Vendors Must Demystify IT, Focus on Business Value

Doug Chandler | May 19th

His first SAP project in 1996 was “harder than it needed to be,” and until the underlying architecture gets simpler, it’s going to stay complex, commented Mike O’Dell, CIO at Pacific Coast Building Products,

Digital Camera’s Quest to Survive the Smartphone Era

Cherr Aira | May 19th

The smartphone is changing the landscape of the mobile industry. But, could it be killing digital cameras as well?  Famous brands like Kodak and Canon try to survive and stay relevant amidst the...»

Millennial Media: The World is Getting Smart… Phones

Cherr Aira | May 19th

Premier mobile advertising and data company Millennial Media has released a report noting some very interesting global mobile trends.  A month’s worth of study, the report covers device and manufacturing, device OS mix and

In-Depth Interview with ‘Best of Interop’ Winner NEC on NEC’s OpenFlow strategy

Art Fewell | May 18th

Today I had the chance to sit down with Don Clark, Director of Business Development for NEC, to discuss NEC’s launch of the first commercially available OpenFlow compliant products, @ Interop Las Vegas 2011 Art Fewell: So, if...»

The future of OpenFlow: Interview with Big Switch co-founder Kyle Forster

Art Fewell | May 18th

I had the chance to sit down with Kyle Forster, Co-founder of startup Big switch networks discussing their presence at Interop, what to expect from Big Switch, and the future of OpenFlow. Art Fewell: I'm here with...»

Cloud is Transforming the Way We Interact with Customers, Says CSC’s Siki Giunta

Doug Chandler | May 18th

One way to look at cloud computing is this: Based on the amount of data they are producing, we don’t have enough trees or data centers for the next generation, so we need cloud computing’s

500 Strong for SAP’s ByDesign, Onto Phase 2

Bert Latamore | May 18th

“Just in time for SAPphire, we've passed customer number 500 with Business ByDesign, and we now see the market momentum we have been fighting for for the last couple of years,” said Reiner Zinow, SVP...»

DNA Games Buy Out Marks Zynga’s 14th Acquisition in 12 Months

Kristina Farrah | May 18th

It’s only the first half of the year, but Zynga is already making is 14th acquisition in the past 12 months, buying out DNA Games. Monetary details were not disclosed. DNA Games is known for...»