Business Has No Business on Google+

Mellisa Tolentino | July 8th

News broke earlier about the removal of non-user profiles (i.e. businesses, universities, NGO, teams, brands, organizations, etc.) in Google+ until a specialized service has been officially released.

The company has asked businesses to hold off

Business Intelligence in the Cloud? A Not So Simple Service

Alex Williams | July 8th

There's a flaw in the cloud-based business intelligence model. Too many vendors are offering the icing but not the cake. That's the argument made by Wayne Eckerson in a blog post: Expectations Vs Reality: Understanding the...»

Capgemini CEO: Soon to Be a Top 10 North American Services Provider

Alex Williams | July 7th

In a recent interview with Journal Du Net, Capgemini CEO Paul Hermelin said he expects the French company will soon join the top 10 of North American service providers. Hermelin said Capgemini is now...»

The Infamous Josh Harris Attempts Yet Another Entrepreneurial Comeback

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | July 7th

Some time back, I reviewed Ondi Timoner’s epic documentary of the rise and fall of Josh Harris entitled We Live in Public. In much the same way that Pirates of Silicon Valley or Hackers should be required...»

Kik a Dev Into Gear. Real-Time SDK in 10 Minutes

Ross LaRocco | July 7th

Kik Messenger strikes again, with more real-time goodness.  I love that phrase so much.  Everything should feel real-time, and now the doors are open to make it so.  What does this mean?

"Kik Messenger's

Google’s Laptops Are Big Sellers

Anton Wahlman | July 7th

Hey Microsoft, if you're in the car check the rearview mirror and move into the right lane. It looks like there is a laptop freight train called Google that's about to pass you in sales. I just checked...»

Will Skype on Facebook Scale to 750M Users? A Look Under the Hood.

Kristen Nicole | July 7th

Facebook announced video chat integration powered by Skype yesterday, introducing a new way to communicate on the global social network.  It’s a major point of integration for both services, especially for Skype.  When it comes...»

Case Study: How Service Matters for Maine Medical Center

Alex Williams | July 7th

Maine Medical Center is a nonprofit, community hospital for the people of greater Portland, Me. It has more than 400 beds in Portland and an additional 200 at locations in other parts of


Innovative Sweden Takes a Tour around the World

Kristina Farrah | July 7th

Over a hundred years ago, Sweden was among the poorest countries in Europe. Today, it’s one of the leaders in advancing Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Life Science, Clean Technology and Gaming. It’s simply one of the most...»

Fully Functional Bitcoin Wallet Comes to Android

Kyt Dotson | July 7th

We’ve been following the saga of this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for a while now. Bitcoins have found themselves in the media recently, and had their share of ups-and-downs, adoption as a currency has been low in real world...»