New Gorilla Glass 4 will save your phone; Mythbusters shows just how cool it is

Collen Kriel | November 21st

If you own a smartphone you probably live in constant fear of dropping it. Corning Inc. wants to give you peace of mind with the 4th iteration of its venerable Gorilla Glass and, to top it off, they’ve...»

Researchers develop software that heals itself after malware infection

Saroj Kar | November 20th

Researchers at University of Utah have written security software that can recognize virus infections and repair the damage. The software reportedly managed to deal with the known Shellshock bug within minutes. The software is called...»

Internet of Things already in use for more than half of global business

Mellisa Tolentino | November 20th

This week’s Smart City roundup features a revealing report on how businesses now see the Internet of Things market, a connected traffic system's role in easing traffic congestion, and a new smart park on the rise.


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Apple early on Black Friday buzz with free shipping

Mellisa Tolentino | November 20th

In Apple Inc. news today, the iPhone maker changes the ‘Free’ button to ‘Get’ in the App Store, unveils Black Friday offerings, and reveals a new plan to regain relevance in the music industry.


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Soccer fans tire of over-digitized experiences as Microsoft kicks off cloud deal with Real Madrid

James Farrell | November 20th

Real Madrid, ranked the world’s best soccer club of the 20th century (or football,as it’s called outside the U.S.), have recently struck up a deal with Microsoft to transform...»

NASA’s building a ‘living’ drone that decomposes on impact

Mike Wheatley | November 20th

If you're flying surveillance drones and don't want them to be found by the people you're spying on, 'living' drones that decompose after a crash landing might be just what you're looking for. NASA and a...»

Cisco leverages Hadoop for latest contribution to open security framework

Maria Deutscher | November 20th

Although Cisco Systems Inc. is best known for selling proprietary data center switches, it also plays an active role in the open-source ecosystem, ranking as the sixth most prolific contributor to OpenStack and listing several community projects under...»

World of Warcraft back on top – 10 million subscribers for first time in two years

Eric David | November 20th

Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft has been the juggernaut of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming for nearly 10 years, and with the subscription numbers released on Wednesday, it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime...»

CipherCloud scores $50 million to make the cloud safe for corporate data

Maria Deutscher | November 20th

CipherCloud Inc. became the second cloud security startup to announce an eight-figure funding round this week after revealing on Wednesday that it has raised $50 million from a group of prominent investors to make the public cloud...»

Uber in hot water over misuse of ‘God View’, latest in a series of controversies

Collen Kriel | November 20th

Uber Inc. has yet another scandal to add to their repertoire for this week. The taxi service alternative is currently investigating one of its top executives over allegations that he was tracking a reporter without her knowledge. Josh Mohrer,  general...»