Dell Kills its Smallest Tablet in a Darwinian Industry Move

Saroj Kar | August 12th

Dell has confirmed the departure of the Streak 5 tablet, one of the smallest versions of Android tablets available in the market.  Dell announced the end of the Streak 5 via an image on its...»

London Looter Robs the Wrong Computer Geek, Gets Caught by Ill-Gotten Macbook

Kyt Dotson | August 12th

When the London riots broke out, Greg Martin—a self-styled information security evangelist and computer security contractor—didn’t expect that he’d become the victim of a theft. According to his blog, he had returned to his London abode...»

Living With Mango: A First Look

Brian Graham | August 12th

On July 27th, a Release Candidate build of Windows Phone Mango became available to developers. Thanks to DreamSpark, I am considered a developer, and went through the process of updating my Samsung Focus to build 7712. ...»

NoSQL Rising Star: New Tools, Wider Adoption

Maria Deutscher | August 12th

NoSQL has been a developing trend for quite some time now, both in the enterprise and in the general developer community.  It has several advantages MySQL currently lacks, including that it’s non-relational, distributed, open, and...»

The Virtual Dilema of Working from Home: Infographic

Mellisa Tolentino | August 12th

Who would have ever thought that working a legit job from home is actually possible?  It’s all because of technology that the dream job (as in working in your PJs) actually came to fruition when...»

AT&T T-Mobile Merger can Bring LTE to Rural America

George Ou | August 12th

In a redacted letter posted to the FCC website, AT&T explain how a merger with T-Mobile would bring LTE to rural America.  Specifically, the increased economies of scale would allow AT&T’s upcoming LTE network to cover 97%

The Tablet Invasion has Arrived. Where does the iPad Stand?

Maria Pila | August 12th

The tablet world saw new light when Apple launched its iPad few years ago.  As we can see, every mobile company is now launching their own versions of a tablet, with Android making some...»

Samsung Galaxy S II in the US: August 29th is the Big Day

Mellisa Tolentino | August 12th

Samsung is bathing in the limelight with both good and bad publicity, but that doesn’t really matter for the mobile manufacturer.  After the European injunction, their India launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1...»

Console Game Sales Decline: the Google, Facebook Takeover

Mellisa Tolentino | August 12th

The recently released Q2 S.M.A.R.T. report by Millennial Media stated that more people are using their smartphones at home to log in to their social network sites or to just browse, with 59% of the...»

Bad Economy is Great for Netflix, Bad for Cable.

Cherr Aira | August 12th

When I want to see the official trailer of the next Hollywood flick, I often resort to online video streaming services: what I'm looking for is on YouTube in most instances.  And online video services...»