Could the next Nintendo handheld be “doughnut-shaped?”

Eric David | December 18th

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is rumored to be producing a new handheld to replace the 3DS with an unusual screen shape. According to an Osakan reporter with Japan Times, Nintendo has entered a...»

Twitter CEO “grabbing a lifeboat” by dumping TWTR stock?

Eric David | December 18th

Twitter, Inc. CEO Dick Costolo has been making investors nervous as he sells more and more of his stock in the company, and now some have reacted in outrage after his family trust unloaded all...»

Tile launches Android app to track objects, has less features than iPhone app

Collen Kriel | December 18th

Tile Inc. announced in the fall that it had raised $13 million in funding through a combination of a seed and Series A funding. Part of that money was allocated to hiring...»

New BlackBerry Classic: a blast from the past or a breath of fresh air?

Collen Kriel | December 18th

Smartphone users want and prefer touchscreens. Or do they? BlackBerry Ltd. seems to think they don’t. Its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Classic, sports a physical QWERTY keyboard. The new phone has a...»

Chinese phone maker Coolpad caught building backdoors into its phones

Duncan Riley | December 18th

Phones from Chinese maker Coolpad Group Ltd. have been found to have a backdoor manufactured into them. A report from Palo Alto Networks Inc.'s Unit 42 found that the phones, popular in China and Taiwan but sold globally, contained...»

US-Cuba detente presents opportunity for Internet freedoms

Mike Wheatley | December 18th

Cuba remains one of the last nations on Earth where Internet access remains, for the majority of its people, a forbidden fruit. According to the watchdog group Freedom House, barely five...»

Uber to implement biometric background screening as another driver accused of rape

Duncan Riley | December 17th

Uber Inc. has announced that it will implement biometric scanning to screen the backgrounds of its drivers following a number of high profile incidents of its drivers attacking passengers, including a rape in India and a new alleged...»

Sony cans release of The Interview as North Korea hack rumors to be confirmed by Government

Duncan Riley | December 17th

Sony Corp. has cancelled the release of movie The Interview following threats from hackers that are set to be confirmed by the United States Government as being sponsored by North Korea. The Seth Rogen/ James Franco comedy portrays two hapless journalists...»

IBM cloud business on track to exceed expectations after $4B Q4

Bert Latamore | December 17th

IBM said today that it has generated $4 billion in new multi-year enterprise cloud business since November 1, citing new agreements with Lufthansa, WWP, Thomson Reuters, Woox Innovations, Dow Walter, ABN Amro and Thomson Reuters. IBM’s cloud business...»

Microsoft to make Halo 4 gaming cloud engine Project Orleans open source

Saroj Kar | December 17th

Microsoft has announced the open-source release of the back-end cloud software that powers its popular game Halo's multiplayer capabilities. Called Project Orleans, the software is the creation of eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research based on...»