A Map for the Strata Conference: Who Goes to a Data Conference About Data?

Alex Williams | February 28th

The Guardian staff is here for the Strata conference. For the event, Editor Simon Rogers analyzed the data from the more than 2,000 developers attending to see where they came from, what they want...»

Pentaho Teams with DataStax for Visualized NoSQL Analytics

Maria Deutscher | February 28th

Today Pentaho, a BI software maker, announced that it’s working on a joint solution with DataStax, the first commercial distributor of the Cassandra Hadoop connector. The main concept is to fuse Pentaho’s visualization...»

Cisco to Push Security Intelligence to All Products

Saroj Kar | February 28th

Cisco has decided to step things up in the security department, easing the burden on IT managers and expanding its intelligence architecture threat to each and every one of its firewall products. At a special media...»

VMware’s Latest Partnership Addresses Mobile Cloud Security

Maria Deutscher | February 28th

Security is one of the biggest barriers standing between the enterprise and some of the most disruptive trends in IT. Zettaset made this point rather clear when it launched a security package to go...»

What’s the Key to Simplifying Big Data? Objectivity Founder Tells All

Kristen Nicole | February 28th

Many of us have an idea of what big data means, but it's the execution that seems to trip people up.  If you ask Objectivity, the company behind InfiniteGraph, one of the biggest challenges

Kinect-enabled Shopping Cart May Aid Shoppers at Whole Foods

Kyt Dotson | February 28th

Now that Microsoft has released their development kit that brings Kinect software to Windows, many venues are beginning to look for applications for the video game sensor. Right now, Whole Foods is looking into a prototype that would...»

Toll-Free & Shared Data Plans from AT&T, Verizon

Mellisa Tolentino | February 28th

When purchasing online, most of us go with retailers that offer free shipping, even though the items can be more expensive.  Though we know it’s just a clever gimmick, we’re still able to save a...»

Infographic: Jaspersoft’s Hadoop Connector Roundup

Maria Deutscher | February 28th

Jaspersoft, a maker of big data-oriented BI software, released a new infographic it calls the Big Data Index – a list of all the top big data connectors, along with statistics and trends for...»

FTC Says Deal With Google’s New Privacy Policy, Bill For Taxing Violent Games Trashed

Mellisa Tolentino | February 28th

It was late January when news of Google’s new privacy policy taking effect on March 1, 2012 broke, drawing plenty of criticism and concerns.  With March 1 just a day away, consumers are faced with...»

Fund a Friend’s Trip with myTab on Facebook

Kristina Farrah | February 28th

Though they’re still waiting for the approval of gifting Paypal features, social travel gift card myTab announced that they’ve already gone live with their Facebook app. They did some minor tweaks in the