Google to Announce Dart: Yet Another Programming Language

Klint Finley | September 9th

If you think what the world needs is another programming language you'll be delighted to know that Google has a new one just for you. It's called Dart and it will be announced at the GOTO...»

Mobile Market is Booming. But Can It Save a Nation’s Economy?

Cherr Aira | September 9th

The mobile market is still an emerging one, and as it strives for stable ground, it's still a reactionary market as well.  Even when the iconic Steve Jobs stepped down from his CEO post...»

Bartz, Shareholders Continue to Blast Yahoo Board

Saroj Kar | September 9th

Carol Bartz's departure as Yahoo's CEO isn't going to be enough to pacify many Yahoo shareholders, and there's even been a call for a few other choice board members.  The decision left investors and analysts...»

LexisNexis Puts Its Hadoop Competitor on GitHub

Klint Finley | September 9th

HPCC Systems, the Apache Hadoop competitor developed at LexisNexis Risk Systems, just shared its source code on GitHub. The company announced in June that it would open source the project and it's now made good...»

Lenovo To Dell: We’re Coming for You

Mellisa Tolentino | September 9th

Last July, the research firm IDC published that Lenovo has taken the number three spot from Acer in PC sales with 12.2% market share.  They were behind Dell with 12.9%, while HP held the...»

Dell Adds Former White House Chief of Staff, Others to Board

Maria Deutscher | September 9th

Hardware giant Dell is the latest tech company that has added new members to its board of directors. According to a newly released announcement, Janet Clark, Laura Conigliaro and Ken Duberstein are the three...»

Microsoft Plans a Major Comeback with Windows 8 for Cloud, Mobile

Mellisa Tolentino | September 9th

Outage aside, Microsoft has been quite busy with their Windows 8 platform, taking care of lawsuits, strengthening their relationship with other players in the industry and rebuilding an ecosystem in the mobile sector.  Here's...»

VMware Invests in Storage, Talks Private Cloud

Maria Deutscher | September 9th

There’s been recent talk concerning VMware’s direction moving forward, especially now that VMworld is over and the company's presented more of its goals around virtualization. That includes logical storage containers in light of an announcement...»

Consumers Exert Ownership

Jeff Nolan | September 9th

I have written on several occasions about how social network users and online community members have exerted their shared ownership of a service to affect changes in policy and feature. This comes about...»

Tech Giants Epic Patent Battle Raises Questions for Android, Backlash for Apple

Maria Pila | September 9th

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about these mobile patent wars defining the future of the mobile industry.  The most recent development is Apple's success after filing for an injunction with the...»