Apple and LTE: What to Expect

Anton Wahlman | August 26th

Have you ever used LTE? If you live in the U.S. and you consider the four major carriers, using LTE means Verizon Wireless, which has launched LTE in most major cities. Verizon has at least three smartphones, two...»

East Coast Cell Phone Carriers Brace Themselves for Hurricane Irene

Kyt Dotson | August 26th

Natural disasters have a two-fold effect on infrastructure—and this is especially the case for wireless carriers—first there’s the actual damage caused to fiber, wire, and transmitter towers inflicted by the disaster itself and second there’s the sudden spike...»

Red Hat Reveals Desire to Get Into the Hadoop/NoSQL Business

Klint Finley | August 26th

Red Hat will likely acquire a player in the Apache Hadoop and/or NoSQL space in the near future CEO Jim Whitehurst said in an interview with "When I say I don't want to be a database...»

Why I’m Waiting for a Windows 8 Tablet

Steven Hodson | August 26th

Up until about two years ago I had never owned a laptop, or even a cellphone. It wasn’t that I didn’t want one, or rather thought I needed one, but  a matter of having the disposable income to...»

Does The Sexuality of a CEO Matter?

Tom Foremski | August 26th

The sexuality of CEOs is a dull subject I have no interest in what they do with their genitalia and I think I'm right in speaking for the majority of people in our Silicon Valley circles. I raise this...»

Verizon Migrates to the Cloud with CloudSwitch Acquisition

Maria Deutscher | August 26th

Verizon, a telco tilted towards mobile services rather than cloud development, is rehsaping its strategy to avoid the fate of Nokia and other mobile companies that failed to catch up on the market trends in time....»

Steve Jobs is Silicon Valley’s Babe Ruth, but Where’s the Next Generation of Leaders?

Tom Foremski | August 26th

I used to meet with Steve jobs in the 1980s, when he was lauded as a visionary. To be honest I wasn't that impressed with him. Sure, he deserved credit for the Apple I and then Lisa, which turned...»

IBM’s Vision of Data Scientists: Our Bridge to the Future

Kristen Nicole | August 26th

What is the role of a data scientist?  That’s something we’ve been trying to pin down as the world of big data grows wider, and the need for professionals that understand this semi-vague trend...»

Android-Riddled Verizon Appeals To Obama: Stop the Patent Wars!

Mellisa Tolentino | August 26th

As the grueling saga of the patent wars push on, people are getting dizzy following the drama. Verizon is already fed-up with these ridiculous patent wars and have thought of a solution to...»

Rejecting “Closed Source” Label, MapR Contrasts Its Hadoop Approach to Cloudera

Jeffrey Kelly | August 26th

Here’s the simple version of the story: Cloudera’s enterprise Hadoop distribution, CDH3, is open source, while MapR’s enterprise Hadoop distribution, M5, is closed. The reality is more nuanced, according to Jack Norris, MapR’s Vice President of...»