Charity group wants to battle Ebola virus with Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | August 28th

Four countries in West Africa are currently in lock down over the ebola virus outbreak, and measures have been put in place to prevent it spreading to other countries.


Scality delivers ‘Amazon EBS-like’ VM storage with RING 5.0 | #vmworld

Mike Wheatley | August 28th

Object storage software startup Scality introduced version 5.0 of its RING software for software-defined storage at VMworld yesterday. The software has been given a number of enhancements,...»

Twitch Twilight Zone: How Google vs Amazon would use Twitch data

Kyt Dotson | August 27th

The news just came down that, Inc. will be buying Twitch for $970 million. This news comes right after rumors of a one billion dollar deal from Google to buy the video game live streaming...»

Self-disruption keeps Nutanix nimble as IPO buzz returns | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

Dheeraj Pandey believes his company, Nutanix, Inc. CEO, is just beginning to blossom and will continue to expand. At this week's VMworld 2014 conference, there's been a buzz about Nutanix's most recent financing round of $140 million, announced this morning....»

The 80s are back: Modern IT is a throwback without the mullet | #vmworld

Rose Meadows | August 27th

With hyper converge, hybrid Cloud and end user computing bringing back infrastructure interest in a new way, it’s almost as if the 1980’s style of mainframe architecture has come back... with a twist, and without the mullet. Although...»

Smarter robots, armbands and new MDM solutions for connected offices

Mellisa Tolentino | August 27th

This week’s Smart City roundup features smarter workplaces with wearable tech, a way to make robots intelligent, and a new collaboration offering for easy mobile device management in the enterprise.

Myo armband invades the workplace



Nutanix could’ve gotten more than $140M in fresh funding round, says analyst

Kristen Nicole | August 27th

The big news being discussed at VMworld 2014 this morning is the Nutanix, Inc. Series E funding round, which generated $140 million in financing. Nutanix, which provides a cost-effective method to move data around in the enterprise, is...»

Flash matures, becomes best storage option for many | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

Flash is at it's economic tipping point, said Violin Memory, Inc. CMO Eric Herzog. It's reached the financial sweet spot that makes it the most viable option for many companies. Herzog sat down with theCUBE hosts Dave Vellante and...»

Splunk rival gains ground with fresh funding

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

There’s a new kid in machine data town, and it just closed another funding round to go after the biggest name on the block. The Santa Clara, CA-based GlassBeam Inc. said this week that the latest $2 million...»

Dropbox needs more than price cuts to keep Pro users

Suzanne Kattau | August 27th

Another price drop seen in the cloud storage wars as cloud storage provider Dropbox, Inc. today announced that new Dropbox Pro customers will now...»