Ex-NASA Executive jumps to Cloud, Launches Nebula

Saroj Kar | July 27th

Former chief technology officer of NASA, Chris Kemp, along with his team have launch their space shuttle not to reach to the stars but to the clouds with their latest venture Nebula. The new OpenStack...»

Health Apps Not just for Laypersons, Soon to be FDA Approved

Mellisa Tolentino | July 27th

We have seen health apps all over the app stores, and sometimes we just have to stop and think, “do these really work?”  The Food and Drug Authority is also taking a closer look...»

LulzSec Protests Hacker Arrest, Authorities Fan the Flames

John Casaretto | July 27th

Details surrounding the alleged capture of famed hacker Topiary as announced today will continue to emerge in the days to come. The announcement is curious however in this analyst's opinion as the nature of the notorious group...»

Nebula – This Open Cloud Idea May Have Legs After all

Alex Williams | July 27th

Nebula was announced at OSCON today, an OpenStack  and OpenCompute initiative to provide open-source hardware and services infrastructure for enterprises to build open cloud infrastructures. Nebula will take OpenStack and the Facebook Open...»

Syncsort Tries To Pump-up MapReduce

Jeffrey Kelly | July 27th

A number of data integration vendors have developed connectors that allow companies to move data between Hadoop clusters and analytic databases, enterprise applications and other sources. But one data integration vendor, Syncsort, is also...»

Altimeter Group Is Growing Like A Weed

Tom Foremski | July 27th

I have a soft spot for the Altimeter Group, a pioneering band of consultants founded by the impressive Charlene Li, with a mission to educate corporate America about the value of listening and engaging with customers. It's...»

On-Going Hacking Campaign against Defense Contractors Uncovered

Maria Deutscher | July 27th

Researchers from Invincea Labs and ThreatGrid discovered what seems like a cyber espionage campaign against some 163 key executives, including presidents and CEOs of key defense contractors, who attended a recent Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity event. The whole thing was picked...»

The Facial Recognition Revolution: Will Privacy Win Out?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 27th

Do you still remember the time when you watched a sci-fi movie and the bad guys were caught because of facial recognition?  Remember thinking how cool it would be if that ever became a reality? ...»

Tech Execs Hit Refresh: Intel Gets New Chairman

Robert Manto | July 27th

This week has been characterized with various executive appointments and re-shuffling. Leading chipmaker Intel is the latest to make significant executive changes as it announced that longtime executive Andy Bryant will be its new...»

Metropolitan Police Announce Capture of Hacker “Topiary” of LulzSec Fame

Kyt Dotson | July 27th

Well, it looks like the first step of LulzSec’s catch-me-if-you-can may be coming to a head with the announcement by the London Metropolitan Police who say that they’ve captured the hacker “Topiary.” The announcement mentions the arrest...»