EnterpriseDB Launches New PostgreSQL DBaaS

Maria Deutscher | January 27th

PostgreSQL database solution provider EnterpriseDB debuted Postgres Plus Cloud Database for Amazon Web Services and HP Cloud Compute, Hewlett-Packard’s still-in-development PaaS. Cloud Bees and Engine Yard will also offer support for the...»

Megaupload Week in Review: Cloud, Hackers Affected

Mellisa Tolentino | January 27th

Last week the celebrity-backed file sharing site, Megaupload, was taken down by the US Justice Department.  Along with the shutdown, arrests were made, which included Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, Bram van der Kolk, Finn...»

Facebook Likes Jacked, Twitter Censored, Google+ Takes on Teen Rage

Mellisa Tolentino | January 27th

Facebook is warning its users to be wary of “liking” post supposedly suggested by friends. Facebook, together with the Washington state attorney general, are suing online marketing company Adscend Media for “like-jacking.”

"This company is

Microsoft Rumors: Microsoft Points Going Away and the Xbox 720’s Massive Video Card

Kyt Dotson | January 27th

As the year advances, so do rumors about the next-gen gaming consoles that might be leaping forth from the major players in that arena such as when we’ll see the Wii-U—and now it’s also about what will be...»

Why Networks Matter in Big Data and Cloud

John Furrier | January 26th

{Guest Post from Raj Kanaya, CEO of Infineta.} We live in an age during which information has become a key resource. Collectively, we have spent the last two decades digitizing and storing vast volumes...»

Netflix is Asking for It: Deems Amazon its Nemesis

Kristina Farrah | January 26th

Good intuition or paranoia, Netflix sure does a good job at peaking the interest of the technology scene. In a letter to shareholders disseminated yesterday, Netflix says Amazon was advised to spin off


Record and Stream from Goggles – Contour’s Latest Connected Device

Kristina Farrah | January 26th

How do you turn goggles into connected devices, and even attach a camera? Contour and Recon Instruments today announces partnership to bring forth Contour Camera Connectivity App for MOD Live, turning


Red Hat’s New Board Wants to Boost Open Storage Ecosystem

Maria Deutscher | January 26th

Open-source software maker and Linux distributor Red Hat announced the GlusterFS Advisory Board, an independent panel of several industry insiders whose job will be to boost the ecosystem around the open storage platform. The...»

Fanhattan Adds a Fan Feed for More Personalization

Mellisa Tolentino | January 26th

Fanhattan, the TV/movie discovery app that aggregates data from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and iTunes which started on the iPad and found its way to the iPhone, now includes personalized news feed through their...»

Infineta’s Core Technology Patented after 3 Years

Maria Deutscher | January 26th

WAN optimization provider Infineta got a patent for the key software that powers its flagship Data Mobility Switch (DMS) solution, after applying back in 2009. U.S. Patent No. 8,078,593 covers the company’s big data-focused deduplication...»