Technology Services: A Market in Transition

Dave Vellante | June 30th

A Market Primer: How Cloud Computing, the Rise of India and the Consumerization of IT are Changing the IT Services Business The market for technology services is changing dramatically, driven by macro forces of cloud computing, virtualization, mobility...»

Social Enterprise Matters, In Case You Didn’t Know

Maria Deutscher | June 29th

Social business software maker Jive released a report today suggesting that social enterprise is being considered a strategic priority by more and more execs. The study, called  Jive Social Business Index 1H 2011, surveyed  301...»

AppHarbor’s New API Gets Around Azure

Kristen Nicole | June 29th

.NET developers get a boost from AppHarbor this week, as the company releases an add-on API.  The new developer tool provides a self-service portal for third-party providers, letting developers purchase cloud services directly...»

MySpace SOLD to the Dungeon of Doom! Crack Those Ads.

Ross LaRocco | June 29th

The fate of MySpace has finally been uncovered.  Recently, I mentioned how Facebook would have benefited by the founders crossing over to the light.  It didn't quite happen that way.  The service was...»

Oracle Acquires Pillar Data Systems, Strengthens I/O Storage Portfolio

Saroj Kar | June 29th

Oracle's made another major buy today, announcing that it has agreed to acquire Pillar Data Systems, a privately held storage technology company that is majority-owned by Oracle's own chief executive officer, Larry Ellison. Neither parties...»

HP Expands Storage Business Amidst Company Shifts

Maria Deutscher | June 29th

Hewlett-Packard is making storage a very major aspect of its outlook, especially as it shifts in manufacturing and services strategies to reflect today's enterprise and consumer markets. The company is currently the largest storage vendor...»

Mobile Metrics Get Social with AddThis for iOS, Android

Jennefer Almirante | June 29th

Online content sharing platform provider, Clearspring, announces that their AddThis tool has gone mobile.  The platform can increase social sharing capabilities with the use of leading mobile devices like the iPhone and


Google+ More Than Just a Social Networking Plot?

Mellisa Tolentino | June 29th

If you don't have at least one social network that you religiously log in to, you must be living under a rock.  Everyone has either a Facebook or Twitter account, to say the least, each...»

Exclusive: Yahoo HortonWorks Funding Details $20m Raise @ $200m Valuation – EMC, NetApp Pass, Benchmark Steps in

John Furrier | June 29th

Yahoo's core Hadoop contributors have left the company to form their own startup called HortonWorks. HortonWorks has big time financing and support from Benchmark, and the company will be headed by be ex-Yahoo engineer manager Eric Baldeschwieler. ...»

Sony Gaming Gets New Chief in Wake of PSN Hacks

Kristen Nicole | June 29th

With barely two months having passed since the Sony hacking incident (which led to the closing down of their prestigious online gaming systems, the PlayStation Network), Sony is now ready to reshuffle