Outsourcing 3.0: 4 Trends the CIO Needs to Watch in the Cloud Computing Age

Alex Williams | July 21st

What should a CIO be paying attention to in this time of services innovation? According to an IDC analyst, there are at least four trends to watch. These include a scaling of services; data center transformation;...»

Mobile Video Spreads Across Android Devices: Netflix, Hulu and U-Verse Race Ahead

Mellisa Tolentino | July 21st

Right now the smartphone is everyone’s best friend, as it holds one’s entire life together, from organizing your hectic schedule, staying connected with people, offering internet access, enabling mobile banking, and of course, there's the...»

Acer Enters Cloud Computing Space, Acquires iGware

Saroj Kar | July 21st

Taiwan's personal computer vendor Acer said it plans to buy US-based technology company iGware for $320 million. This move would allow Acer to enter lucrative cloud market and add value to its main hardware business,...»

Mobile Game Development, Device Design and Promos Evolve Hand in Hand

Phoebe Mandap | July 21st

Chuzzle, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies.  These are  just some of the famous games everybody enjoys right now.  The maker of the three games, PopCap has just teamed up with Sony Ericsson.  This deal...»

CX.com Raises $5M for Cloud Storage, Acquires Competitor

Maria Deutscher | July 21st

CX.com, a cloud storage and syncing service similar to Dropbox, Box.com and many others currently on the market, has just made a major step forward. The company received $5 million in capital from...»

Kinect Brings a World of Gaming for the First Time to Disabled Kids

Steven Hodson | July 21st

Say what you will about Microsoft, but without Bill Gates and his dream our world  probably wouldn’t look the same, and now another Microsoft product is looking to forever change the world for a whole new group...»

Commerce: Twitter’s New Monetization Strategy

Kristina Farrah | July 21st

The future of Twitter is hidden behind the walls of an unforeseen future, or so it seems. The departure of two its co-founders, the impact of Google+, and even the business model itself gets many people to question...»

From Anonymous to NATO: This is No Longer Your World

Kristina Farrah | July 21st

Following the footsteps of Lulz Security, Anonymous appears to have picked fights with the same figures LulzSec welcomed war against--a number of FBI-affiliated websites, and now NATO. The hacker collective posted on their site that they...»

Sony Sued by its Insurance Company over Data Breach Claims

Jennefer Almirante | July 21st

With all the hacking that's compromised companies' data in recent months, breaches have become a security issue that's resulted in profit potential loss and declines in revenue.  Any good businessman would know to have insurance...»

New York Times Looks to Digital as Print Losses Ruin Q2

Maria Pila | July 21st

The New York Times Company had announced its second quarter status, with a net loss in Q2 because of a non-cash writedown for declining value in some of its smaller newspapers. The company had a...»