Mobile Cloud 101: Leaders, Underdogs and Innovation

Mellisa Tolentino | January 16th

Perhaps you've noticed a growing theme around connected devices, especially thanks to CES last week.  Mobility lies at the center of this trend, and the mobile cloud will become an increasingly important term for consumers...»

IBM to Launch IBM Docs with a Collaborative Service Similar to Google Apps

Alex Williams | January 15th

IBM is set to launch IBM Docs as part a collaborative service similar to Google Apps that it is calling the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. As part of the effort, IBM is placing its...»

Data Storage on Arrays the Size of Atoms

Alex Williams | January 15th

Look sat the size of a smartphone compared to the orignal cell phones. Really, it is size that matters. These days we have wafer thin tablets and Ultrabooks. Now can you imagine what things will look...»

Weekly Tablet Business Apps Roundup, Sketch Rolls Tops the List

Maria Deutscher | January 15th

This week Sketch Rolls is the featured app in our business tablet apps list. This iPad application differentiates itself from alternatives by offering a simple yet innovative advantage to its users that add a little...»

SAP Beats Expectations, Hopes to Spirit Marketing with Open-Minded Exec

Maria Deutscher | January 14th

Business software maker SAP had a strong fourth quarter, beating analysts’ expectations as well as its own. Revenue grew by 12 percent to 3.72 billion euros or $4.7 million, compared to the average sum...»

As Mobile Advertising Heats Up, Millennial Media Strengthens Mobile Web Support

Saroj Kar | January 14th

Millennial Media, the mobile ad network, unveiled a few new tools for developers to manage and monetize their mobile inventory.  The update will provide in-app advertising solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry...»

Splunk May Be Valued at $1.2 Billion. Still Lots of Opportunity for Consultants.

Klint Finley | January 13th

Word in Silicon Valley is that Splunk, which has filed its S-1, may be valued at $1.2 billion says SiliconAngle founder and CEO John Furrier. The S-1 is a sign that a company will soon file...»

Verizon Wireless to Strip Apps From Android Tablets and Replace With Private App Stores for Corporate IT Shops

Alex Williams | January 13th

Verizon Wireless plans to strip Android tablets of GMail and other apps and replace with a private app store that customers can use to deploy pre-approved apps. IT shops everywhere find more of their time gets spent pre-configuring the...»

Awe Inspiring History of Bitcoin’s Development as an Unintended Music Video

Kyt Dotson | January 13th

David Perry, a database administrator and the author of Coding In My Sleep, has delivered to the Bitcoin community perhaps one of the most awe inspiring visualizations of Bitcoin’s developmental history. The video he produced has...»

Five Reasons to Shut Down Your Community, Today

Angela Connor | January 13th

It’s time. Give it up. Your heart was in the right place, but you didn’t do anything to support your effort.You thought that building the community was enough. You never hired anyone to manage it. You mistakenly believed that...»