Mobile Video Upswing Gains Investors, Unifying Standards for Animoto and Beyond

Mellisa Tolentino | June 29th

With today's fast paced lifestyle, everyone seems to be running out of time; people are opting to watching videos on their mobile devices rather than watching from their own homes.  Major mobile phone...»

EMC Boasts Stellar Isilon Speeds as World’s Data Doubles Every 2 Years

Maria Pila | June 29th

EMC is known for its excellence in the information storage industry. Remaining relevant for over 30 years is no small feat in this industry, so it’s no wonder they acquired Isilon Systems, a provider...»

Microsoft Launches Full Office 365 in the Cloud, Eyes Profit

Saroj Kar | June 29th

Microsoft has made a big move in launching the full version of its cloud-based Office suite, Office 365, on the web. The launch is aimed at a head-on competition with Google and other web-based business providers...»

It’s an IPO Rave Party for Tech, Fusion-io Wins Big

Cherr Aira | June 29th

And so the tech invasion of IPOs continues... More and more investors are now shifting their cards to IT companies that just recently went public. Pandora, LinkedIn, Bankrate and Renren saw impressive stock shares...»

Chaotic Pigs Disrupt Workflow: WP7 Gets Angry Birds

Ross LaRocco | June 29th

WP7 phone application releases are stacking up by the day.  Angry Birds is now available on the Microsoft platter, and these pigs are built from the ground up to annoy the living snot out of...»

Skype Seeks More Points of Access, Gives Developers Skypekit

Robert Manto | June 29th

Ever think of having Skype on your wristwatch? That possibility might not be too far off! Skype has just launched a new SDK named SkypeKit. The development tool consists of a collection of APIs...»

Cloudera Crashes Hortonworks Party with Hadoop Enterprise Update

Kristen Nicole | June 29th

It’s been an action-packed week for the open-source cloud, and especially for Hadoop-based products.  Yahoo launched a heavily speculated spin-off of its Hadoop project called Hortonworks, while Ravel pushed out its own open source...»

Is Hortonworks Yahoo’s Smartest Play in Years?

Alex Williams | June 28th

Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital launched Hortonworks today with the mission to revolutionize and commoditize the storage and processing of big data via open source. It's not unexpected news. There has been talk over the past...»

Energy Saving Service Opportunities from Veridity

David Floyer | June 28th

Veridity announced EnergyCenter Version 2.0 on June 21 2011, and now represents a new opportunity for service providers to sell software and services to help clients achieve significant savings in power costs, and improve utilization of IT resources...»

Yahoo Takes Hadoop Enterprise with Hortonworks

Robert Manto | June 28th

Yahoo and Benchmark have teamed up to form an independent company Hortonworks. This initiative further increases the investment of developing Apache Hadoop. Horton Works will concentrate its efforts in making Hadoop an enterprise-ready...»