Google+ Boosts Google Shares Ahead of Q2 Earnings Report

Maria Pila | July 14th

Google's set to announce its Q2 financial results later today, with the company stock boosting ahead of the earnings call.  Investors polled by Thomson Reuters expect the search engine to report a net revenue of...»

IBM SmartCloud Reaches Japan, Two New Data Centers in the Works

Mellisa Tolentino | July 14th

With the cloud era’s continued rise, the tech and industry behind it is already becoming big in Asia.  IBM answers the demand by opening two new data centers in Japan; the SmartCloud Enterprise, which...»

Dell Stage: It’s About the Services

Alex Williams | July 14th

Dell's commitment to an end-to-end services strategy is evident in the news last week that it has launched its free storage and synchronization service on a select set of desktops and tablets. The service is...»

Gluster Adds Rob Bearden to the Board, Joins Linux Foundation

Robert Manto | July 14th

Gluster, one of the leading providers of open source storage for public, private and hybrid clouds, has teamed up with Linux Foundation with the goal of promoting and developing Linux.  Gluster's


Spotify in the U.S. Here’s How it Works

Mellisa Tolentino | July 14th

Spotify is finally landing in the U.S.!   But with all the available music-streaming services(i.e. iTunes, Pandora, Napster, Amazon Cloud Player, Google Music etc.), do we really need another one?  Of course!  You can’t...»

Windows 8 for Tablets: A Concept of the Unified Ecosystem

Maria Pila | July 14th

Microsoft never fails to gain the attention of the tech world every time they launch a new platform.  Now it's Windows 8.  Last month, we got a glimpse at what Microsoft has in store...»

Big Data Era: Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises, Individuals and the Law

Saroj Kar | July 14th

New innovations and new technologies are accumulating more data than ever before. Enterprises are becoming more data centric, lending to different types of applications, tools, networks and infrastructures to manage the massive volume of data....»

Cloud Savvy Small Business Market Evident at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Alex Williams | July 13th

Parallels Software is well-known for its virtualization software that allows Microsoft applications to run in a Macintosh environment. These days its greater significance in the market is arguably for its cloud services delivery software that...»

User Privacy may be Fading Away as Facial Recognition Evolves

Maria Deutscher | July 13th

Facial recognition has been a growing trend in social media for quite some time, and now dozens law enforcement agencies in several states are finding a better use for the technology. As of September hundreds of police officers will...»

HP Infrastructure Powers AlMajdouie Logistics

Robert Manto | July 13th

With hopes of improving its operations, AlMajdouie Group has selected HP Converged Infrastructure – which includes servers, storage, backup and services. HP’s packaged infrastructure automates the relevant operations of AlMajdouie Group. AlMajdouie Group is one...»