Big Data solutions should start at the business level | #IBMInterConnect

Alina Popescu | February 25th

The core problems enterprises try to solve should be the foundation of a Big Data project, says Joel Horowitz, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Big Data Analytics, IBM. In his joint interview with Nancy Hensley, Director of Marketing, Analytics Platform,...»

How Google’s new AI plays video games like a human

Eric David | February 25th

What the IBM-made Deep Blue computer did with chess, Google Inc's new DeepMind AI may soon do with video games. Google has developed a new AI capable of teaching itself how to learn and master video...»

Modernized z Mainframe: A bridge to IBM’s future|#IBMInterConnect

Alina Popescu | February 25th

In order to succeed, IBM needs to do everything they are doing now, but faster, says SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier. In his opening segment with theCUBE co-host Dave Vellante, Furrier kicked off Day Three of IBM InterConnect with...»

The IBM battleship charts a course between public, private cloud | #IBMInterconnect

Rachel Schramm | February 25th

Just one year after launching Bluemix, IBM announced "100 new services on top of the platform," said Steve Robinson, GM of Cloud Platform Services at IBM. Furthermore, IBM has taken "every piece of middleware in IBM" and converted...»

On cleaning data lakes and creating analytics for old nerds | #BigDataSV

Rachel Schramm | February 25th

The only way to scale is to let citizens collect data. That's the guiding principle behind EMC's sustainability project, providing citizen scientists and environmental non-profits a collective platform for sharing and analyzing flora and fauna data.


Bitcoin Weekly 2014 February 25: Stripe on board with Bitcoin, 3m wallets, Rakuten news, BitGo $250k deposit insurance, saga continues

Kyt Dotson | February 25th

The biggest news this week comes from web and mobile payments processor Stripe who took a year of testing to get good and now announced full integration for customers--with a single line of code. Next in line is...»

The new Netvibes: CEO shares vision for controlling Internet of Things

Cynthia Kuzela | February 25th

Netvibes has evolved considerably in the nearly 10 years of their existence. The company’s initial goal was to enable consumers to listen, learn and act on their data and with that goal in mind, they pioneered the first...»

Hortonworks’ Big Data revenues fall short of expectations

Mike Wheatley | February 25th

The entire Hadoop industry has been anticipating yesterday's first-ever quarterly earnings report from Hortonworks, Inc., but the results were neither a home run nor a strikeout. The company that grabbed the stock symbol HDP said its losses...»

How hybrid cloud will shape the future of enterprise expansion| #IBMInterconnect

Rachel Schramm | February 25th

The focus this year at IBM Interconnect, according Nancy Pearson, CMO of IBM Cloud, is cloud business applications. "We feature a lot about business applications and the IBM cloud marketplace," she said. Excitedly, she added that though...»

CDC data predicts death of landline home phones

David Coursey | February 25th

A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds wired residential telephones have disappeared from nearly half of American homes. By next year, a majority of homes will likely be landline free, wireless service replacing...»