Attivio Scores EU Contract with Europol

Maria Deutscher | February 16th

Business intelligence solutions maker Attivio announced that Europol has selected its Active Intelligence Engine as the offering that will power its data management and analysis operations. Europol is a law enforcement agency that tracks...»

Greenplum Tackles the Cons of Hadoop, Forrester Approves

Maria Deutscher | February 16th

The now EMC-owned Greenplum, maker of analytics software, is facing the same challenges as everyone else in the Hadoop ecosystem. One of the latest tidbits of commentary by TechWorld’s Chris Kanaracus sheds some...»

VMware Partners with Peake for Medical Cloud

Maria Deutscher | February 16th

Virtualization giant VMware is getting deeper into the healthcare sector now that Peake Healthcare Innovations has OEM’d its virtualization technology to power a new public/hybrid cloud offering.  It will enable doctors and hospitals treat...»

Google’s M&A Chief Says Deal Focus Has Changed

Tom Foremski | February 16th

Google made 79 acquisitions last year, mostly small companies and mostly for their engineering talent. The largest acquisition was Motorola Mobility, a $12.5 billion deal. This year, the search giant expects to focus on smaller numbers of deals in...»

No Siri in Mac OS X Mountain Lion’s Mobile Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | February 16th

Apple just announced their new Mac operating system, the OS X 10.8 or Mountain Lion, which is now available for developers to preview. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses...»

Microsoft Gets “Hipper” With msnNOW

Mellisa Tolentino | February 16th

These days, most of us rely on social networks to get the latest news.  It may be from actual news sources that our friends share or it can be through their updated statuses or tweets.  the problem here...»

Anonymous Threatens To Shut Down the Internet; the FBI Could Darken the Cloud Instead March 8

Kyt Dotson | February 16th

Since 2011, users of the Internet have gotten used to Anonymous threatening to take numerous highly trafficked websites offline—as they successfully do so to many political websites for a few hours at a time—but many of these threats...»

How Predictive Analytics is Changing Healthcare

Klint Finley | February 16th

Healthcare in the U.S. is undergoing a transformation. New legislation such as Affordable Health Care for America Act along with new policies coming from private insurers are mandating new approaches to preventable hospitalizations. Accountable care,...»

Microsoft Unveils Skype Product Plans as Cisco Undermines the Deal

Mellisa Tolentino | February 16th

Last year the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission gave their approval for Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype.  This paves the way for Skype to be integrated into more of Microsoft’s products and services,...»

Android Malware Spiked in 2011 – Protect Yourself [Video]

Kristina Farrah | February 16th

2011 was a thriving year for mobile malware. It increased by 155 percent across all platforms compared to the previous year, according to Juniper’s 2011 Mobile Threat Report. They’ve multiplied exponentially on Google's Android