Is Internet Cloud & Big Data Killing Stock Exchanges? The New Network Is Virtual

Andy Kessler | April 30th

Who Cares Who Owns The New York Stock Exchange? Right now, the Germans want it. In February, Deutsche Börse bid $9.5 billion for NYSE Euronext, only to be topped on April 1 by a


VentureANGLE – Message to Limited Parters (LP) Venture Capital Has Failed

Georges van Hoegaerden | April 30th

Guest Post by Georges van Hoegaerden, is an entrepreneur, serial CEO, Venture Catalyst, Private Investor, (part-time) Venture Capitalist turned Venture Economist. George has been posting opposing arguments on his site against the current...»

SAP Has a Lot Riding on its Upcoming HANA Apps

Jeffrey Kelly | April 29th

SAPPHIRE is just two weeks away and a big theme at this year’s conference will undoubtedly be in-memory computing. And the stakes are high for SAP. Data analytics today is all about size and speed. The two key questions...»

William and Kate Rule the Internet: Breaking Streaming Records, Ebay Sales and BBC Crash

Cherr Aira | April 29th

It seemed as if the whole world stopped to witness Prince William and Catherine Middleton, as they tied the knot at the West Minster Abbey earlier today.  With over 2 billion watching from around the...»

More Thoughts on Curation and Rescuing Content from the Obscurity of the Timeline

Tom Foremski | April 29th

Last week I wrote about the tyranny of the timeline and how good content disappears once it is pushed off the home page and into the archives. [How Curation Can Rescue Great Content From The...»

Lawsuit Lunch: Google, Twitter Join Apple in Court

Maria Deutscher | April 29th

Earlier this week, Apple got sued by two of its customers, Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito, for allegedly tracking the location of their devices without their content. Now, Google’s Android and Twitter have joined


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Amazon EC2 Crash

Kyt Dotson | April 29th

Last week generated the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the cloud and specifically Amazon’s cloud when their service crashed and took down a multitude of sites that depended on it. It’s taken a week,...»

This Week in the Cloud: Workspace Computing in the Spotlight

Maria Deutscher | April 29th

The past week has seen a lot of updates from a lot of companies spread across every corner of the cloud, but one segment in particular took the spotlight with a number


Wall Street ANGLE FalconStor Earnings Q1 Summary & Notes

John Furrier | April 29th

FalconStor, a company that SiliconANGLE has been covering since VMworld 2011, announced their earnings. FalconStor reported Q1 FY11 results after the close yesterday. Amidst substantial restructuring of North American sales team and decline of OEM...»

Microsoft’s 2011 Q3 Earnings Are Out, and They Are Big

Steven Hodson | April 29th

Microsoft watchers, and I presume Wall Street as well, have been waiting for the announcement of Microsoft’s 2011 Q3 earnings. Well, they are out and the results should have them smiling in the boardroom. From...»