Skyscanner buys Distinction, says the future of travel booking is in mobile

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

Skyscanner, a veteran in the travel search market, has acquired Distinction a mobile app development company based in Budapest. The 30-strong team of web developers and designers will continue to be based in Budapest and will form Skyscanner’s...»

Google launches ‘Inbox’ –and it looks like the future of email

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

This could be the future of email. Google Inc. have announced on their official Gmail Blog the launch of a new email app called ‘Inbox’. The search giant invigorated webmail with the launch of...»

Lufthansa quits computers, outsources IT operations to IBM

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

Who says IT outsourcing is dead? IBM just bagged its biggest new customer of the year in the form of German flagship air carrier Lufthansa AG. The airline agreed to sell...»

NIST drafts hypervisor security recommendations

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a draft publication laying out the basics of hypervisor security. SP800-125a was published earlier this week, and is now open for public comment. ...»

Catch a case of Google Glass addiction, like this guy

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

This week’s Smart Health roundup features a new technology addiction, a yoga mat that tells you if you’re doing the right poses, and a seat cushion that checks more than your posture.


Study reveals Google Glass addiction


When it comes to structured vs. unstructured data, MarkLogic says you can have it all | #BigDataNYC

Maria Deutscher | October 22nd

The term NoSQL typically refers to a category of databases that address unstructured information more effectively than traditional  relational models, but MarkLogic Inc. wants it to take on an entirely different meaning. “We don't like to be be...»

CRASH Report: Agile and Waterfall two great tastes that go great together

Saroj Kar | October 22nd

CAST software, which develops an Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) for analyzing the structural quality of software, released its third biennial CAST Research on Application Software Health (CRASH) report on agile development. The report...»

3 Apps with creative uses for your camera

Eric David | October 22nd

Mobile apps have made the smartphone a day planner, a gaming system, a calculator, and a documentation tool, to name just a few capabilities. And now, with some innovative technology and creative use of your phone's camera, there are even apps...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 22: Gavin Andresen Reddit AMA, Bitcoin community vs. NYDFS BitLicense, and more

Kyt Dotson | October 22nd

The current trends in the Bitcoin show that while progress is slow, it’s constantly building momentum. Last week, Andreas Antonopoulos went before the Canadian Senate and gave an amazing 2 hour talk, this week Gavin Andresen went...»

Näkemiin (Goodbye) Nokia! We remember our favorite phones

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

The Nokia Oyj brand is iconic in the world of cell phones, but with Microsoft’s acquisition of the Finnish company's mobile business, the maker of some of the most popular handsets of 90’s and early...»