EnterpriseDB Takes on Oracle with Latest Launch

Maria Deutscher | August 23rd

EnterpriseDB, a developer of Postgres tools, launched the Postgres Enterprise Manager today. Enterprise Manager is a PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server monitoring program that is now available to existing EnterpriseDB clients for download, and as...»

Oracle Considers Purchase of HP’s Enterprise Business

Maria Deutscher | August 23rd

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has his eyes on long time rival Hewlett-Packard, or at least its enterprise business. According to an unnamed insider there's a chance Oracle may acquire HP now that the latter's stock is falling, saying that this...»

Microsoft After Motorola Too, Seeks Ban on U.S. Sales

Maria Pila | August 23rd

Another patent battle between Motorola and Microsoft went before the International Trade Commission (ITC) today as Microsoft began arguing its case that Android-based smartphones made by Motorola Mobility infringed on seven of Microsoft's patents. Motorola...»

Google Street View: Approved in Israel, Not Welcome in Europe

Cherr Aira | August 23rd

Hostile. If there is a perfect word that describes the response of European countries and parts of the United States about Google Street View, then this is the perfect one. Presently, there are over 30 nations that permitted...»

HP 3PAR Scores Big in New Converged Cloud Storage Portfolio

Cherr Aira | August 23rd

The IT atmosphere is cloudy.  And indications are all pointing to trends that will yield more success for cloud storage and virtualization in the coming years.  This perhaps has pushed enterprises to tweak their business...»

ERPLY for iPad: Choose Card Swipes or NFC

Mellisa Tolentino | August 23rd

ERPLY, the Estonian company leading in cloud-based mobile, laptop and desktop POS and retail inventory management solution, announced a credit card reader for handheld mobile devices to deliver a fast, secure way to process...»

BlackBerry Curve, Colt Bring New OS, Features to Market

Maria Pila | August 23rd

We have seen the Blackberry Playbook launch based on QNX OS, and while we have heard many times that we are also going to see some smartphones arrive with QNX, the details have been rather...»

Google Android-Chrome Integration Available Soon

Mellisa Tolentino | August 23rd

So here’s the deal, Android and Chrome are both from Google but Android has its own web browser, which is not Chrome, but the two browsers share some codes. It's a curious affair, but...»

GoodThreads’ Shirts That Tell Stories: How Technology Promotes Good

Kristina Farrah | August 23rd

Los Angeles-based GoodThreads announced the launch of an innovative, user-friendly eCommerce platform for engaging supporters to increase donations and raising awareness of different causes.  This technology will integrate into non-profits’ event registration and donation...»

Apple Gearing Up A New Line Of Macs, Cheaper iPhone 4 And iPhone 5? Release

Mellisa Tolentino | August 23rd

As HP continues to shock everyone with marked down tablets, a new desktop and a new health contract, Apple is not just going to sit in the corner and allow HP to get all...»