Flash storage to be cheaper than disk by 2016, Wikibon predicts

Bert Latamore | December 19th

The price of flash storage has already dropped below that of high-speed disk while providing order-of-magnitude higher performance, and it's on a trajectory to become a lower cost media than disk for almost all storage in 2016,...»

Blizzard teases gold-for-game-time in World of Warcraft

Eric David | December 19th

Blizzard Entertainment is considering allowing players to buy game time tokens with real money to sell to other players for gold, the in-game currency in World of Warcraft. "We’re exploring the possibility of giving players a way...»

Skytap lands another $35 million for enterprise DevOps platform

Maria Deutscher | December 19th

Skytap Inc. has landed $35 million in funding from a diverse group of investors to double down on the growing interest in its cloud platform, which takes a new approach to fostering collaboration among operations and engineering...»

Google secretly working on ‘Android M’, aims to connect cars directly to the Internet

Collen Kriel | December 19th

In June Google Inc. announced Android Auto at Google I/O, starting the search giant’s big move into automobiles. Android Auto is not an embedded operating system; rather it provides a software layer...»

Volvo connected safety tech aims to prevent car/ cyclist accidents

Duncan Riley | December 19th

Volvo Personvagnar AB, in collaboration with sports gear maker POC Sweden AB and Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson have announced a new connected safety technology that connects drivers and cyclists. The technology, to be formally unveiled at CES Las Vegas in January,...»

Apple is hiring: London team to expand Apple Pay into Europe

Collen Kriel | December 19th

Apple Inc. is gearing up to take Apple Pay global. Apple has advertised a job aimed at forming a new Apple Pay team in London in order to help expand the service...»

Microsoft admits “human error” led to last month’s Azure outage

Mike Wheatley | December 19th

Microsoft has just published a blow-by-blow account of what went wrong during last month's Azure cloud storage service outage, which caused thousands of websites, including its own Windows Store and MSN.com, to go offline. The Microsoft...»

Open Garden nets $10.8M to expand mesh-networking FireChat app

Mike Wheatley | December 19th

Open Garden, the company behind the offline messaging app FireChat that doesn't need a mobile network, has just announced a fresh funding round of $10.8 million to boost its growth in...»

First world problems: users whine after Instagram purges spam accounts

Duncan Riley | December 19th

A purge of spam accounts on Instagram has resulted in not only millions of accounts disappearing, but a surge of complaints from celebrities and teens alike. The company announced December 9th that it would...»

Teradata gobbles up Hadoop-happy data cruncher RainStor

Mike Wheatley | December 18th

Data cruncher Teradata Corp., which has slowly but surely been expanding its Big Data analytics capabilities, has just snapped up RainStor Inc., maker of a data archiving application that sits on top of Hadoop. The...»