Buzz on Cloud, Big Data for EMC World

John Casaretto | May 5th

The buzz around the upcoming EMC World 2011 is building around the convergence of Cloud and Big Data. As an expected 10,000 customers, partners, press, analysts and so descent on Las Vegas...»

WSJ’s SafeHouse: For Anonymous Wall Street Leaks

Tom Foremski | May 5th

The Wall Street Journal has launched SafeHouse - "Securely share information with The Wall Street Journal."

It asks:

If you have newsworthy contracts, correspondence, emails, financial records or databases from companies, government agencies or non-profits,

Sony Still Buried Under Investigation of PlayStation Network Breach

Kyt Dotson | May 5th

As more layers are uncovered in the investigation of the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Online user-information breach things continue to get more interesting. The United States Congress reached out to Sony, asking them to...»

Best Weekend Ever? Osama bin Laden vs. Wills & Kate

Cherr Aira | May 5th

It was a fully loaded weekend. The world might have just witnessed the two most significant days of the year: Osama din Laden’s death and the Royal wedding. From Europe to the Middle...»

Cisco Overhauling Management In light of Skidding Market Share

Maria Deutscher | May 5th

Cisco’s stock skidded by roughly 34 percent in the past year or so, and after four very weak quarters, CEO John Chambers is carrying out his intentions, which he outlined in a memo he


Coming Up: Stanford Innovation Journalism Conference – May 23 – 25

Tom Foremski | May 5th

Coming up in a couple of weeks is the 8th Conference on Innovation Journalism (IJ-8) at Stanford Univeristy, May 23 - 25. It's a great conference and I'll be speaking on ethics and innovation journalism. It's...»

Apple Addresses Location Tracking with iOS 4.3.3 Software Update

Kyt Dotson | May 5th

It’s been a hot week for Apple and Google when it comes to tracking the locations of customers who use their smartphones. Almost two weeks ago, security researchers in the UK made it widely known that ...»

The Promise of Cloud Convergence: Appcelerator & Red Hat

Cherr Aira | May 5th

What do you get when you two leading companies come together to bring something innovative to the table? Between Appcelerator and Red Hat, the new service empowers developers, making everything else seem like a walk...»

Renren IPO Successful Despite Accounting Questions

Michael Trager | May 5th

Shares of Chinese social network Renren (ticker symbol RENN) successfully debuted yesterday on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), climbing more than 50% intraday before closing up 20% from their opening despite reports of the...»

Cisco Revamping Operations

Michael Trager | May 5th

It's no secret that Cisco (ticker symbol CSCO) has been struggling and therefore needs to make some changes in their operations and business models. Today's Wall Street Journal ( reports that Cisco is moving...»