10gen Raises $20M in Funding, Releases MongoDB v2.0

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

10gen, the sponsor of the NoSQL MongoDB open source, document-oriented database, had two major announcements today.  One is a hefty round of funding, and the second is the launch of the second version of...»

Permabit Unveils Albireo API: Dedupe Everywhere

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Permabit, the company behind the industry-leading Albireo OEM embedded deduplication software, announced a new API today that will be made available to partners. The new API comes with a “Dedupe Everywhere” slogan, which is not too...»

Cisco Bashes Juniper over Customer Service

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Networking giant Cisco is still the biggest player in just about every segment of the networking market, but it’s facing a tough time as competitors are biting into its market share, and investors are expecting...»

Fusion-io Gets Navy Seal of Approval

Saroj Kar | September 12th

Salt Lake City based Fusion-io, the current leader in storage memory for shared data de-centralization, has revealed some flattering results of a study by the US Navy, saying that an average performance enhancement of 800...»

Posterous Overhaul Joins the Growing Social Network Crowd

Mellisa Tolentino | September 12th

Posterous, the blog sharing service, revamped their website, user dashboard, iPhone app and topped it off with a new name: Posterous Spaces.  They unified the site and Groups offerings to emphasize on sharing, social...»

Freestyle Capital Exploding on The Scene Closes $27m Fund, More Exits Coming

John Furrier | September 12th

Two respected tech entrepreneurs Josh Felser and Dave Samuel officially announced their early-stage VC firm Freestyle Capital.  Although Dan Primack of Fortune Term Sheet blog reported that Freestyle's fund been public for sometime, it appears...»

Servers Follow PC Downturn, At Least for Manufacturers

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Hewlett-Packard and Dell, two of the biggest server and PC companies –as well as two long-time rivals – have turned their attention away from their established sector, a low-margin market that is seeing steadily declining...»

HP’s 3D Printer Impresses while Mobile Devices Results in Mass Refunds

Kristina Farrah | September 12th

It’s an uphill battle for players in the all-in-one printer arena.  As one of the big players in the industry, HP unleashes TopShot LaserJet Pro M275.  It goes beyond that of traditional multi-functioning printers we’ve...»

Another HP Exec Joins DataDirect Networks

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Erwan Menard of HP  has joined DataDirect Networks as the company’s new chief operating officer, a position created specifically for him to fill. DataDirect is


Will Delicious Taste Better the Second Time Around?

Cherr Aira | September 12th

Love is sweeter the second time around—but will it be for Delicious as it resurfaces? YouTube masterminds are now giving the Yahoo castoff a magic nudge in hopes of a successful comeback, this time for...»