E-Mail Optimization and Archiving Strategies

Greg Schulz | September 19th

Email is a popular tool for messaging, calendaring, and managing contacts along with attachments in most organizations.

Given the popularity of email and diverse ways that it is used for managing various forms of unstructured data attachments including


Google Battles Infringement on One Side, Antitrust on the Other

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

Last week we reported that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Google CEO Larry Page are set to meet in court today to resolve their dispute that could possible end up threatening the reign of the...»

Google Wallet Ready for Holiday Rush?

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

As mobile wallets push for global domination, Google Wallet, the collaboration between Google and Citi MasterCard Worldwide, is rumored to be launching today.  Though some deem the release a bit late in the...»

Big Data Gleans Funding, Partnerships and New Products

Saroj Kar | September 19th

It has been another busy week for big data providers. We have seen few interesting developments this week focused mainly on funding, acquisitions and new products launches, indicating a growing business inclination around big data...»

Netflix DVD Service Now Qwikster, CEO Apologizes for Rough Transition

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

“I messed up. I owe everyone an explanation.” This is the first line Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote on his blog post Sunday night to address the growing concern of Netflix subscribers and investors.  After their...»

Survey: Web Developers and Other Tech Workers are Miserable

Klint Finley | September 18th

Director of IT took the top spot as the most miserable of jobs, with senior Web developer and technical support analyst also making the top ten, according to a series of articles by Steve Denning based...»

Is Apple Shopping for a Cloud Synchronization Provider?

Klint Finley | September 17th

We noted yesterday that Box rejected an acquisition offer significantly higher than its $550 million valuation. The company making the offer hasn't been named, but just last week Chip Hazard reported that Dropbox...»

Cyber Security Week

John Casaretto | September 16th

With so much going on in the world of Information Security it is difficult to encompass all that is developing so quickly in this technological landscape.   It makes sense then to review the best of the week,...»

How Scientists Share Ideas [Infographic]

Alex Williams | September 16th

Physicists are the social butterflies of the science world. What a concept, huh? And mathematicians are a bit less so. No big surprise there. I just ran across these findings in a post by Suzanne...»

HP In Hot Water for Iffy webOS Plans, Sued by Investors

Maria Deutscher | September 16th

Hewlett-Packard is facing some serious accusations for allegedly misleading its investors about the performance of its webOS mobile operating system, Reuters reported. During its latest earnings call, HP announced plans to spin off its...»