3 Things Every Hadoop Startup Should Know: Mike Olson, Cloudera CEO

Kristen Nicole | January 31st

Cloud.  Big data.  These are elusive terms to which we pin a myriad of meanings.  But Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera, has a handle on the cloud, big data and how they relate to the...»

Big Beautiful Data: How to See a Song

Kristina Farrah | January 31st

This week’s big beautiful data series dwells around the media and entertainment sector. First off, we have the work of New York Times data artist Jer Thorp, “Visualizing 138 Years of Popular


Rypple’s Co-CEO on Android and the Mobile Workforce

Klint Finley | January 31st

Today Rypple announced its first native Android application. It follows the revamped iOS version launched in September and the launch of its Social Goals 2.0 feature. Rypple's co-CEO Daniel Debow talked with me yesterday about...»

EMC’s Corporate Play: Combining Greenplum and Isilon By Building Hadoop Into Storage

Alex Williams | January 31st

EMC is building Hadoop into Isilon, its network attached storage. The new offering will package EMC Greenplum with Isilon to create a solution that allows for a storage infrastructure that comes with Hadoop. EMC is...»

Salesforce.com Relaunches Assistly as Desk.com

Klint Finley | January 31st

Last September Salesforce.com confirmed its reported acquisition of hosted help desk company Assistly. Tonight Salesforce.com is relaunching Assistly as Desk.com, a new service for small businesses that has been completely rebuilt from the ground up...»

Clio Raises $6M for Legal Cloud

Maria Deutscher | January 30th

British Colombia-based startup Clio announced that it has received $6 million in a series B funding round, led by Acton Capital Partners. Existing backers, including Point Nine Capital and others, decided increase their investment...»

Node.js Creator Ryan Dahl Cedes Role as Gatekeeper to NPM Creator Isaac Schlueter

Klint Finley | January 30th

Today Node.js creator Ryan Dahl announced on the Node.js developers mailing list that he is ceding his position as "gatekeeper" of the project to fellow Joyent employee Isaac Schlueter. Schlueter is also a core contributor...»

VMware CTO Talks Node.js, Mobile Development [Video]

Saroj Kar | January 30th

The open-source Node.js server-side JavaScript development environment was the spotlight of VMware’s keynote at this week's Node Summit 2012. During VMware's visit to theCube, VMware CTO Steve Herrod talked about the possibilities of enterprises...»

IBM Reports More Profit, Less Revenue

Maria Deutscher | January 30th

IBM is one of the biggest IT corporations out there, and certainly among the oldest. Big Blue’s key to success is its ability to adapt to the market trends over the years, and its...»

Facebook IPO: Bubble or Bargain? Success Hinges on Mobile, TV

Kristen Nicole | January 30th

Job growth and social change are at the core of Facebook’s impending IPO.  It’s a heart-warming thought coming from Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, over the weekend.  In today’s market, IPOs in any industry are...»