Health apps that assess wounds, keep travelers healthy

Mellisa Tolentino | March 25th

This week’s Smart Health roundup features health apps that assess wounds, reward fitness activity, and help travelers keep healthy while vacationing. E-Kare’s wound assessment app Researchers at the Children's National Health System have developed an app...»

Go grow gadget hair!

Mellisa Tolentino | March 25th

Bob and Lobs (long bobs) are so 2014. This year’s must-have hair styles all require longer locks. Think boho waves, long tails, braids and twists, big buns, out of the water, bombshell blowouts and...»

IBM/Softlayer announces block and file storage service with guaranteed QoS

Bert Latamore | March 25th

IBM today announced a block and file storage service for its Softlayer subsidiary aimed at both traditional large vertical-stack enterprise applications and new highly transactional, customer-facing cloud applications. What differentiates this new service is that it comes...»

Facebook’s “On This Day” ads Timehop-like features to the site

Eric David | March 25th

If you can't beat them, clone them. That seems to be Facebook's motto anyway, as the social media giant bakes in more features that originally became popular through third-party apps. The latest addition to Facebook is...»

ProtectWise exits stealth to throw more data at the network security problem

Maria Deutscher | March 25th

After nearly two years of work, ProtectWise Inc. is finally moving into the public light with a new cloud-based service that promises to address one of the greatest operational challenges for the modern enterprise: Understanding the...»

Localytics gets $35 million in SAP-led funding to inject more data into mobile apps

Maria Deutscher | March 25th

The analytics bandwagon arrived at the mobile universe this week after Localytics Inc. closed a $35 million investment from venture capitalists to help drive the adoption of its data-driven targeting service. The funding follows a record...»

Intuit snaps up hiring management solutions firm Playbook HR

Duncan Riley | March 25th

Intuit Inc. has acquired San Francisco based StartX alumni Playbook HR for an undisclosed amount. Playbook HR offers a solution for on-demand marketplaces to manage the hiring, on-boarding and compliance needs of independent contractors. Its initial product...»

Wozniak talks about Apple’s rumored electric car project and the Apple Watch

Collen Kriel | March 25th

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Apple should explore other high-volume markets, such as cars, and while he intends to buy an Apple Watch, it won’t be the high-end Edition, but rather the entry-level Sport. In an interview, Wozniak,...»

Microsoft’s new Azure App Service makes building web and mobile apps across all platforms easier

James Farrell | March 25th

Microsoft today revealed its three-in-one cloud service, Azure App Service, that has bundled Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services, in an effort to provide developers a one-stop single-service facility in...»

Google’s new project will let you pay bills from Gmail, making month-end a breeze

Collen Kriel | March 24th

Google Inc. is supposedly working on a new service for its Gmail email platform that will allow users to receive their bills in digital format directly to their inbox and also pay those bills without leaving Gmail. The...»