Wall Street ANGLE – Citrix Systems Earnings – Summary and Notes

John Furrier | April 28th

Citrix Synergy is around the corner so we are excited about Citrix these days here at SiliconANGLE.com, Wikibon.org, and the new stealth team at our Wall Street ANGLE. SiliconANGLE has initiated coverage on Citrix last...»

Clearspring Serious About Big Data, Makes Audience Platform “Portable”

Kristen Nicole | April 28th

Clearspring’s been building its big data strategy for a couple of years now, and as it seeks new verticals in the marketing industry, Clearspring is releasing another major feature for its product line

Tech Patent Wars Continue: Oracle Beats Google in Court

Maria Deutscher | April 28th

It seems that business rivalry in the tech industry usually comes alongside multiple patent infringement claims exchanged between competing companies. Two of these are Oracle and Google. The former sued the internet company last


Zappos.com Puts Crowdsourcing where its Mouth is with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Kyt Dotson | April 28th

The idea behind crowdsourcing has always been taking the combined efforts of a large group and directing them towards a single task. In a lot of venues, crowdsourcing can be used for charity by taking small donations...»

Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE this Friday, First Week is Free

Kyt Dotson | April 28th

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Hulu and Xbox LIVE are great tastes that will go great together and they will be together this Friday. Starting April 29th, Hulu Plus is coming to Xbox LIVE and...»

Interop Preview: What is all the Hype About Openflow?

Art Fewell | April 28th

I have been keeping tabs on OpenFlow for the past few years, and I am excited to see increased awareness and interest in this technology as we approach Interop. Despite the strength of the Open...»

HP Lands Another $2.5 Billion Contract with NASA

Maria Deutscher | April 28th

In light of the electronics’ giant graduate move into the cloud and software markets, Hewlett-Packard has landed yet another high-profile contract with NASA. Late last year, we’ve learned that HP has entered


Data-Driven Decision-Making Must Start At The Top

Jeffrey Kelly | April 28th

In a recent post I discussed steps that enterprises, software vendors and educational institutions must take to attract more people to careers in data analytics. A lot has been written about the scarcity of top-notch...»

Out And About: Techcrunch Bombshell Draws Lots of Passionate Critics

Tom Foremski | April 28th

I went out to several parties last night related to the AppNation conference that's in town and spoke to a lot of developers and others about the revelation that Techcrunch editor Mike Arrington is investing...»

New Smartphone Envy: Two-Thirds Say Stuck with Old Phones

Tom Foremski | April 28th

The power of the new: Retrevo, the consumer electronics buyers guide, conducted a survey that finds 62% of smartphone owners believe they are stuck with obsolete devices because of their two-year contracts.

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