EMC Beats Q2 Estimates, Studies Cloud Expansion in India

Robert Manto | July 20th

A recent EMC-commissioned study reveals that the private cloud computing industry will grow 10 times in a span of four years and create 100,000 new jobs. Zinnov Management Consulting has performed a comprehensive study on...»

Social Currency and Credit Gains Support from Finance Industry: the New Daily Deal

Robert Manto | July 20th

With companies like Groupon and LivingSocial already in a big lead in the daily deals sector, American Express wants to catch up to the leaders of the pack with its own fresh idea. Yesterday, American...»

Yahoo Revenue Falls in Q2, Optimistic for Remaining Year

Robert Manto | July 20th

Yahoo’s Q2 profit rose compared to the same period last year, but revenues fell by 5%. The decline has been attributed to the company’s reorganization of its sales department earlier this year. "We underestimated...»

Can Google+ Plus Leverage the Monopoly at Hand?

Cherr Aira | July 20th

If there's one name that troubles the first and second-ranked social networks in the world, it's Google+. The myriad of benefits that it carries is a long and growing list. But summing it all up,...»

Facebook Ads Ride their Own Wave, Increase Prices

Mellisa Tolentino | July 20th

Here’s the reality.  You can’t browse Facebook without seeing an ad.  Everywhere you go, all you see are ads plastered on the sides of the page, or even in News Feeds.  Why?  Because companies pay...»

Baidu Joins the Crowded Browser Market, Boosts Competition

Saroj Kar | July 19th

Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant, unveiled its own web browser today. The browser will be in direct competition with market giants including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Baidu is marketing the...»

Huawei Symantec Launches First All-Flash Array

Maria Deutscher | July 19th

Huawei Symantec (HS), a joint venture between Chinese storage and networking equipment manufacturer Huawei and software giant Symantec, announced the latest addition to its product portfolio: the OceanSpace Dorado S2100. The all-flash array is...»

Apple Sees Record Earnings, Lion Out Tomorrow

Maria Deutscher | July 19th

Apple held its earnings call today, and reported stellar results for its third quarter. The company has seen an 82 percent increase in revenue compared to last year’s $15.7 billion: it generated $28.57 billion,...»

F1 is Back But Now as a Service

Alex Williams | July 19th

Mindtouch is bringing back F1. But this time the help function is in providing customer service in Web applications. It's not the F1 of old, the one on your keyboard when you had a question...»

1 in 5 Drops their Phone in the Toilet. Hope It’s Just Your Data that’s Backed Up.

Kristina Farrah | July 19th

Not too long ago, a Pew Internet Project survey revealed that one third of American adults (35 percent) owns a smartphone. Now, Plaxo, creator of a universal address book, digs a little deeper into our...»