Dwolla Serves Up Instant Payment

Kyt Dotson | December 15th

The company Dwolla is best known for providing a payment network similar to credit cards and PayPal but without charging exorbitant fees for the exchange of money between customers. Today, the pioneering company is taking a bite out...»

New Media Minute: What Did 2011 Teach Us About New Media?

Daisy Whitney | December 15th

What lessons did 2011 teach us about the new media business? Daisy Whitney shares three lessons learned in online video, social media and connected TV ads in this week's episode of the New Media Minute.   [Thanks, ...»

Data Happy Teens and Mobile Browsers Taking Over

Mellisa Tolentino | December 15th

Nielsen released their latest report on mobile trends.  The  State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report gives us a view of current mobile media landscape and audiences in the U.S. and...»

EMC’s Got a Hybrid Analytics Platform, Too

Maria Deutscher | December 15th

EMC is now the second big vendor that has an analytics platform for analyzing both structured and unstructured data, following a Thursday announcement. The upcoming Unified Analytics Platform is a combination of technology from...»

Free-to-Play MMO Publisher Nexon Nets $1.17 Billion From IPO

Kyt Dotson | December 15th

Today, the Korean free-to-play online gaming company Nexon has gone public in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and raised $1.17 billion from its IPO. According to GamesIndustry, this is the biggest IPO to hit the exchange this...»

Putting Big Data to Work for the Global Good

Jeffrey Kelly | December 15th

Some claim that Big Data is about nothing more than delivering targeted ads to online consumers, a notion I’ve refuted in the past. The truth is Big Data has numerous applications, many of them commercial, but others...»

Cloud Foundry Gets .NET Support Thanks to Tier 3

Maria Deutscher | December 15th

Public cloud provider Tier 3 released Iron Foundry, an open distribution of VMware’s Cloud Foundry. The solution makes the latest available to the very large demographic of developers working on .NET applications, adding one...»

Mobile’s Underdogs to Watch In 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | December 15th

In 2011 we saw the top mobile manufacturers bring out their big guns, like the iPhone 4S, Samsung’s Galaxy line, Motorola’s Droid line, and even Nokia managed to produce a noteworthy line of Windows Phone

HotLink Boosts VMware for Virtualized Deployments

Maria Deutscher | December 15th

HotLink announced version 1.2 of its SuperVISOR software, a solution that enables customers to use VMware vCenter in order to manage cross-platform virtualized environments. It supports Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The latest...»

VirtuStream Acquires Enomaly and China Plays a Factor

Alex Williams | December 15th

I had not heard from Reuven Cohen for a while. And now I know why. VirtuStream acquired Reuven's company today for an undisclosed amount. Reuven is a CloudCamp founder and one of the...»