Does Today’s Cloud Work For You?

Zack Schuler | February 23rd

The technology world loves buzzwords. We take terms that have trivial meaning and turn them into the next big thing. Think about a “social network”; ten years ago, someone would have looked at you sideways...»

The Complete Guide to Mobile World Congress 2012: Smartphones to Look Out For, Apps and More

Mellisa Tolentino | February 23rd

Mobile World Congress is an annual event that occurs every February, featuring the combination of the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference spotlighting prominent executives from top mobile operators, device...»

What Obama’s “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” Means for Google, Facebook and Mobile Users

Saroj Kar | February 23rd

In a time when ACTA, SOPA and PIPA are on everyone's lips, the U.S. government under President Obama officially presented the outline of the document known as the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. It's an...»

Reddit Looks to Democratized Lawmaking with “The Free Internet Act”

Kyt Dotson | February 23rd

After the roaring success of reddit in helping combat the Internet-censorship bills SOPA and PROTECT-IP, the community there decided that they would try their hand at drafting legislation. As a highly collaborative forum for discussion and...»

OpenLogic Upgrades CloudSwing for Cloud, Data-Driven Workloads

Maria Deutscher | February 23rd

OpenLogic, the provider of ultra-agnostic PaaS CloudSwing, announced the release of several critical improvements to its still-emerging but popular platform. The first addition, which the company says is unique to its solution, is native load...»

Google+ For Business Hopes to Differentiate with Data

Mellisa Tolentino | February 23rd

Businesses are leveraging the fact that people are greatly influenced by social media.  Right now, more and more businesses are making their mark in social networking by creating their own pages or accounts, announcing product...»

Twilio SDK Launches VoIP Starter Kit for iOS Developers

Kristen Nicole | February 23rd

VoIP software maker Twilio is rolling out an SDK today, starting with iOS support and taking numbers for the Android beta.  Twilio Client for iOS is a core version of its offering that works as...»

Fan Appz Unveils a Data-Licious Social Action Propeller

Kristen Nicole | February 23rd

Businesses all over are utilizing social media as a compelling exploration of flipping traditional tactics on their head.  Because word-of-mouth and engagement are critical no matter what the era.  We just happen to be in...»

YouPorn Chat Hack Tells All, Best Buy Apologizes for Flash Porn

Mellisa Tolentino | February 23rd

YouPorn was caught in a compromising position, as 6,255 e-mail addresses of their subscribers were posted in Pastebin accompanied by their passwords because of a coding error in the sex-chat associated with them.

"Looking at

Skytree Delivers (Literally) Astronomical Analytics

Maria Deutscher | February 23rd

Skytree, named after the tallest tower in the world residing in Tokyo, is a new machine learning startup that exited stealth today. The company’s pre-launch homepage featured a partially Photoshopped telescope snapshot of a...»