LucidChart Raises $1M for HTML5 Collaboration App

Maria Deutscher | July 26th

LucidChart, the maker of a web-based diagramming and collaboration app, has raised $1 in seed funding from 500 Startups, 2M Companies, K9 Ventures and other angel investors. CEO Karl Sun says the capital will be used...»

WeeMees Get a Voice, Harry Potter Pals Rejoice

Mellisa Tolentino | July 26th

WeeWorld, the app making company that brought us the avatar-creator WeeMee and the social game WeeMee Life, has given its mini avatars a voice.  Enter – the Talking WeeMee.  If you’re one of those...»

The Last (Funny) Crusade to Save MySpace: Video

Cherr Aira | July 26th

Social networking is a life cycle of Internet royalty.  If there's a popular fad, death is inevitable. This is the reality that re-surfaced few months ago, starting with the extinction of Friendster. Facebook is...»

FTW: RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook FIPS Certified

Mellisa Tolentino | July 26th

As the tablet war rages on, it’s hard to tell which one is really winning.  New features and better specs are the main focal points in the development of better tablets.  But RIM focused on...»

VMware Staves Off Microsoft Hyper-V, Seeks UK Government Contracts

Saroj Kar | July 26th

VMware is said to be the pioneer of virtualization. Whenever VMware announces a big idea, it's a big deal for the virtualization world.  But competitors are on the rise, and Microsoft is making a tough fight in the...»

Utterly Overpriced! Court Orders Oracle to Lower Google Lawsuit Amount

Cherr Aira | July 26th

"Are you kidding me?!" If this statement would be legally appropriate and be accepted as a court ruling, then this would have been in the judge’s order by now, as we speak of Oracle’s case...»

Socialcast’s Collaboration Tool Extends VMware Presence in the Cloud

Saroj Kar | July 26th

Socialcast has added several new features to its enterprise-grade microblogging platform, including an external collaboration tool to support the company calls as the ‘extended enterprise’ offering to external contractors, suppliers, clients, partners and customers....»

Jumio’s Payments Breakthrough Challenges PayPal, Square, And Others

Tom Foremski | July 26th

Jumio's breakthrough "NetSwipe" payment processing technology that transforms any webcam into a credit card terminal, has the potential to threaten PayPal and emerging payment startups such as Square. With NetSwipe customers simply show their card to the video...»

ARM Beats Wall Street Expectations Thanks to Mobile Demand

Maria Deutscher | July 26th

U.K-based chipmaker ARM reported results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2011 today. The firm has seen a tremendous amount of growth, a trend that's expected to extend to the third quarter of...»

Microsoft Unveils Makeover for Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset and Remote

Kristina Farrah | July 26th

Xbox 360's good old kinda-soap-shaped white media remote that has remained as-is for 6 years now is finally getting a restyle. It has always been a must-have addition to the console’s package, making it easier...»