something a bit lighthearted for the end of the week. My question: Who had the smartest tweets these past two days about HP's shift to the enterprise? Who was the snarkiest? It's during a week like this...»

Graphene to Shape the Future of IBM Computers

Saroj Kar | August 19th

Graphene, the world's slenderest and toughest material, could help shape the next generation of computers replacing silicon, widely used in today’s digital electronics chips. Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, permits flow of electrons...»

Sprint Could Take On Rivals with Clearwire Buy

Maria Pila | August 19th

Sprint is talking to cable companies about a possible investment that may lead to an acquisition of partner Clearwire,  Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.  Sprint may be in talks with cable providers like...»

Microsoft Blames Outage on “Networking Interruption”

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Microsoft released some info about the three-hour outage that affected North American Office 365 and SkyDrive customers two days ago, blocking off access to their email and calendar services. The software giant put the blame...»

Twitter Can Help you Beat the Market According to Derwent Capital

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Use of Big Data analytics tools is picking up fast among enterprises and markets such as Twitter--which sells its users’ tweets in a number of packages--are becoming ever-more valuable resources. Some however managed to extend the insight they...»

Defense Contractor Vanguard Breached by AntiSec, Hacker Group Leaks 1GB Sensitive Data

Kyt Dotson | August 19th

Working under the hacktivist banner of AntiSec, yet another defense contractor has been struck by hackers who released over a gigabyte of sensitive information. The contractor hit, Vangaurd Defense Industries, just happens to have a connection to ...»

VMware Trying to Realize Value with Cloud Ecosystem

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Virtualization giant VMware has been expanding into new fields recently, notably into the platform-as-a-service market with its open-source Cloud Foundry offering. Cloud Foundry is based in part of technology the company bought as a part...»

Music + Mobile Makes Melodic Marketing for MetroPCS, Others

Mellisa Tolentino | August 19th

Earlier this week, MetroPCS Communications, Inc. , the fifth largest wireless carrier in the US and Rhapsody, the leading on-demand music service, announced the unlimited mobile music experience for MetroPCS subscribers. The unlimited mobile music is...»