Cisco Quad Tops List for iPad, Android Business Apps

Maria Deutscher | September 16th

This week too we’re bringing you five iPad and Android Honeycomb apps developed for business users, and Cisco Quad 2.1 for iPad By Cisco is the first app on the list. The collaboration app represents...»

Sony Dodges Behind Updated EULA to Avoid Responsibility for Future PSN Security Breaches

Kyt Dotson | September 16th

In what feels like a turnaround in taking responsibility, Sony has updated their click-wrap End User License Agreement (EULA, or in this case also the Terms of Service orTOS) for people who use the PlayStation Network that will...»

Bookmark iPad Websites with Springpad Update

Mellisa Tolentino | September 16th

Springpad, the free app that helps you remember stuff from your computer or mobile device, released a new iOS update introducing a couple of exciting new features that make it easier to...»

This Week in the Cloud: from Gluster to WeVideo

Maria Deutscher | September 16th

There have been a few interesting cloud developments this week, and we’ve rounded up the most notable ones here. The first highlight is an update from Gluster. The open-source storage software maker teamed up with ...»

FTC To Toughen Up Parental Controls for Mobile Web

Mellisa Tolentino | September 16th

As more children grow fonder of their mobile devices and mobile apps, parents are growing concerned with the apps their kids are downloading.  Though there are some legit and trustworthy educational or fun kids...» Rejects $550M Acquisition Offer, Writes its own Story in the Cloud

Maria Pila | September 16th

Sources say the cloud storage company Box(.net) has turned down a $550 million acquisition offer, according to reports. Rejecting a $550 million acquisition offer is not necessarily a wrong move for the in-demand company...»

Intel’s Advanced Energy Saving Microprocessors

Tom Foremski | September 16th

At the Intel Developer Forum, Justin Rattner, Chief Technology Officer, presented a keynote on advanced microprocessors with 50 or more cores and able to run on tiny amounts of electric power. The chips would be able to switch...»

RIM Says New BlackBerries Will Revive Sales, Investor Interest

Mellisa Tolentino | September 16th

Research in Motion held their second quarter earnings call yesterday and reported a 59% loss in profit as mobile handset shipment is lower than expected.  Revenue for the quarter was at $4.2 billion, with net...»

McAfee’s 2011 Most Dangerous Celebrities

Mellisa Tolentino | September 16th

Recently, news regarding famous actress Scarlett Johansson’s nude photos surfaced the Web as the actress’ mobile phone was allegedly hacked by cybercriminals.  Now if you’re a curious cat and set out searching for nude photos...»

QLogic Thinking Flash for the Future

Maria Deutscher | September 16th

Storage networking solutions provider QLogic may be venturing into a whole area, according to Stifel Nicolaus analyst Aaron Rakers. He had a chat with Logic CEO Simon Biddiscombe, who suggested that his company is interested...»