ElasticStack Joins the Open-Source Cloud Club

Maria Deutscher | August 9th

The vendor-agnostic, open-source cloud has been getting a lot of attention from both customers and companies that are developing initiatives around this topic.  Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and OpenStack are among those who are leading this...»

SmartyPig Goes Mobile with Offers, Social Savings

Kristina Farrah | August 9th

As a leading online social banking application, SmartyPig helps customers save the extra dollar by socializing saving, spending and charitable giving using a secure and easy way to access account information while on the go....»

Where Android Loses Big: Service Costs

Maria Deutscher | August 9th

Consumer analytics startup ClickFox released a report that suggests that, at least in terms of how much it will cost a company to solve user issues, the iPhone has the lead over Android and...»

VMware Ups vRAM Limit to Distract from vSphere High Prices

Cherr Aira | August 9th

While everyone is still dilly-dallying over the recent price augmentation of VMware products, customers now have a reason to celebrate.  VMware is reminded of the value of customer satisfaction, having boosted the limited vRAM...»

Hackers Come In All Sizes, Shapes and Ages

Mellisa Tolentino | August 9th

When we were kids, most of us were told by our parents that we can do whatever we set our minds to.  And we live by what they say, but often times there's a contradiction...»

HotLink Sizzles out of Stealth, Launches Transformation Platform for Clouds

Kristen Nicole | August 9th

One of the biggest issues enterprises face today is managing their server stacks and keeping up with new technology.  There’s established systems to upend, complex connections to consider, and compatibility issues to address.  No wonder...»

Lead Up to VMworld: Let’s Get Some Perspective, Here

Alex Williams | August 9th

The first few major user conferences I attended gave me agita.  I could cover the news well enough but it felt like there was this huge under swell that you could feel. It came down to...»

Google Apps and Google App Engine Get SSAE-16 Certification

Robert Manto | August 8th

With security as its main priority, Google has received a SSAE 16 certification for both the Google Apps cloud productivity and collaboration suite and the Google App Engine platform. This makes the company as one...»

Fusion-io’s New Market – Digital Arts

Maria Deutscher | August 8th

Storage acceleration solutions maker Fusion-io is attempting to branch out, and the latest area the company is venturing into is digital arts.  Fusion teamed-up NVIDIA, Thinkbox Software and Tweak Software to demonstrate how professional...»

Rival Security Companies Skeptic on McAfee’s Shady Rat Report

Robert Manto | August 8th

Top security companiesare  downplayng  McAfee’s claim of a five-year hacking operation which was dubbed as Operation Shady Rat. Last Tuesday, McAfee reported a grand scale cyber attack which has infiltrated 72 organizations in 14...»