Todd Papaioannu of Battery Ventures Discusses Node.js Trends, Stealth Startup

Maria Deutscher | January 25th

Node.js is the big focus of this week’s NodeSummit, and executives and pundits from all over the industry are participating.  One of them is Todd Papaioannu, a former Yahoo big data executive, who's gotten himself...»

Big Data Means Big Success for Embark’s iPhone App

Cherr Aira | January 25th

Google Maps for the longest time has been a great help to commuters and car owners alike. But the flourishing mobile industry presents alternative solutions in helping people get around the city and find the...»

Amazon Web Services New Cloud Gateway Opens the Flood Gateway

Alex Williams | January 25th

Amazon Web Services launched AWS Cloud Gateway today, which connects on-premise software appliances with cloud-based storage. It heralds the rise of cloud services for back up storage and an example of the challenges traditional storage...»

Online World Virtual Learning for Kids Delivered to Schools by Fantage

Kyt Dotson | January 25th

The massively-multiplayer online gaming ecology currently is dominated with games directed at teenagers and adults, just like most video games; however, this doesn’t mean that games—which have traditionally had a stereotype as being for children—cannot be marketed towards...»

A Perfect Match: When Big Data Met Node.js

Jeffrey Kelly | January 25th

Battery Ventures’ Todd Papaioannou announced live on theCUBE yesterday that he is transitioning out of the venture capital firm to form a new Big Data start-up called Continuity. Papaioannou, speaking live from the Node Summit in San...»

And Here’s the Latest Wave of Siri Clones…

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence and I’m sure I’m not the only one amused by apps like Siri, which brings a touch of humanity to electronic devices with their witty or funny remarks.  The technology...»

The Best View from Mountain View: Why Tailored CEO Loves Tech Girls

Kristen Nicole | January 25th

Personalized services have become standard expectations in this era of web and mobility, and when it comes to retail, flash sales, daily deals and custom recommendations have taken the stress out of bargain hunting, comparison...»

Amazon Cuts Out the Middleman: Launches its Own Cloud Storage Gateway

John Furrier | January 25th

In a move that was expected by some and feared by others, Amazon today announced its own AWS Storage Gateway, which immediately calls into question the long-term validity of the business models for standalone...»

Anonymous Plagued By Wannabes

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

Anonymous, the hacker collective that’s been keeping the government on edge, is now being plagued by wannabes, using their name in recruiting people to join their malicious cause and promoting shady sites. Earlier, I mentioned in...»

The Impact of Megaupload’s “Mega-Downfall” on Sharing in the Cloud

Kyt Dotson | January 25th

With the fall of to the United States government in an action that has taken them entirely offline—in a move yet unprecedented by the US against a foreign site—it brings to mind what sort of effect this...»