YouTube Founders Expand New Company

Michael Trager | May 9th

The founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, have started a new company named Avos which is already expanding rapidly via acquisitions. An Associate Press release today announces that Avos has acquired,...»

Private Markets Seek SEC Guidance

Michael Trager | May 9th

There has been a good deal of discussion in recent weeks about the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pondering changes in regulations governing the trading in the private markets of shares of non-public companies such...»

Mobile Payments Race Getting White Hot

Kristina Farrah | May 9th

Being the handiest of all devices today, investors are making a lot of smartphone-centric investments in order to position themselves in this booming trend. People can leave behind their laptop and netbooks, but never their...»

Check Out These Business Apps for iPad, Android Tablet

Maria Deutscher | May 9th

The invasion of tablets into the workspace has been going on for quite some time now, and its gaining momentum by the day. This is represented by all the ever-more powerful and handy apps,


Week In Review – May 7, 2011

Michael Trager | May 7th

Most weeks experience some type of significant event in the markets, some more (or less) significant than others. This week was no different in that respect. While there were no announcements or pronouncements or press conferences...»

EMC – The Cloud’s Switzerland?

Michael Trager | May 7th

The dominant position of EMC (ticker symbol EMC) in the storage industry is well established. Not willing to rest on its laurels, however, the company has been transitioning for quite some time, both internally...»

Report: Massive Drop In Freelance Writing Work Following Google’s Panda Update

Tom Foremski | May 6th

Chris O'Brien at sent me an interesting report that shows a massive drop in freelance writing jobs following Google's Panda algorithm update in February, which was designed to demote content farms in search rankings.


Growing Support for VMware’s Open Initiative Cloud Foundry

Maria Deutscher | May 6th

VMware’s Cloud Foundry, the first of open PaaS offerings, is currently in beta but having quite a start. We’ve heard of quite a bit of developments related to the offering in the past few


Some Sanity Around Those Windows Phone Numbers

Steven Hodson | May 6th

The entire notion that only 674,000 Windows Phone 7′s being sold, which in turn seems to have everyone jumping on the #FAIL bandwagon is really beginning to grate on my nerves. As much as I...»

QLogic Earnings Call Shows Symbiosis Between FCoE and Silicon Products

Kyt Dotson | May 6th

Networking and storage technology solutions provider QLogic made their earnings call recently (transcript posted on Seeking Alpha) in the rough seas of the cloud and they’re still looking very good. The company has been pressing...»