Cisco Q3: A “Little Bit” Better than Last Quarter

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Cisco held its earnings call yesterday and it seems that, at least on the short-run, its restructuring efforts are starting to pay off.  The networking giant managed to beat analysts’ average expectation of 38...»

Symantec’s Free Mobile Security App for Android

Kristina Farrah | August 11th

Specifically built for Android as an easy-to-use antivirus and anti-theft product, Symantec today announced the roll out of Norton Mobile Security Lite for free.  Norton Mobile Security 2.0 is also made available for beta. Protection-wise,...»

FTC’s Google Probe Hones in on Android

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

The Federal Trade Commission is focusing its probe into Google regarding allegations that the company is killing of the competition by manipulating available services on the Android.

"We understand that with success comes scrutiny," said

MtGox Acquires as Bid to Restore Confidence in Bitcoin Market

Kyt Dotson | August 11th

In a move to restore confidence in the Bitcoin exchange market, MtGox (owned and operated by Tibanne Co. Ltd.) will be integrating the recently beleaguered user database. According to a recent press release,...»

Cyber Attacks in Asia Reflect Global Cybersecurity Issues

John Casaretto | August 11th

It gets little coverage here, but adding to the overall picture of worldwide cyberattacks, a couple of recent stories from Asia indicate their own growing problems with security. In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange...»

RIM’s BlackBerry OS 7 Already Out, BBM Banned in UK

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

After its recent launch of the BBM 6, the revamped free messaging service exclusive for BlackBerry owners, RIM has now released three new smartphones powered by the new BlackBerry OS7.

"While not game-changing (evolutionary

London Riots: Police Shut Down Social Media as Free Speech Comes Under Fire

Kristina Farrah | August 11th

This week’s extensive London looting has pushed UK’s Home Secretary to converge with people in media and social media to block the access of these communication channels in case of an emergency, pretty much like...»

Trend Micro Announces Earnings with a Focus on Services

Robert Manto | August 11th

Trend Micro announced yesterday its earnings results for the second quarter of 2011. The company posted net sales of $297 million and net income of $48 million.

"Amidst media reports of multiple data breaches, Trend

Text 911! Are We Ready For This?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

You wake up in the middle of the night, you here unfamiliar voices coming from downstairs, you hear them rummaging through your things, you reach for the phone but it’s dead.   You get your...»

There is No Big Data without the Companies Leveraging It

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

O’Reilly’s Alistair Croll wrote a piece discussing something data scientists everywhere seem to agree with: large companies are not doing enough with their stockpile of data--not by a long shot. The reason, according to him,...»