WP7 User Sues Microsoft for Collecting Geolocation Data without Permission

Kristina Farrah | September 6th

A Seattle lawsuit filed last Friday accused Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 mobile OS of underhandedly tracking its users’ location. The act was said to have been carried out through the camera app present on all WP7 devices,...»

Mobile VMs will Come to the Data for Analysis says EMC’s Gelsinger

Bert Latamore | September 5th

Databases are becoming so huge, particularly for analytics and especially with big data, that they are essentially immobile, says EMC COO Pat Gelsinger, one of the many high profile CEOs to stop by theCube...»

Latest Flash Storage Entrant Gunning for the Very High End

Bert Latamore | September 5th

The latest entrant into the high-end flash storage arena, Pure Storage, came out of stealth mode at the VMware conference gunning for the highest of high ends, the high-availability (HA) market of mainly currency traders...»

Companies Are Starting to Realize what a Cloud Is

Maria Deutscher | September 5th

Paul Froutan, the chief technology officer at cloud storage startup Nirvanix, visited theCube again at VMworld 2011 (full video below - see 2nd half here). Froutan joined Nirvanix from Google, where he was in...»

Google: 13 Years And Counting

Mellisa Tolentino | September 5th

Thirteen years and a day ago, Google was born.  Back when people were using either Yahoo! or AOL, Google emerged from its shell.  Google was originally named BackRub back in 1996, when ...»

Seesmic CRM tops Tablet Business Apps: iPad, Android Edition

Maria Deutscher | September 5th

This week, we’ve rounded up the usual 5 apps, two of which stand out more than others. First of all, IBM just launched Connections on all the major platforms. Connections, once known as Lotus Connections,...»

Apple Blocks Sales of Samsung’s New Tablet, “Vastly” Different from the iPad

Mellisa Tolentino | September 5th

Over the past two weeks, Apple triumphed as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 ban was once more put into action, Samsung smartphones were banned in Europe by a Dutch court, and the Australian release of...»

Dreamforce Take-Aways: Consulting and Developers are the Next Big Things for Salesforce.com

Klint Finley | September 2nd

Perhaps the biggest reveal at the Dreamforce event is Salesforce.com's intent to take a more consultative role in its customers strategies, ranging from cloud computing to brand monitoring to internal social software - and especially how all...»

Top 10 Executives from VMworld

Alex Williams | September 2nd

More than 70 people were interviewed on theCube this year at VMworld. Here are ten executives who we talked with over the past four days who caught our attention. Tarker Maner, CEO of Wyse...»

VMware Storage Direction May Put Parent EMC’s Needs Before Users, Says Wikibon CTO

Bert Latamore | September 2nd

Everybody seems to agree that storage is a big problem with virtualization, and at this week's VMworld 2011, VMware and its parent, storage vendor EMC, spelled out their plan for fixing this problem. But,...»