Samsung Gears Up for Their “Prime” Event

Mellisa Tolentino | October 6th

“In everyday life, some things just go better together Cookies + milk = A better snack Coffee + newspaper = A better morning Planner + fountain pen = A better plan Wine + candles = A better moment Another perfect

The Good and Bad of EMC-Oracle Relationship

Maria Deutscher | October 6th

Jason Kotsafis, a director at EMC, dropped by theCube with Dave Vellante on day three of the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 conference to elaborate on how EMC and Oracle position themselves with and against one...»

What Jobs’ Life and Death Means to You

Mellisa Tolentino | October 6th

Genius.  Innovator.  Visionary.  Entrepreneur.  Friend.  Colleague.  Competitor.  Driving force.  These are just some of the words that describe Apple founder Steve Jobs.  And with the news of his passing spreading like a virus on...»

Android Leads as U.S. Mobile OS, Apple Stable

Saroj Kar | October 6th

ComScore released data on the U.S. mobile market for the month of August 2011 and the results show that Android's still growing and Apple basically stable. New data from comScore for the U.S. market in...»

Will Tablets Replace Laptops in the Office? Not so Much

Bert Latamore | October 6th

Ever since Steve Jobs showed off the first iPad on TV 18 months ago, tablets have captured the buzz in the end-user computing market. The phenomenal monthly iPad sales figures, the appearance of entirely new,...»

Openworld a Contrast by Name, says EMC: Oracle’s “Not Open”

Maria Deutscher | October 6th

David Nicholson, the senior director of director Intel Global Alliances for EMC, stopped by theCube with Dave Vellante at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.  He talked cloud and open source, as well as not so open IT...»

Mobile Ads Shift with the Seasons: Millennial Media SMART Report

Mellisa Tolentino | October 6th

Mobile advertising, or any advertising, for that matter, changes every season and you can see how the mobile ad trends shift according to the time of year.  We've recently gone from summer into the ‘Back-to-school’...»

Steve Jobs, the Cloud, and Amazing Dedication to Vision

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | October 6th

So, as you have already heard by now, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died. I spent the evening with John Furrier and Kien Tran after closing out #theCube's last broadcast day at Oracle OpenWorld this week and listened...»

Ellison and Benioff Battles Now Look Meaningless with Jobs Passing

Alex Williams | October 6th

The dueling, the growling and the insults between Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison this week at Oracle OpenWorld stopped having any relevance late yesterday afternoon. Steve Jobs is dead. Every rivalry in the tech world now...»

Steve Jobs: The Mentor of Creativity

Kristen Nicole | October 6th

Steve Jobs was the life of many, emulating the spirit of creativity that stood resilient against a doubting industry, never quite equipped for the pioneering nature of his vision.  He wore a look that seemed...»