Walmart Launches New Search Engine to Increase Customer Base

Isha Suri | September 7th

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc has just launched a new search engine for its company website. Dubbed as Polaris, the new Walmart search engine is targeted at increasing customer acquisition and shopper conversion rate, as it will help users...»

Half of the Enterprises that Report Security Breach are BYOD Users Says Report

Saroj Kar | September 7th

As the popularity of high-tech mobile devices, more employees prefer to work on their own laptops, tablets and smartphones. This trend is now adopted globally and irreversible, but faces new risks. A recent report commissioned by Trend Micro...»

Hortonworks’ YARN Aims to Revolutionize Hadoop Data Processing

Tavis J. Hampton | September 7th

Hortonworks is publishing a series of blog posts on its website that explain the basics and finer details of Apache Hadoop YARN. Those who are curious about YARN or want to understand its significance to...»

Sweden Tops The List For Internet Know-How

Mike Wheatley | September 7th

One thing we can’t get enough of is all of these “Best of” or “Top Ten” lists. As a culture, we just love to rank things, but unfortunately not everything is that easily quantified. Take the internet, for...»

Protecting Your Digital World – Everyday Advice

John Casaretto | September 7th

Compromised accounts, phone info tracking, reports of major breaches – the news of risks in digital security and privacy emerge all the time.  The goal may be identity theft, financial gain, account hacking, or any...»

How Google (Sometimes Surprisingly) Spends Its Billions [Infographic]

Kathryn Buford | September 7th

Targeted advertising and providing search engine capabilities to other companies pays well when you do it as big as Google. So, given its roughly 95.4 percent share of Mobile Ad Revenues, what does Google do with its...»

IBM Teams with Polycom: Video-as-a-Service for Mobile

Maria Deutscher | September 7th

IBM Research  and communications systems maker Polycom  are teaming up to develop next generation video conferencing solutions. This is the latest collaboration between Big Blue and its long term partner, and it might prove to be a most...»