Apple Wins In Australian Court While Samsung Wins Allies

Mellisa Tolentino | October 13th

Samsung tried to rain on Apple’s parade days before the iPhone 4S is to be sold in the Australian market, as the Korean company setup a pop up shop just a few stores away...»

HP Layoff Rumors Grow as webOS Takes a Back Seat

Maria Deutscher | October 13th

Electronics giant Hewlett-Packard is now being led by the third CEO in two years, and the changes that analysts and company insiders predicted are now starting to realize, according to early reports.  HP reportedly...»

BlackBerry Service “Improving” as RIM Explains System Failure

Mellisa Tolentino | October 13th

After three days of service outages, Research in Motion announced that BlackBerry's service has now improved.  According to RIM, the outage problem was from a system failure followed by “backlog issues.” RIM reported that BlackBerry...»

Four Data Challenges for CMOs

Kristen Nicole | October 13th

Data has empowered several industries in the past couple of years, especially with the processing power companies like IBM are putting forth, delivering real-time updates and analysis.  Running models, making faster business decisions and getting...»

A Leaked Memo, and What Google Plus Can Learn from Google Apps

Klint Finley | October 12th

Today a Google developer named Steve Yegge made waves by accidentally publishing a long rant publicly on Google Plus instead of sharing it only internally. The jist of the post is that Google just doesn't...»

Benchmark, Yammer Poach Executives from

Klint Finley | October 12th

Today TechCrunch reported that former CTO Craig Weissman is joining Benchmark Capital as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Meanwhile, Yammer announced that former VP of Vertical Sales David Obrand is joining Yammer as VP of Global Sales. Obrand...»

RSA Blames “Nation State” and Tag-Team Hackers for Ides of March SecurID Breach

Kyt Dotson | October 12th

In March, RSA suffered a cyberattack that compromised their SecurID platform and led to a recall and increased paranoia among their defense contractor customers. Yesterday at a press conference an RSA spokesman mentioned that they believe it was...»

HortonWorks Powers Microsoft’s Hadoop Distro

Maria Deutscher | October 12th

Microsoft took a big dive into big data analytics today, alongside the announcement of SQL Server 2012.  Thanks to a partnership with HortonWorks, a Hadoop service provider that was spun off from Yahoo!, the software...»

Mango Debuts in India as Microsoft Lures More Android, iOS Developers

Saroj Kar | October 12th

Microsoft Corporation India finally launched its first Windows Phone 7.5 ,or Mango, in India this week. Major smartphone handset provider, HTC, is the first to usher in this change with the launch of their new...»

Michael Dell Suggests Turmoil at HP is Opportunity for Dell

Alex Williams | October 12th

Dell took a swipe at HP to start off its inaugural Dell World event with a survey it did in conjunction with a research group that found customers with 500 or more people are...»