How Can Google+ Games Beat Facebook?

Phoebe Mandap | August 12th

Google +, the social networking of Google is doing a fair job in the social networking world.   With 25 Million users in a short period of time and growing an approximate rate of 1...»

Medacity: Ushering a New Media Revival

Maria Pila | August 12th

Medacity is launching this week, its debut spearheaded by web content development company, Nichenet Pty Ltd. It's latest site launch focuses on the news from the new media sector, spanning video, audio, blogging, hyperlocal, mainstream...»

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leak: Is It All Just A Hoax?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 12th

Earlier this year, Google announced that it will merge Honeycomb and Gingerbread to create a new OS to be called Android Ice Cream Sandwich.  Details have been rolling out slowly since the May announcement,...»

Smartphones Used More in the Home than On the Go: Movies, Games

Cherr Aira | August 12th

The world is already at an important junction in time and space, will all roads leading to mobile platforms.  Can you even imagine a life without mobile devices? These have been instated as a...»

Intel Sees Laptop-Tablet Hybrid’s Bright Future, Bets $300M Funds

Cherr Aira | August 11th

Technology is one of the sturdy pillars of the corporate avenue that holds its foundation together. Without innovation, it’s a bleak and pointless route for enterprises. With businesses growing at a record pace, the demand for cutting-edge technology...»

Radoop – It’s Like Yahoo Pipes for Hadoop

Alex Williams | August 11th

The idea of Hadoop always sounds so cool. Distributed computing, big data - it's like this imaginary sweets shop with candy canes floating amid puffy clouds. Not really. But the dream of Hadoop is far more...»

Box Announces Tablet-Optimized Android and PlayBook App

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Cloud storage service Box launched two new apps today: one is a tablet-optimized Android app that will replace the company’s old one and scale the view based on a user’s device, and the second is a PlayBook app--the...»

Can Skype Revolutionize Microsoft Devices?

Saroj Kar | August 11th

After Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion three months back, both Microsoft and Skype have been planning deep integration of Skype with Microsoft products.  As a part of the integration plan, Skype will be...»

OpenLogic Gets PaaS Savvy with CloudSwing

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Open-source software developer OpenLogic announced a brand new offering today, called CloudSwing. The open-source PaaS takes a different approach than other products, and lets users customize and change the standard application stacks for the...»

VMware Integrates RabbitMQ Messaging System with Cloud Foundry

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

VMware has integrated RabbitMQ with Cloud Foundry, its open-source beta PaaS offering that competes with the Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and other offerings. RabbitMQ is an also open messaging system that was originally...»