Etsy: Demystifying Site Outages

Mellisa Tolentino | August 29th

Have you ever experienced when you visit your favorite website and an error page welcomes you or a note saying that the site is down?  Or have you ever experienced visiting a site only to leave it a...»

AT&T Cloud Ops VP on theCube, Inside AT&T’s Cloud Operations Unit

John Casaretto | August 29th

Steve Caniano, VP of AT&T’s Cloud Operations dropped in on theCube at VMworld 2012 and shared some insight on what’s going on with their operation and where it’s going.  As a leader of one of the company’s most...»

The Absurdity of Patent Trolls

Mike Wheatley | August 29th

Seriously, when will all of this patent BS end? Notwithstanding all the Apple-Samsung nonsense lately, is now reporting news of yet another troll hoping to capitalize on America’s nonsensical patent laws to extort millions of dollars...»

Inside Huawei’s Cyber suspicions and espionage anxieties

Isha Suri | August 29th

As cybersecurity is becoming a big concern, it is increasingly becoming a part of global politics. Amidst the era of cyber warfare, the U.S. and global theater have become more and more suspicious of China when it comes...»

3PAR Driving HP into the Data Infrastructure Era, Says David Scott

Bert Latamore | August 29th

3PAR has leveraged HP's sales channel to grow 60%+ per quarter since its acquisition says HP SVP and General Manager of Storage and former 3PAR CEO David Scott on And the reverse...»

The London Olympics: Maximum use Big Data and Social Networks [Infographic]

Saroj Kar | August 29th

Things have changed a lot in recent years--technology and social networks are now part of our everyday lives and things are constantly changing, forever revolutionizing the way we live. The London Olympic Games, one of the most important global...»

HP Relaunches Renamed VSA Product and Cuts Price

Scott Lowe | August 29th

A number of years ago, a then-independent LeftHand Networks released a revolutionary product into the market.  This product, what LeftHand named Virtual SAN Appliance or VSA, allowed organizations to harness local host-based server storage and