Bizzy Wants to Be the Yelp of Today’s Mobile Age

Kristen Nicole | June 30th

Bizzy’s local business app keeps growing, rolling out with new features in response to today’s mobile environment.  This most recent update incorporates some social features into the app, with the aim of extending more personalized

Delivering the best Customer Experience Through ‘Big Data’ approach

Saroj Kar | June 30th

Have you ever felt trapped in a bad customer service experience? Poor customer service not only hurts customers, but companies whose reputations are in stake.  And once it starts flooding the web and real world,...»

Hitlantis Raises $1.5M to Develop Space-Age Music Discovery

Kristina Farrah | June 30th

Heavily focused on indie bands, Finnish music service Hitlantis raises $1.5 million angel funding from an array of Finnish angels and private investors, some of which are Nokia executives, in order develop a unique...»

Samsung Strikes Back: Lawsuits against Apple Stretch Worldwide

Mellisa Tolentino | June 30th

You’d think that since Samsung supplies the chips and screens used by Apple, these two would get along.  But no, last week, Apple filed a follow-up lawsuit against Samsung in South Korea regarding the product-copying...»

Starbucks is Now Breaking Wallets Using Your iPhone.

Ross LaRocco | June 30th

Starbucks currently has an iPhone application and mobile payment system making coffee purchases simple.  Buying your daily cup of java is a mere tap of a touch screen.  It's convienent,  so what could be better...»

Initial Quick Thoughts on Google+

chrissaad | June 30th

It’s certainly very slick, but it’s a few years behind Facebook. I mean that not just in timing and network effects, but in the much more strategic sense of platform ambition. was the strategy 4 ...»

Dell: More than Just PC Hardware

Mellisa Tolentino | June 30th

For the past three years, Dell has been making some key acquisitions, and the hardware maker shows no signs of stopping.  Their three-year stint is already paying off, as they reported a $945 million profit...»

Missing Lulzsec Already? Watch These Hacker-Inspired Movies

Cherr Aira | June 30th

The hacker binge is still at large, even as the LulzSec witchunt lives on. But LulZec is possibly the one of the most notorious names in the business of hacking, even plotting attacks on government’s...»

Big Data Has Big Potential in Flash Sales

Kristina Farrah | June 30th

Outdoor gear flash sales site The Clymb grows its online community with an expanded selection, raising $2 million in Series A funding to advance its standing as a lifestyle marketplace.  The funding will also prop...»

Kaspersky Labs Uncovers Highly Sophisticated Botnet that Forms “Indestructible” Network

Kyt Dotson | June 30th

It appeared in 2008, pulling itself out of the mire of malware ecology to quickly become dominant in its niche. Originally named TDL by its creator—identified as TDSS by Kaspersky Labs—the malware eventually became to grow into...»