LCD Makers Settle Another Antitrust Lawsuit Amidst Industry Woes

Maria Deutscher | December 28th

Seven different LCD manufacturers have been ordered to split a $553 million bill as part of an antitrust settlement, in addition to having to set up appropriate programs in order to avoid repeating a similar...»

Is 2012 Finally the Year For Windows Phones?

Mellisa Tolentino | December 28th

Microsoft is lagging behind iOS and Android devices in many regards,  and some people are thinking that the company just isn't serious enough about their mobile offerings.  But people’s perception might change when they see Microsoft’s ...»

Google+ Surpasses 62 Million Users as Growth Continues to Accelerate

Kyt Dotson | December 28th

The advent of Google’s reply to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, G+ has done extremely well since its launch. In fact, Paul Allen, founder of who dubs himself the “unofficial statistician of G+” ...»

Cisco Snaps Back at Brocade, Affirms its Market Position

Isha Suri | December 28th

Cisco has had quite a time this year overcoming layoffs and massive restructuring, but that's no reason for the networking company to take any lip from its competitors. Hoping to prove they're not lagging behind...»

The Year of the e-Reader: Where Price Meets Necessity

Saroj Kar | December 28th

Santa and his elves ere busy this year fulfilling the millions of requests for new smartphones and tablets, a mobile trend that's helped to drive the digital publishing industry in 2011. The market was flooded...»

The Hottest Flash Sales are the Shortest: Infographic

Mellisa Tolentino | December 28th

2011 was plagued by flash sale sites, to the delight of savvy consumers around the world. These are the sites that offer unbelievably low-priced items, vacation packages, spa treatments, electronics and almost every other product...»

A New RSS Reader With No Sign Up Form – A Google Reader Alternative?

Alex Williams | December 28th

Google changed the Google Reader interface this Fall and scaled back development. Since then a backlash erupted among those who had used it as their primary RSS reader. In particular they missed the "shared" items feature, now...»

Pervasive Personal Cloud is the Future According to John McCrea

Maria Deutscher | December 28th

Industry veteran John McCrea sees 2012 as transformational for the personal cloud. He laid out his expectations in an interview with SiliconANGLE Editor-in-Chief Mark Hopkins and in a post on his blog, McCrea’s...»

Success Factors Appeals to Millennials in Social, Mobile Era

Kristen Nicole | December 28th

This month SAP acquired Success Factors, a provider of HR software-as-a-service, for $3.4 billion or a 52 percent premium that investors promptly covered the following trading day. The company will be integrated into SAP’s...»

Microsoft HealthVault Goes Mobile with iPhone App

Isha Suri | December 28th

iTriage, a leading consumer healthcare technology, has teamed up with Microsoft's HealthVault personal healthcare record service, popularly known as PHR, for its iPhone mobile application. There are over 3 million users of iTriage application, who...»