Microsoft Stalls Plans for Web TV Streaming Subscriptions

Kyt Dotson | January 12th

From an exclusive story at Reuters it looks like Microsoft Corp has put subscription plans for broadcast television streaming to their Xbox LIVE platform on hold. Instead of becoming a replacement for cable, Microsoft is focusing...»

Will eBay and PayPal Split as Mobile Commerce Peaks?

Cherr Aira | January 12th

The last holiday shopping extravaganza showed everyone a glimpse of the future: that of mobile commerce. Aside from having the most sellable line-up from smartphones to tablets, mobility has transcended to the next level...»

Google’s “Share Plus Your World” Raises More Privacy Issues

Mellisa Tolentino | January 12th

Google has been known as “The Search Giant” for years now, and people who were annoyed by commonly asked questions came up with a snappy retort to these unending queries: “Google it.” Last year, Google+ launched....»

Attivio Taps CSC for European Consulting Partnership

Jeffrey Kelly | January 12th

Attivio announced earlier this week that it has partnered with IT services provider CSC to expand its presence in Europe. CSC will distribute and provide support services for Attivio’s unified information access platform in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and...»

ActiveState’s Stackato Now Supports HP Cloud Services

Maria Deutscher | January 12th

Stackato, the open-source private PaaS based on VMware’s Cloud Foundry, can now be deployed on HP Cloud Services. The latter is a cloud-powered platform designed for the enterprise, and is currently in private beta....»

LG Signs Microsoft Patent Deal, Faces Fines for Price Fixing

Mellisa Tolentino | January 12th

LG Corp., the second-largest South Korean electronics conglomerate company, is creating quite a big buzz, starting with product launches at this year’s CES, and now, they’re caught up in patent deals, looking to investors...»

Things You Didn’t Know About CES: Infographic

Cherr Aira | January 12th

Bombarded with product launches from some of the tech industry’s biggest names, larger-than-life innovations and even a few surprises—these are the things we do know about the Consumer Electronics Show. Held annually, the largest assembly...»

Foxconn Mass Suicide Averted after Worker Negotiations

Mellisa Tolentino | January 12th

What if you’ve been working your butt off, but when you ask for a raise in salary your boss tells to either quit your job and receive compensation, or keep your job but receive no...»

Hewlett-Packard vs Oracle, European Edition

Maria Deutscher | January 12th

HP and Oracle have extended their legal clash to Europe, now that authorities are investigating accusations by the former claiming that the software giant is using discriminatory practices on licensing and support...»

Jaspersoft and Red Hat Launch Business Intelligence PaaS

Klint Finley | January 12th

Open source business intelligence vendor Jaspersoft today announced its BI platform-as-a-service. The service will first be available on RedHat OpenShift and will enable developers take take advantage of Jaspersoft's software for building customer BI applications. OpenShift...»