HP Lands Another $2.5 Billion Contract with NASA

Maria Deutscher | April 28th

In light of the electronics’ giant graduate move into the cloud and software markets, Hewlett-Packard has landed yet another high-profile contract with NASA. Late last year, we’ve learned that HP has entered


Data-Driven Decision-Making Must Start At The Top

Jeffrey Kelly | April 28th

In a recent post I discussed steps that enterprises, software vendors and educational institutions must take to attract more people to careers in data analytics. A lot has been written about the scarcity of top-notch...»

Out And About: Techcrunch Bombshell Draws Lots of Passionate Critics

Tom Foremski | April 28th

I went out to several parties last night related to the AppNation conference that's in town and spoke to a lot of developers and others about the revelation that Techcrunch editor Mike Arrington is investing...»

New Smartphone Envy: Two-Thirds Say Stuck with Old Phones

Tom Foremski | April 28th

The power of the new: Retrevo, the consumer electronics buyers guide, conducted a survey that finds 62% of smartphone owners believe they are stuck with obsolete devices because of their two-year contracts.

Andrew Eisner, Director of Community and


Cisco Softens the Cut-Back Blow with Early Retirement Options

Isha Suri | April 28th

Cisco Systems is offering early retirement to U.S. and Canadian employees as a part of its "Refocus process". The largest computer-networking equipment manufacturer is doing this as a part of its strategy issued...»

Apple Reaches into iCloud.com; Facebook Acquires Daytum

Kyt Dotson | April 28th

It’s a strange week for acquisitions involving personal data and the lives of users this week as both Facebook and Apple have generated stories about what acquisitions they’re making. On the Apple site, we’re watching from a...»

Head in the Cloud

Jeff Nolan | April 28th

Yesterday at the Pervasive Software Metamorphosis event I spoke on a panel hosted by the esteemed Ray Wang and on this panel, which was for an audience of journalists and analysts, we talked about the...»

Is Twitter Headed Back to Windows Live?

Steven Hodson | April 28th

I’ve written about the lack of Twitter integration on Windows Live and the newer Windows Phone and is something that I’ve been keeping an eye on as well,  I was pleased to ...»

AOL’s Techcrunch Editor Discloses Investments, Admits to Conflicts Of interests

Tom Foremski | April 28th

He said he had refrained from making investments in startups since 2009 because of distracting accusations of conflicts of interest but that he had recently changed that policy (following the sale of Techcrunch to AOL).

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What to do with Your Whrrl Data Now that Groupon’s Shutting it Down

Kristen Nicole | April 28th

The merger and acquisition scene is pretty hot right now, with significant consolidation around location-based and data-centric applications.  Groupon recently bought Whrrl, and hours later eBay snatched up WHERE.  There’s a rising profit