Facebook Denies Digital Publishing Plans with Latest Acquisition

Kristina Farrah | August 2nd

Facebook’s latest buyout is Push Pop Press, the digital book publisher behind Al Gore’s popular interactive app ‘Our Choice’ launched earlier this year. Does this mean Facebook intends to take its stake in the digital...»

Google Caught in the Web of Lawsuits, Faces 9 More from the EU

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

Google is a lemon being squeezed to the last drop, with all the lawsuits they are being slapped with this year.  But perhaps the biggest and toughest challenge has yet to come.  Today, the EU...»

Android Gains in Asia-Pacific as Apple Struggles in Emerging Markets

Val Galin | August 2nd

Looks like it will take more than a lawsuit and a patent court case to slow down the Android platform's global growth. On Monday, research firm Canalys reported that Google's mobile platform has...»

Amazon launching Groupon Competitor, Amazon Local

Saroj Kar | August 2nd

The potentially profitable daily deals market now mostly controlled by Groupon will witness a giant in e-commerce market entering into the same space, and the giant is none-other than Amazon. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Amazon...»

Who’s Listening In On Your Mobile Calls? Android Trojans Get Creepier

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

As mentioned in a recent SA article, Android devices are being compared to the popularity of Windows at a rather inopportune time in the mobile industry's evolution, making them targets for malicious malware attacks. ...»

Fast-Growing Bitcoin Exchange Ruxum to Begin Trading in European Currencies

Kyt Dotson | August 2nd

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Bitcoin and, in particular, Bitcoin exchanges it’s a ripe time for new players to enter into the market and wow people involved in the peer-to-peer virtual currency market. While this mathematically interesting currency...»

Hyundai Australia Frugal on Storage System Costs, Turns to Virtualization

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

IT economics’ consistent interest in virtualization attracts organizations that are serious in implementing cost-savings in their infrastructure and storage systems. This is what Hyundai Australia has explored beginning eight months ago, now reporting on...»

WIMM Labs: An Internet of 1-Inch Screens

Tom Foremski | August 2nd

Today WIMM Labs launched a modular device that shrinks a PC behind a tiny color display screen with wireless connectivity and full day battery power. The company hopes it will become a platform for a broad range...»

The Era of Healthcare IT Made Possible By the Cloud, Virtualization

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

When we let cloud and virtualization cross the threshold our society, we welcomed these two breakthrough technologies to improving the quality of our lives, medical concerns being at the top of our priorities. It’s a...»

HP Hires New Governmental Affairs Lead

Art Lindsey III | August 2nd

HP announced today that Gregg Melinson would be taking over as Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Deputy General Counsel.  Mr. Melinson will be taking over for Larry Irving, and will work primarily from the company's...»