DataDirect Aims High in Supercomputing

Saroj Kar | August 17th

DataDirect Networks, one of the world’s biggest data storage and processing solution provider, threw out a few milestones today, touting its leadership in large scale, high capacity parallel files storage systems. The company said DataDirect...»

Amazon Bats Eyes at Gov’t Sector with New Cloud Services

Maria Deutscher | August 17th

Today Amazon made an announcement that placed it two steps of the competition: it unveiled GovCloud, what is essentially an ultra secure version of six Amazon Web Services designed for the use of government...»

Nordic Games Rescues JoWood, The Adventure Company from Insolvency

Kristina Farrah | August 17th

Swedish game developer Nordic Games today announced the acquisition of Jowood, as well as brands, products, and a number of subsidiaries including The Adventure Company. Publishing under Nordic Games GmBH Vienna, Austria office, the two newly-acquired...»

Verizon’s Tiered 4G Plans Hit 5 More States

Kristina Farrah | August 17th

In an effort to gradually tailor internet connectivity to new smartphone users, Verizon's putting out data plans for as low as $20 per month in five states: Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.  The...»

VMware Announces Expanded Cloud Foundry Support

Maria Deutscher | August 17th

Virtualization giant VMware announced that it has expanded support for Cloud Foundry, its open-source PaaS offering.  As a part of a new partnership with Dell, the latter’s services business will integrate the beta platform-as-a-service...»

Google Goes Super Green, Rewards Employees for Sustainability

Mellisa Tolentino | August 17th

Nowadays, it’s hard not to notice that things just aren't what they used to be.  Do you remember when you were still a kid, excited for summer because of all the fun activities to do...»

Sinofsky Sets the Rules of Discussion on Windows 8

Steven Hodson | August 17th

The other day Steven Sinofsky, and the Windows 8 crew by proxy, broke cover with the first blog post about Windows 8 on the new Building Windows 8 blog, and now today we get...»

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Demo Leaked, Reveals Skype Integration

Kyt Dotson | August 17th

It’s been long rumored, but now it’s close to being confirmed: Skype integration will be coming to Xbox 360. Tom Warren at Winrumors discovered a video on YouTUBE (although quickly pulled by Microsoft) that demonstrates a...»

Be Smart About What You Post on LinkedIn

Angela Connor | August 17th

It’s one thing to gripe on Twitter. People expect it. If it’s a customer service issue and you’re lucky – the right person from Company X will see it, work to resolve your issue, and you can...»

Here Comes the Flood: Major VC Firms Funding Corporate Media Push into Social Media

Tom Foremski | August 17th

Somewhat lost in Monday's news because of Google's acquisition of Motorola, Buddy Media, a New York startup raised $54 million at a $500 million valuation. Buddy Media helps corporations set up and run their presence on...»