Tom Roloff Talks About Big Data and Cloud Enterprise Solutions

Kyt Dotson | May 9th

Recently, Dave Vellante of Wikibon and John Furrier of SiliconANGLE got a chance to interview Tom Roloff, Senior VP of EMC Consulting, in theCube at EMC World 2011. Roloff heads up EMC’s information-centric expertise team...»

The Cloud is Driving Disruption and Opportunity

Bert Latamore | May 9th

The very nature of enterprise data is changing, and the cloud is driving a wave of disruption through the technology industry, says Sujal Patel, founder of scalable, clustered storage  system developer Isilon. As a result, he told...»

The Cloud and Consumerization are Creating a Computing Inflection Point

Bert Latamore | May 9th

The cloud, virtualization, and the consumerization of computing and of people's expectations are driving an inflection point at least as great as the PC Revolution of the 1980s, when computing power first got into the hands of...»

Hadoop Seeing a Surge of New Products at EMC World 2011 from Greenplum to Brisk

Kyt Dotson | May 9th

EMC World 2011 is casting the umbra of Big Data and the Cloud over Las Vegas today and Hadoop has taken its usual front-and-center stage in the spotlight. Amid announcements of EMC’s own addition to...»

EMC Backup Group Focused on Making Things Simpler for Customers

Bert Latamore | May 9th

Waves of technology have rocked the once-stable backup and recovery market, completely changing customer needs, says B.J. Jenkins, president of EMC Backup and Recovery. Speaking on SiliconAngle.TV from EMCWorld 2011 on Monday, May 9, Jenkins said that...»

Happy Cloud Brings the Power of the Cloud to Video Game Downloads

Kyt Dotson | May 9th

With the advent of higher bandwidth and fat pipe Internet connections to residences we’ve been seeing the rise of streaming for everything. It can affect more than just TV shows and movies, but also video...»

Deciphering the New Network at Interop

Stuart Miniman | May 9th

This week in Las Vegas, just about every networking vendor will release one of more press releases at Interop telling you about all of the latest and greatest products and technologies. Even...»

Hadoop End-Users Should Align with Apache Community

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

Despite the significant progress made by the Apache community and start-up contributors like Cloudera, Hadoop is still in its infancy. Like most young open source technologies, Hadoop is and will continue to be for some time a...»

Will EMC’s Greenplum-Hadoop Gambit Pay Off?

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

Wikibon believes EMC’s success or failure in the commercial Hadoop market depends on four critical factors. 1. EMC’s reception by the open source Apache Hadoop community. Credibility is critical to gaining adoption in a young, open source...»

Seven Myths of the Good-Enough Network

Michael Rau | May 9th

Editor's Note: This is a post by Michael Rau, Vice President, CTO for the Borderless Network Architecture Cisco. True or false: Networking has come such a long way that you can buy any inexpensive...»