Cloudscaling Gets Funding – Doubles Down on OpenStack

Alex Williams | September 21st

I have to get one more post done tonight to note the news that Cloudscaling has secured an A round from Trinity Ventures. Cloudscaling is known for building cloud infrastructures. The company is one...»

OpenStack Releases Diablo – Barely Production Ready but Getting More Stable

Alex Williams | September 21st

OpenStack's latest release is now available, the first ever production ready open cloud infrastructure. Diablo is OpenStack's fourth release. It includes updates to the storage, compute and image services. We should place an asterisk to what is...»

A Space Tough to Manage? The Challenge Assistly Poses

Alex Williams | September 21st announced its plans today to acquire Assistly, a startup that gives companies a way to instantly provide customer support by shadowing Facebook, Twitter and other data sources. The deal is reportedly valued...»

Karmasphere Sends Hadoop Good Vibes with Latest Release

Maria Deutscher | September 21st

Analytics software maker   Karmasphere unveiled the latest version of Karmasphere Analyst Big Data today, its Hadoop-based data analytics offering.  The revamped product features a number of significant improvements, including a “highly integrated interface” that...»

Microsoft, Nokia Guide Symbian Developers to Windows Phone Platform

Saroj Kar | September 21st

Microsoft and Nokia have just made their next step towards helping Symbian developers bring their applications to the Windows Phone platform.  Microsoft and Nokia released a white paper for developers to explain what they need...»

Xbox Leads the Personal Cloud to the Living Room with Comcast Cable

Kyt Dotson | September 21st

Even two years ago, Microsoft may have realized that videogame consoles are a brilliant stalking horse for bringing influence into the living room. With the set-top-box wars heating up, and the fact that videogame consoles often outnumber...»

HP Expands in Africa, Follows IBM to New Fertile Ground

Mellisa Tolentino | September 21st

HP's in some hot water with its board members, but in the wake of a webOS crash, layoffs and a parting of businesses, HP still looks towards global expansion.  HP's announced the expansion of their...»

EMC Beefs Ups Hadoop Support, Rolls out Big Data Appliances

Maria Deutscher | September 21st

EMC today expanded its data analytics portfolio by announcing two new Hadoop-based, big data analytics products that will help it grow its foothold in what is expanded to be a $200 billion market by 2015. The...»

Google is Aggresively Pushing Revenues Amid Senate Scrutiny

Tom Foremski | September 21st

Google has adopted an aggressive program of stuffing its search pages with paid listings as the financial quarter draws to a close — a risky strategy as the US Senate holds hearings on its industry dominance. Google's search pages...»

DataStax, Neo Bank on NoSQL, Investors Bank on Them

Maria Deutscher | September 21st

Demand for NoSQL database technologies is growing as companies are adapting to open-source, seeking an alternative to SQL that can handle the massive amounts of data they need to analyze. DataStax and Neo Technology are...»