The Jobs of Innovation: from PC to iPad

Mellisa Tolentino | August 25th

Steve Jobs, a legend in the tech industry.  Well-known for his collaboration with Steve Wozniak in building the Apple Empire, Jobs created innovations that no one knew they needed (or wanted?) until he made...»

Will Tim Cook’s Apple Be More Enterprise Friendly?

Klint Finley | August 24th

Apple's board of directors announced today that Steve Jobs is stepping down as the CEO and COO Tim Cook is stepping up to fill Jobs' role. Our coverage is here. It's an end of an era for...»

End of An Era: Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO – Tim Cook Steps in

John Furrier | August 24th

Steve Jobs and Apple computer announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of Apple Computer. Here is Steve Jobs' personal letter to his fans and friends. Apple Computer, the company Jobs with longtime friend Steve...»

Microsoft MSN Meets Renren, IM’ing Gone Wild

Saroj Kar | August 24th

Microsoft’s joint venture Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology Co., Ltd. and Renren Inc., the leading real name social networking internet platform in China, today made a deal to offer users a seamless integration of their...»

Steve Jobs Quits As Apple CEO – The Steve Jobs Resignation Letter

John Furrier | August 24th

Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO on Wednesday.  Here is his resignation letter. To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet...»

eXo the Latest to Support Cloud Foundry

Maria Deutscher | August 24th

eXo, a company that offers what it calls development-as-a-service, or a cloud based IDE, announced today that Cloud Foundry is now a part of the list of PaaS services it supports. Existing ones include  CloudBees,...»

Gale Tech Optimizes for VMware Clouds

Maria Deutscher | August 24th

IT resource optimization company Gale Technologies announced a new product today, the Gale Scheduler for VMware Clouds.  Scheduler aims to further increase the cost efficiency of virtualization by optimizing the resource allocation to virtual machines....»

Windows 8: A True Cloud-Ready OS?

Saroj Kar | August 24th

With Windows 8, the next big Microsoft desktop OS, will we see Windows become a true future-ready, cloud-based operating system? A recent Microsoft patent demonstrates how the OS can boot from the cloud.  Called ...»

Will Sprint Be A Part of the iPhone 5 Posse?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 24th

Remember when you were a kid, your parents would tell you that you can’t have a toy because it is way too expensive?  Then you'd just want it all the more.  You dream and drool...»

Google Photos Get More Social: From Apps to Maps

Mellisa Tolentino | August 24th

When Google acquired Slide over a year ago, it was another step towards developing a larger photo-sharing coupe.  Last week they launched a photo-sharing app for iOS and Android devices, Photovine, which was...»