With NetApp Around, Is Cisco Falling Out of EMC’s Favor?

Cherr Aira | May 23rd

Don’t count Cisco out yet.  The consumer electronics and networking giant, after suffering hurtful losses and setbacks in recent weeks, Cisco still tries to rebound and turn things around. But will...»

EMC’s Data Scientist Land Grab

Stuart Miniman | May 23rd

In the IT world, there are few ideas that are truly revolutionary. Even the big waves of the Internet and latest mobile craze started with sharing text, added pictures, then music and ultimately video....»

Xiotech’s Hybrid Cloud is a Crowd Pleaser

Maria Deutscher | May 23rd

Xiotech’s recently introduced Hybrid ISE offering was selected as selected as “Breakthrough Product of the Year,” also receiving the “Attendee’s Pick” award at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011. There were a total of 46 finalists at


Coming in 2012: A Google Phone Not Based on Android

Anton Wahlman | May 23rd

I believe it's very likely that Google will launch its own smartphone, probably in the first half of 2012, that's not based on Android. What is this smartphone NOT? You're all aware of the Nexus One (launched in...»

Sony Thailand Server Becomes Host for Phishing Site

Kyt Dotson | May 23rd

Due to recent circumstances, Sony has found themselves in the limelight recently due to PSN downtime after massive data breaches. As a result, we’ve been noticing a lot more about how poorly guarded many of...»

The Growing Demand for Spectrum

richardbennett | May 23rd

I’ve written a column for CNET on spectrum policy, “Meeting the need for spectrum,” addressing some of the arguments we hear about spectrum demand and supply. Some advocates insist that the...»

Will Oracle Finally Tap VMware for Virtualization?

Cherr Aira | May 23rd

If and when Oracle decides to tap VMware and non-Oracle technologies for virtualization, it will be more capable of providing its large base customers with exemplary support. This is the conclusion that Wikibon experts arrived...»

Nordic Dead or Alive Release Yanked Over Child Pornography Concerns

Kyt Dotson | May 23rd

According to multiple sources, Nintendo of Europe will not be releasing Dead or Alive Dimensions in Sweden and potentially Norway and Denmark. The reason? The newest release from the property is believed to run afoul of child...»

Are You A Student? Get a Free Xbox 360 With Purchase of a Windows 7 PC

holdenpage | May 23rd

Talk about perfect timing. In a little less than three months my third semester of college will be starting right back up, and with a Mac that was recently on the fritz, I am internally debating a...»

Klout, PeerIndex, Empire Avenue, et al.: Shortcuts Without Insights

Tom Foremski | May 23rd

Lots of people I know in PR and marketing are enamored by new services such as Klout, PeerIndex, and Empire Avenue, which seek to provide a quick assessment on any person's online influence. If you...»